Bedroom Layout Ideas With Desk

As more people than ever are working from home, bedroom layout ideas with a desk are a practical solution to generate workplace in homes without enough space for a home office. They have grown in popularity in recent years.

Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager for Sharps, claims that “our houses are having to work harder than ever to adapt into multipurpose environments, that establish a balance between work and pleasure.” If your bedroom has become your workspace, creating a clutter-free, organized desk space in a hitherto underutilized spot will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Being a place of rest, adding a desk to a bedroom presents some difficulties, but there are many creative ways to design a room that serves many purposes. We’ve compiled a variety of bedroom layout ideas for including desks to help get you inspired, along with some practical tips from the professionals, whether you’re thinking of incorporating a desk in a spacious master bedroom or in a teenager’s bedroom.

Use A Room Divider To Physically Zone Different Areas

Set boundaries in your office bedroom design, both figuratively and practically, by using a room divider or a block of furniture to demarcate the areas for work and play.

According to Kelly Dorval, digital marketing manager at CLV Group, “separating your personal space from your working space is vital for people who have an office in their bedroom.” Maintaining the bed and the desk space on the opposing sides of the room is a smart method to create a bedroom office.

You can have a dedicated area to work and rest in this way. You can also buy a big shelf or divider, like the IKEA KALLAX(opens in new tab) shelf, if you need extra separation. These shelves are ideal for use as a partition because they serve as both storage space and a partition.

By A Window

The most enjoyable desk placement is one that faces the window because you can almost certainly see outside. Having a sight where we can take a short break from working makes us feel better and less under pressure to work longer hours.

The plentiful natural light source is another benefit of having a window workstation.

Distractions, however, may be the only issue some people encounter. While outside, you could struggle with daydreaming or become preoccupied with events involving other people and items that are in your line of sight.

This won’t be a problem at all if you aren’t easily sidetracked. You’ll actually like working in this field.

Baskets and Containers

A place for everything and everything in its place is a cliche. And all of the office materials you need to keep in storage will have a place once you’ve selected the appropriate shelves. Every pen and file has a home thanks to inexpensive storage options like baskets and complementary canvas containers.

Keep The Office Furniture Minimal

Since you are adding extra furniture to the bedroom, you will want to keep the pieces simple and streamlined, advises Franklin. This keeps the environment light and open while reducing bulkiness that can make it feel cluttered. A folding desk that can be stowed away at the end of the day is even better.

Anna suggests the Lulu & Georgia Camden Leather Office Chair in Ebony in addition to the Haotian Folding Wooden Wall-Mounted Table Desk in White, all of which are available at Amazon(opens in new tab).

Opposite A Bed

Opposite the bed is a wonderful area to locate a desk as well.

By doing it this way, you can have a bit more space between you and the bed, which will probably keep you from turning over in bed when you should be at your computer.

A desk that faces the wall will minimize distractions and help you maintain concentration and productivity.

By dividing your bedroom into distinct areas and adding to the overall appearance and style of your house, this location also serves to define the space.

Add A Desk Between Fitted Wardrobes

A desk installed as part of a custom bedroom storage design is certain to maximize the space available if space is at a premium or if you’re looking for small bedroom layout ideas. Consider installing floor-to-ceiling closets around the window for a tidy, streamlined solution that complements the room’s design and using the area beneath the window for a bright workspace or dressing area, as seen below.

Stay Motivated With An Inspirational Gallery Wall

With a lovely gallery wall idea, you can add interest to your contemporary bedroom while fostering a productive environment. Create a collection of uplifting prints and motivational images using the visualization board method.

Personalize to your preferences – perhaps you’d want to explore a variety of exotic places that will inspire your wanderlust, or you might get artistic with a beautiful collection of sculptural forms and modernist muses, like the abstract art prints from Winter Museo(opens in new tab). Allow your individuality to come through in any way you want.

Facing A Wall

If you’re debating whether your desk should face a wall, it’s a great idea because it will help you be more productive and focused.

It’s a perfect substitute for a desk that is next to the bed, in front of the television, or facing a window.

This will keep you from being sidetracked, but more importantly, it will give you the chance to decorate that wall with adorable images or inspiring quotes, making your working space more aesthetically pleasant and boosting your enthusiasm to get work done.

Place The Desk By A Window

Good lighting is obviously crucial for a workspace, so Louise Wicksteed, design director at Sims Hilditch, advises when planning the arrangement of a bedroom, “if a desk is to be included, you might make sure it is located adjacent to natural light, ideally in front of a window” (opens in new tab).

If you are fortunate enough to have a sizable bay window, placing your workstation here would be great. Consider window treatment options like sheer curtains, venetian blinds, and shutters with movable slats to avoid glare on sunny days, especially if the room is south-facing, if you’re thinking about placing a workstation beside a window.

