Backyard Outdoor Toilet Ideas

Double Up With A Shower

Regarding showers, we adore this clever layout. A composting toilet is to the left, and a modest but nicely shaped shower, complete with a privacy curtain and towel racks, is to the right. The elegant wooden frame will blend in with any setting, and the glass roof will let in plenty of light while keeping the rain out.

This is the best option if you’re seeking for outdoor bathroom ideas for a tiny area.

Reedy Railing

This bathroom exudes a natural, rustic vibe. The interior surface of the trapezoid tub is finished in concrete and is made of natural stone. Your bathroom stools, which are two inverted trapezia, have a similar shape. Your outdoor bathroom’s walls are made of bamboo reeds. Fiber ropes and wooden rails are used to secure the reeds, giving the project a finished, DIY appearance.

Glamping Site Off Grid Bathroom by Coast and Camplight

A contemporary toilet block is the single best way to sabotage a fantastic glamping staycation and destroy the off-grid ideal!

Your concerns are put to rest by Coast and Camplight. Their off-grid restrooms received the same attention as the rest of their glamping resort. We adore the creative upcycling and decorating concepts that give the bathrooms an opulent vibe.

On hot days, you may simulate taking a shower outside thanks to the large door that opens onto the woods at the back of the shower. I don’t believe I’d ever want to want to leave the shower with that view!

Make It Your Own With Charming Details

Any location, whether inside or outside, may benefit greatly from a few cozy additions, and outdoor restrooms are no exception.

With its large flower decorations, wall hanging, and potted plants, this scene is really characterful. We really adore the vintage-effect stain on the wood, and the space-saving toilet paper holder is a great storage idea.

Tree-House Shower

seeking a long-term undertaking. You should be busy for a week or two with these suggestions for an outdoor restroom. They also don’t require a lot of room. Construct a wood structure with good ventilation, corrugated roofing, rounded pebble flooring, and separate shower and bathtub areas.

Genius Handwashing System by The Cabin Dwellers Textbook

One thing I’ve found is that many off-grid bathroom solutions forget about handwashing stations, which the majority of us feel to be absolutely necessary.

The Cabin Dwellers Textbook has created a straightforward, fashionable, and efficient response to this issue. Water is provided in a sizable stainless steel container with a tap; nevertheless, it needs to be refilled from time to time. Wastewater is collected in a second container, but a straightforward sink and drain may just as easily be installed.

Read more on the Cabin Dwellers Textbook blog about their clever handwashing technique.

Complete Your Outdoor Toilet With A Sink

If you enjoy entertaining or have a large family, installing two outside toilets in matching outhouses can be a smart idea. Alternately, add a shower to one and a toilet to the other.

The bathroom will be finished with an outdoor sink placed in the middle; although this rustic bowl is straightforward, it has a minimalist beauty. Once more, consider storage. It might be as simple as a few strategically placed hooks for hand towels.

To further define the zone, add clever paving or a deck beneath your feet. The wood looks great in contrast to this pastel color.

Odd Corners

The plumbing for this outdoor restroom is provided by the bathroom’s adjacent wall. A glass or corrugated plastic grid wall serves as a border because the corner is awkwardly small. The outer wall is made of concrete, and light enters through the little opening between the buildings.

Rustic Farmhouse Off Grid Bathroom by Living The True North

This gorgeous off-grid bathroom has some amazing features that fit in this rustic farmhouse environment nicely. A full-size bathtub and shower have been constructed out of a 6 foot galvanized water trough by Living The True North.

This bathroom would blend in with any off-grid home thanks to how well the extra-large tub is balanced by the care taken with the fixtures and fittings.

Add A Natural Edge With A Woven Wicker Door

Utilizing an outside restroom gives off a “getting-back-to-basics” vibe. And what better way to accentuate the atmosphere than with a rustic building created using classic techniques?

The door, as shown above, could be the ideal place for woven wicker, which adds textural appeal. And the fact that these walls are made of wood adds to their authenticity. The outcome is a stunning, distinctive architecture that melds seamlessly into its natural surroundings.

