Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Double Vanity

A vanity is an excellent addition to any bathroom. Vanities, which are essentially just sinks and mirrors assembled together, provide functionality to any bathroom. They make it simple for you to wash your hands whenever you need to, look in the mirror in the middle of a party, and get ready in the morning.

However, sometimes one vanity is just insufficient. You might yearn for your own private space to get ready if you share a bathroom with someone else. And even if you’re traveling alone, sometimes you just want to make the most of the available space. A double vanity could make your room nicer in any situation.

You should be able to find—or create—a double vanity that perfectly complements your space because double vanities come in such a wide variety of sizes and styles. Continue reading to explore 20 double vanity bathroom mirror ideas that will make you long for a roomy bathroom.

Bring Out the Best in Your Space

You should give what you already have in your room a good, thorough inspection before making any additions. Allow your vanity to extend from wall to wall if your area has natural boundaries. If you have a lot of windows, make careful to work around them.

Illuminated Border

By choosing an illuminated mirror frame, you can increase the amount of light in your room. If your bathroom lighting is inadequate or you need to get ready in the morning before the sun rises, this rectangular device will lighten the space and offer plenty of lighting.

Double Gold Mirrors

Mirrors in gleaming gold add drama. Whatever matches your space best, whether copper, silver, brushed bronze, or another sort of polished frame, the impact will be the same.

Let Your Sink Get Wide

Utilize your area to the fullest extent possible. If your bathroom is large, invest in one expansive sink rather than two smaller ones and allow your vanity span the space.

This bold accent won’t go into every room, largely because it doesn’t fit into every room, but if you have the space, it can make your bathroom a complete show-stopper.

Side-By-Side Mirrors

Improve the functionality and flow of the space while providing more personal space in the bathroom. If you have to get ready at the same time as your partner, hanging two mirrors side by side above a double sink can reduce the tense morning rush.

Sprawling Horizontal Mirror

Take a risk and affix subtle glass sconces to the ends of a framed mirror. To make a cozy area appear larger, choose a frame that is equal to (or as close to) the color of the wall as possible.

Spring for Statement-Making Mirrors

Any vanity needs mirrors, and if you’re designing a double vanity, you have the option of investing in not just one but two statement-making mirrors.

Look for statement pieces that combine form and function. You want a mirror that you enjoy gazing in, but if you can’t see your reflection in it, it’s pretty much useless.

Built-In Functionality

These built-in units function like medicine cabinets and have shelves behind the mirror. But because they are built into the wall, they don’t protrude over the sink, giving the room a seamless appearance by placing the unit flush against the wall. The room’s white-on-white color scheme illuminates the area and gives the impression that the room is larger.

Oval Double Sink Mirrors

For symmetry, place two smaller mirrors directly over a vanity with two sinks.

Cozy Things Up With a Rug

Bathroom floors frequently consist of tiles, which can be uncomfortable for bare feet. Add some warmth to the room with a rug. You may make this rug as overt or as understated as you like, but make sure you enjoy how it feels underfoot. Its main objective is to maintain your comfort.

Expansive Rectangle

A tried-and-true design approach to make a room appear bigger than it is is to use mirrors, and positioning them in a rectangle can further open up the room. You and your lover can have separate rooms while still enjoying this enormous rectangular mirror because it is long enough to be placed above a double vanity.

Suspended Mirrors

By using a rope and pulley system to suspend wooden mirrors from the ceiling, you may avoid obstructing the windows behind the vanity.

Free Up Space With a Hovering Sink

In order to maximize storage, many sinks are integrated into cabinets that extend all the way to the floor. But a hovering alternative can be more advantageous if you want to give the impression that your room is larger.

Many hovering sinks are joined to cupboards and drawers, giving you lots of room for storage. They might give the impression that your area is larger because they are suspended several feet above the ground.

Clean Lines

Make the built-in cabinetry the centerpiece of your bathroom to give it a premium and personalized atmosphere. For a smooth transition, integrate the mirror so that it sits flush with the built-ins. This large mirror’s concealed hardware gives the impression that the room is even bigger.

Two Rectangular Mirrors

The most popular remedy for the twin vanity mirror problem is to use two rectangular mirrors. There is never a contest over who gets to monopolize the mirror first when there are two rectangular mirrors because each person is in charge of their own mirror. Use a compact rectangular mirror that also serves as your personal medicine cabinet, or choose a long, lean mirror that will reflect more light back at you.

Try a Hanging Mirror

Don’t block the entire bathroom window if you have a large one if you have the good fortune to have one, only to accommodate your vanity. Instead, consider innovative methods to make the asset work in your favor.

Think of an unconventional solution, such as hanging mirrors from your ceiling. With this option, you can increase the vanity’s functionality without sacrificing the window’s natural light.

Frosted Glass

Sandblasting the material’s surface to generate a level of opacity that nevertheless permits light to pass through is a process used to frost glass. In addition to being utilitarian, these two rectangular mirrors with glass etching along the edge also create a classy design statement.

Two Square Mirrors

Square mirrors over each sink provide each person their own personal area and make them accountable for keeping it clean, similar to rectangular mirrors. It really really comes down to personal opinion when choosing between rectangular and square-shaped mirrors.

Invest in Thoughtful Finishing Touches

What is the bathroom’s crowning glory? The finishing touches give it a cozy, finished look. So make an investment in warm accessories like soft towels and attractive plants. Your bathroom will feel more enjoyable thanks to these small upgrades, giving you something to look forward to each time you enter.

Double Squares

To clearly separate a space with a double sink, use two square mirrors. The mirror’s tilted design effectively utilizes the room’s corner area.