Avoid Zoom Doom With The Right Window Treatment

Strategic lighting and a pleasing backdrop are essential for videoconferencing, which is now the norm. But whether a home desk is located in the bedroom or a separate home office, having a camera-ready atmosphere is a lot to ask.

Transparent Interiors founder and designer Rebekah Correll shares her exclusive tip with us: “It’s feasible to maximize the amount and direction of natural light in the room where you Zoom with a simple home office window treatment improvement.”

In conjunction with the pandemic but unrelated to it, Graber introduced the Graber Visualizer (opens in new tab). By submitting a picture of their room to the internet tool, users can experiment with thousands of alternatives using the creative, free application.

Users can experiment with different opacities and digitally raise and drop blinds or drapes to adjust light and privacy levels until they find the ideal one. The window coverings behind any furniture that may be seen in the uploaded photo are shown using the masking tool.


It’s difficult to focus when working in a bedroom because of distractions.

But if you position a desk away from your bed, you can simply get around this problem. What you believe will cause you the most distraction really relies on you.

Squeeze A Desk Into A Snug Alcove

Alcoves are ideal places for a desk. Even the smallest of alcoves can be used to create a workspace if there is a place to pull in a chair, as this area demonstrates. This compact bedroom layout plan keeps the main portion of the room clutter-free by having a desk tucked neatly into a corner and situated facing away from the rest of the space, allowing the desk to be out of sight when you’re trying to unwind.

Esther Dormer, an interior designer, suggests installing a drop desk in tiny rooms if space is limited so that the desk can fold down as needed (opens in new tab). Additionally, she suggests that a desk be placed close to where the outlets are. This will prevent cords from crossing the room.

Combine Function And Fun With ‘Switch Mode’ Seating

A hanging chair for relaxing and a desk chair for studying provide boundaries for this dual bedroom office.

Who wouldn’t want a hanging chair in their office for the most comfortable study break and relaxation mode, asks Wolf?

Separate The Areas

It’s crucial to establish separate spaces for work and leisure. Maintaining physical distance between your bed and desk is a simple option if you have the space.

There are methods you can employ as well to draw a line between work and leisure. Keeping a consistent start and finish time and refraining from checking email after work hours can both assist, depending on what works best for you.

Another practical technique to divide the spaces where people work and sleep is to use a curtain or screen. When the workday is over, a simple method to indicate that it is over is to draw the curtain. With the assistance of her landlord, the tenant in this area put up the curtain by attaching a long copper pole to the floor and ceiling with plumbing bolts, adding an Ikea curtain wire, and stringing drapes over it. How to Design a Cozy Home Office.

Choose A Freestanding Desk In A Teenager’s Room

Fitting a desk into a child’s bedroom will give them a place to concentrate away from distractions. In a busy family home, it can be difficult to locate a place where children can study away from the chaos.

It may be worthwhile to consider a freestanding desk over a fitted design when considering teenage bedroom ideas because it will provide more layout options. In the event that the room’s purpose changes in the future, using a lightweight, mobile design will make it simple to rearrange the area.

Unify A Dual Space With Color

Try different bedroom paint colors for a low-cost makeover that will bind your space’s dual functions.

This bright pink and gray bedroom carries the color onto the walls, which have upholstered cork boards that turn the space into a useful study area, according to Wolf.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light is a simple approach to maintain our energy levels and goes a long way in the fight against blue light glare. There is a secret to using windows, no matter how little, to let in a lot of light into our workspaces that goes beyond simply opening the drapes.

Experts advise putting our desks next to windows as opposed to directly across from them or staring out the window. Sitting next to a window may be distracting, but putting a screen in its way can result in unwelcome glare. When you’re teleconferencing, it may also be difficult for others to see you.

Disguise A Desk In A Windowsill

The TG Studio’s(opens in new tab) hidden desk makes excellent use of available space. The desktop glides out to allow for comfortable working, concealing all the mess that would often be on display behind it. The desk’s extension over the length of the window, meanwhile, provides additional storage and lots of display space.

Balance Scale In A Small Office Bedroom

The scale of the objects you are picking for a tiny bedroom really affects how you use the space, so don’t choose anything big or overly large, advises North Keeragool interior designer Andrew Franz Architect(opens in new tab). Work to make the room more open overall in addition to the scale. You want to keep your line of sight into the space while emphasizing what little floor space you do have.

Make use of low-profile furniture and watch out for anything too tall. Choose items that are lifted off the ground and are leggier. For instance, if the bed is raised off the floor, you can see more of the floor below, emphasizing space and increasing the sense of openness in the area.

Find the top beds in 2022 that fit your needs in terms of style and price.

Try a Neutral Paint Color

After experimenting with both types of lighting, painting your walls might be the answer if you’re still not happy with the amount of light in your office.

Darker paint hues absorb light and reduce the visual impact. On the other hand, lighter, neutral hues reflect light and give the impression of more brightness in your home office. You can complete it in an afternoon, it’s affordable, and you’ll see the change right away.