Additionally, if you prefer the notion of fully embracing nature, you should think about installing an outdoor bathtub in your garden. A certain technique to calm the soul is to unwind in a warm bath while gazing up at a starry sky or a clear blue sky.

Daring Doodies

Here is a solution you might consider if you would rather conduct your business outside but yet want modern plumbing. Over rounded stones, the toilet is perched on a raised stone ring. The wall-mounted sink, mirror, and showerhead are all marked with similar stone circles. Some privacy is provided by the side hedge.

DIY Wood Fired Bath by One Cat Farm

Water heating is one of the trickiest aspects of living off the grid because it can be expensive and doesn’t feel really “off grid.” A wood-fired bathtub can be a terrific alternative if your firewood supply is plentiful.

Although you could take your wood-fired bath inside, we believe that this is one of those indulgent delights that is better experienced outside. It’s sheer paradise to relax in hot water while sipping a cool beverage and watching the sun go down.

All homesteaders should visit One Cat Farm’s gorgeously designed blog for extra inspiration if they want to learn more about their most recent endeavors.

Smarten It Up With A Lick Of Paint

If you’re going for a wooden outhouse style, one of the simplest ways to spruce up your outdoor toilet ideas is with a coat of external wood paint.

Try a more subdued color palette of soft creams, sage greens, or dreamy blues instead of the obvious choices of blinding white, aggressive red, and trendy charcoal. In order to create a sense of harmony, pick colors that reflect other parts of your landscape.

We adore the unique charm that the heart-shaped window in this building adds. You could always add a thin, lightweight curtain or a pane of frosted glass to the interior if you need more privacy.

Simplest Solution

This is a simple solution if you’re seeking for low-fuss outdoor bathroom ideas. Purchase a reed fence, then construct a shower enclosure with it. One wall should have a rainfall showerhead in the center, and the floor should be covered in rounded stones, concrete, reed mats, or some other permeable material. Make that both the ground beneath your floor and the floor itself have good drainage.


You should maintain the basic aesthetic of your property with your outdoor shower. This will make it easier for your house to fit in with the rest of yours.

Build your shower with materials that are similar to those used to construct your home. It will look wonderful to combine metal, wood, and glass. Add a door with frosted glass.

This is wise since it will provide you privacy, spruce up your bathroom, and prevent the glass from rotting.

Pep Up An Old Porta-Potty

You usually think of festivals when you think about porta potties. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you might be able to find a used one that’s being sold for a low price and is just waiting to be spruced up.

In addition to giving it a thorough cleaning, you might use paints or even checkerboard tiles to design it whatever you choose. It’s true that it takes a more unusual approach than others, but if you enjoy an eccentric look, it might work for you.

Cheeky Cheeks

You might find inspiration in conventional outhouses if you have an eccentric sense of humor or live off-the-grid. This thatched outdoor toilet is surrounded by mangroves and palm trees, but it also has contemporary plumbing. To make your outdoor bathroom ideas more practical, you may enlarge it to incorporate a toilet and a shower stall.


It’s a good idea to construct a stone wall out of real stone for your shower enclosure. The stone is strong, provides privacy, has a natural look, and is water-resistant.

The wall is best constructed using large stones because you can stack them. For the flooring underneath the shower, use small pebbles. The little stones will feel like a foot massage when you stand on them.

Opt For An Open-Air Scheme

An outdoor toilet can be ideal in warmer areas. It has a conventional toilet, a urinal, a sink, and a washing space.

A delightful range of textures are added underfoot by wood decking, clever paving, and cobbles, and the image is finished off beautifully by ceramic pots placed here and there. Numerous adjacent plants further enhance the jungle-like atmosphere.

This can be the style for you if you want to add extra tropical garden ideas to your property.

Banal Bamboo

We presum that beach mansions and opulent backyard pool houses are the only places that have outdoor showers. But if you labor on the farm a lot, you could require suggestions for an outdoor bathroom. They’ll assist you in washing the dirt and sweat off before bringing it inside. This straightforward design is a bamboo-reed shack without a roof. A reed floor provides for drainage, and a rainfall showerhead rises above the walls.