Alternative To Closet Door Ideas

French Doors

To instantly improve the appearance of the entire space, add a pair of French doors to your closet that swing out like conventional doors. Just be certain you have enough space for the outer door swing. Follow Carrie’s example from Lovely Etc. and paint them in a striking color to give them more flair and visual intrigue. Elegant door handles and matched curtains can finish the look.

Pocket Doors

Anyone wishing to add doors to their closet while saving some room should consider these doors.

They are one of the most common alternatives to closet doors because they slide effortlessly into the wall when they need to be opened, making them ideal for small rooms.

Unfortunately, installing pocket doors may be exceedingly complicated, so homeowners frequently need to engage a professional to complete the job, which will increase the door’s final cost.

However, some homeowners, particularly those who cannot afford luxury walk-in closets, find the convenience of having a door that moves out of the way to be worth it.

Hinged Door

A hinged door is a common option for closet doors since it may match the interior doors in your home and maintain a consistent design. If cohesiveness is not your priority, hinged doors can also be customized; select the hardware and paint or stain to add character to the space.

Beaded Curtain

Beaded curtains are making a strong comeback. By selecting a straightforward, neutral style, like the one By Colossus used in this boho setup, you can keep the appearance contemporary and fresh. Small bedrooms with little space for door swings benefit greatly from the textured option. As seen by the prominent white circular motif seen here, a beaded curtain can serve as both decor and functional art. There are benefits for everyone.


For those searching for a door substitute, this is one of the most adaptable solutions.

Because curtains are simple to make or purchase in a wide range of materials, hues, and patterns, they may be made specifically to fit the room and the décor.

Additionally, they don’t cost a lot of money and aren’t too difficult to set up, replace, or wash.

The drawback of curtain closet doors is that some people feel that they are a little offensive and that they don’t always blend in with a room.

If they are not careful, children might unintentionally pull them down and out the door. But if you’re on a tight budget, curtains are a closet door option to think about.

Barn Doors

Are you opposed to “farmhouse” style? Don’t be deterred from using this door design for your closet by the word “barn.” Its suspended track-style construction is simply referred to as a “barn door” by this phrase. This choice is adaptable and works well with practically any style of decor.

Mirrored Doors

A popular builder-grade option that is frequently used in bedroom designs are large mirrored closet doors. However, there are a ton of ways to dress them up and make them appear to be a deliberate addition to your design. As an illustration, Chelsea and Logan from Making Manzanita gave their closet doors black trim, creating a distinctive and fashionable display that resembles steel-framed windows. Even if you can still check your outfit one more time before leaving the house, you can now do so in a mirror that you enjoy using on a daily basis.

Louver Doors

Anyone may readily access nearly every area of their closets thanks to these doors’ easy side-to-side opening.

The doors slide softly and silently when opening and shutting because they are on tracks, making them a quiet option.
The slatted form of many louvered doors makes them difficult to keep clean, though. They can therefore easily become dusty.

Additionally, some doors have a propensity to unlatch from the tracks. This might be frustrating for homeowners to cope with because they can be challenging to adapt.

On the plus side, the doors’ slats enable natural ventilation by allowing air to flow within the closet.

Painted Doors

To update your space, you don’t necessarily need to replace all of your doors. If you don’t want to deal with the effort of looking for door substitutes, think about painting or commissioning a mural or using wallpaper instead. This will revitalize the area and add significant aesthetic interest.

Fabric Panels

Use fabric panels to cover up unsightly closet doors like DIY blogger Lily Ardor did. The natural burlap fabric will add to the breezy bohemian vibe of your bedroom and is simple enough to remove if you change your mind, making it ideal for homeowners, renters, or anyone who isn’t ready for a remodel. If bohemian isn’t your thing, add a cool accent with a graphic flower print or stripes.

Accordion Doors

Contrary to some other suggestions for substitutes for closet doors, accordion doors are a terrific method to maximize the use of the available space while maintaining simple access to the goods in the closet.

These doors take up very little space because they fold in on themselves. They are lightweight, affordable, and simple to hang. But because they remain in the doorframe, some people could find it challenging to access the full closet.

They frequently create a loud clacking sound as they fold up on themselves, which can wake others. An accordion door’s use of plastic, which ages and breaks easily, is another drawback.

Hidden Doors

Any room benefits from the whimsical element of hidden doors, which are actually pretty simple to create. For a door that blends in effortlessly, simply paint your closet doors the same color as your wall or use the same wallpaper.

Bi-Fold Doors

A pair of traditional bi-fold closet doors will finish off your clothing. For a paneled appearance, add thin wood trim strips, as Sarah from Room for Tuesday did in this room. Your formerly basic closet doors will receive a classic makeover thanks to the traditional details, especially when combined with modern door hardware.

Acrylic Sheets

You can choose this material if you want a look that is comparable to that of glass doors. You can choose the color of acrylic sheets that exactly complements your house from a wide range of hues. There are tinted acrylics as well as glass to disguise the contents in your closet if you also desire a private space.


Due of the upbeat, bohemian vibe it creates, macrame has been very popular over the past few years. Handmade macrame curtains are simple to locate on artisan websites like Etsy, which makes them a perfect option for closet door frames with unusual shapes.

No Door

If you’re still having trouble deciding which type of door would be ideal for your closet, consider doing as Elizabeth from Jonesville did and getting rid of them all. You can always replace them or put the doors back on later, after you’ve given it some serious thought. But you might be shocked by how much you appreciate having a closet without doors. You’ll have to maintain your wardrobe tidy and organized with an open layout, but you’ll always be able to see what’s within. To help contain debris and keep the cramped area looking elegantly clean, add woven baskets.

Swing Doors

This is a very adaptable substitute for a closet door that may also be used in many other rooms of a house. As many of these doors function either way, you can choose to leave them open or closed. Many swinging doors partially enclose your closet even when they are closed, which is a stylish approach to improve the appearance of your closet.

Consider a French Screen

When it comes to closet door options, sometimes the simplest solution can turn out to be the finest one. A straightforward French dressing screen can provide just as much flair and functionality as something customised if you don’t want to mess with a DIY project and also don’t want to spend too much money on a fancy custom fit.

Classic and Dramatic

Think about combining a sliding barn door with dramatic wallpaper for a farmhouse style with a twist. The billowing cloud wallpaper in this bedroom, created by the designers at Square Footage Inc., pairs perfectly with the dark wood closet door and iron hardware.

Hanging Textiles

You might choose to add hanging fabrics for a closet door that is more unique and individualized. The advantage of this strategy is that you can either buy pre-woven hanging cloths or make your own.