Blue Ocean Blue Bathroom Tiles Design

The best blue to choose truly relies on your preference and how the room will be used. Do you retreat to the restroom after a long day? Where can you unwind where a warm, inviting color would be appropriate? Or does it need to be a place that the entire family can use, somewhere useful that can withstand the rigors of daily family life?

When combined with other colors, such as lilac for a warm tone or black for a deep midnight shade, blue can take on a variety of interpretations; one person’s blue may be another person’s green, and vice versa. To create the atmosphere you want, first choose a color that speaks to you and that you won’t get tired of.

A stand-alone bath in a large room might serve as the focal point and be painted blue. In a small shower room, softer tones might be preferable, however dark blues do look good in small spaces. Need assistance? Next, we have 20 designs for blue ocean blue bathroom tiles to serve as examples.

Soft Blues

In order to create a tranquil environment, Suzanne Childress Design used light blue shower tiles.

Blue and Gold Bathroom

The blue bathroom’s shimmering wall tiles, which resemble sunlight striking ocean water, give off a cool vibe. The tiles, which contrast the more organic, stone-like floor tile, are placed horizontally and are each a slightly different shade of blue. Installing a short ledge above the tiled area will add storage and display space for tiny bathroom accessories and flower vases if your bathroom lacks ornamental shelves or storage space.

Go High-Contrast

This contemporary bathroom by Kingston Lafferty Design gets just the right amount of color and old-world charm from traditional Mediterranean tiles. The black accents modernize the room while the hand-painted washbasins fit right in.

Bold And Bright

The walls and floor of this bathroom by Chris Barrett Design are covered in blue shower tiles.

Blue Tiled Bathroom

This tiny blue bathroom is given life by the use of striking patterns and hues. Classic white subway tiles with a black border decorate the walls, and the floor is covered in a pattern made of black and white hexagonal tiles. The upper half of the walls are animated by a geometric wallpaper that is designed to resemble tile. With a white pedestal sink, a brass-framed mirror, and a contemporary globe lamp fixture, the rest of the bathroom was kept understated.

Don’t Forget About Storage

In this tiled shower by Justina Blakeney, the pattern and three niches highlight a mirror that resembles a precious gem. While keeping storage in mind, have fun playing around with pattern, color, and shape.

Inspired By Morocco

Susan E. Brown Interior Design’s Moroccan-inspired bathroom features walls painted in yellow and shower tiles in a vivid blue hue.

Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas

In this blue bathroom, the floor to ceiling patterned tile creates a beautiful backdrop. The repetitive pattern creates an appearance that is almost wallpaper-like and paves the way for more somber bathroom furnishings and accessories. A sleek vanity picks up the gray in the tiling, while flashes of brass in the fittings and fixtures add gleaming contrast.

Make a Statement Wall

The captivating statement wall makes this master bathroom by Regan Baker Design a show-stopper. It is rich in pattern and color, adding depth to the otherwise dazzling white surfaces. The area rug provides warmth, and the plant wall adds some vitality.

Peace And Serenity

Here, Kimberley Harrison Interiors uses calming blue glass mosaic tiles.

Soothing Blue Bath

With this opulent bathroom, the walls are covered in sky-blue glass tiles that replicate the reflected characteristics of water. A modern pendant light adds an unexpected touch, and a standalone white tub with a chic gooseneck faucet provides a tranquil area to relax. The colorful turquoise-painted rattan stool adds a whimsical touch and provides storage next to the tub.

Go Halfsies

Shaun Smith’s New Orleans residence is a showcase for stunning and ingenious design ideas. He used a blue color scheme while working around the vintage tiled wall. Keeping wallpaper away from splashing areas is not only a good idea, but it may also lower your costs in half.

All About The Accents

Simple, deep blue shower tiles are used in this instance by Dina Bandman Interiors to highlight an arresting statement wall.

Create An Eye-Catching Buzz With Shapely Hexagonal Tiles

With hexagon patterns in honeycomb repeats across floors, walls, or both, think outside the “square.” These six-sided tessellating tiles bring impact and distinctive character to complicated hexagon mosaics, large-scale bold statements, and other designs that are inspired by shapes found in nature. Get buzzed by learning how to grout!

One of the most popular floor tile shapes for bathrooms is a hexagon, and you’re seeing them in deeper jewel and gray tones, says Amanda Oninski, interior designer, FLOOR360(opens in new tab). Although the shape has a classic appearance, it also provides you a modernized appearance that may fit into any home design plan.

Given the adaptability of geometric-shaped porcelain tiles, Atlas Concorde USA’s tile specialists concur: “Given that homeowners are using hexagons and triangles throughout bathroom walls and floors to bring a fresh, contemporary twist and dimension to an otherwise unvarnished surface,”

If you like what you see, give your room a mid-century modern feel by trying the HexArt(opens in new tab) collection from TileBar.

Zone Your Space

If you have a room like this one, where the bath is partially hidden behind a wall, use a subdued combination of ocean blue tiles with a deep rich glaze to create a focal point of color. While laying in the bath, the natural color changes and rippled texture evoke the sea with a calming effect.

The herringbone wood-effect tiles on the adjacent wall, which provide a subtle texture, and the traditional floor tiles in grey and white, which bring lightness and prevent the space from feeling too gloomy, complement it.

An Explosion Of Color

A combination of tiny, vibrant shower tiles can be seen in a striking bathroom designed by Lara Michelle Interiors.

For An Abstract Edge

Imagine solving a puzzle, but instead of arranging the pieces to create a coherent story, combining and arranging the pieces to create an unexpected appearance that plays on dynamic while brimming with intricate details and curiosity.

Let the walls speak for themselves with a lively, vibrantly patterned tile, advises Kamila Swiatecka, marketing & brand manager, Tile Giant(opens in new tab). Ideal for a shower enclosure, feature wall, backsplash in the kitchen, or tiny cloakroom idea to entirely change the look of the room. Combine with softwood, white walls, and minimalistic accessories to create a defining feature that will give the space vitality.

Create a botanical haven with the Angela Harris Wilder spring leaves mural matte porcelain tile(opens in new tab) from TileBar for a comparable appearance.

Use Contrasting Tiles

Utilize contrasting tiles to draw attention to a recessed basin area. Crackle-finished teal For an airy effect, metro tiles are bookended on either side with Moroccan-style patterns in a random pattern and a range of blues. For further contrast, grout the Metro tiles in white, and for more interest, go with a bevelled rather than a flat edge.


A retro-inspired master bathroom by Gretchen Murdock | MODTAGE design with multicolored tiles.

Choose A Unique Bathroom Tile Shape

We adore the rich blue color of this bathroom wall and the clean finish that the sharp corners give it. We believe it would look even better with a few accent tiles of a different color, perhaps a basic white or a lighter shade of blue.