Bookshelves Around Windows Ideas

Window Storage With Bench Seating

Having a bench seating space like this adds appeal to your house without a doubt. A bay window seat can be thought of simply as a place to sit and store things under the chairs while yet being comfortable and picturesque. To exhibit books or ornamental goods, you may also construct shelves with cabinets.

Spruce Up Enclosures With Hardware

Create a comfortable reading area with a light-filled window close to your book collection. It is formally designated as a reading area by a comfortable chair, lamp, and side table with a cup. Additionally, choose enclosures for the bottom half of the built-in shelves if you need to keep anything other than books so that you may conceal ugly items. Bonus points for quirky hardware, as shown in this Andrew Flesher-designed living room.

White Rectangles

With this geometric bookshelf design, make the most of your wall space. Numerous books and artifacts can be stored in open areas of different sizes and shapes. White on white creates a visual center for a space and is crisp and modern. Against the plain background, the books and artifacts take on a life of their own as design elements. Either pack the shelves full to make the most of the storage space available, or leave some of the blocks free for a simpler design. A step stool or rolling ladder can be added to make it simple to reach the high shelves.

Built-In Shelves Around Window With Storage

The wood and white color scheme around the window storage is traditional in inspiration and provides a fair amount of storage. Making a window seat has advantages, such as giving you more shelves and storage space for books.

With the natural light streaming in from the windows, this area of your home is a wonderful place to unwind.

Keep It Low

The best use of wall space isn’t usually a room-spanning bookcase. Simply cut out some built-in shelves beneath the desk if you want to keep a tiny space light and airy while still allowing for book storage and convenient access when studying, but don’t obstruct any windows. Take inspiration from Heidi Caillier’s adorable home office.

Set on a Curve

Who said books had to be kept on a flat surface for storage? With this tri-level curving work of art, embrace the unexpected. Built-in bookends support books at angles that defy gravity. When placed against a white wall, the sleek, modern white metal support is practically undetectable. It is unquestionably one of the more odd bookshelf designs and was created to complement a minimalist setting. All visitors will undoubtedly notice the distinctive design aspect created by the books’ odd placement. It would be even more striking to arrange the book spines according to color, possibly with the lightest hue at the top and the darkest at the bottom.

Around Window Storage With Coloured Wall

This minimalist-styled storage created around the window gives a lovely space for unwinding at home. It offers bottom cabinet storage as well as a lot of space to display your book collection. Additionally, you can save a ton of space with this around-the-window storage area design while maintaining organization and cleanliness.

Stick to a Corner

Here’s yet another fantastic substitute for open shelving that spans an entire room. Every other item goes into the enclosed bookcases, but designer Katie Ridder left two corner columns exposed for unique, pertinent reading material as well as decor highlights.

Modern Classic

In a living room, library, or study, a huge solid wall makes the ideal backdrop for floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Although it has a classic aspect and is intended to house a lot of books, pictures, or tiny works of art, the white background and shelves give it a contemporary appeal. The things on exhibit in this bookshelf design become the main center of interest and are admired for their unique aesthetic worth and attractiveness. This item serves as both a storage solution and a piece of furniture design, making it quite practical.

Nursery Style Window Storage With Bench

Everyone’s ideal nursery would have storage designed in a minimalist manner around the windows. Bench seating area where you can read stories to your kids before night because of the storage space it offers. These open wall shelves are great for storing infant items.

Use Any Leftover Hallway or Nook

The “funny chamber” is what Atelier ND designer Nicole Dohem refers to as this tiny reading nook converted from a stair landing. They squeezed the only chair that was short enough to fit because they needed a place to store extra books, so they used this empty space to create a custom built-in bookcase.

Industrial Style

This metal bookshelf’s strong and fashionable vertical and horizontal lines will undoubtedly serve as the centerpiece of your home’s interior design. This storage option would also stand out unexpectedly in a more conventional context, making it ideal for a loft apartment in a converted factory and right at home in an urban setting. While the spacious, solid shelves and open spaces can handle anything you could want to put on show, the vibrant red draws attention. To collect smaller objects and keep them hidden, shelves could also be lined with fabric or wicker storage baskets.

All-White Storage Space With Seat

Wall shelves, cupboards, and drawers are available in this contemporary window storage to accommodate all of your household items. Those patterned cabinet doors are really distinctive, and they go perfectly with the rest of the room’s decor.

Go Under Benches and Over Windows

In a small study, guest room, or even an entryway, add seats with open shelving for books. Don’t stop there, though! In this Leanne Ford-designed home office, the fully stocked bookcases span across the opposite wall and the window.

Inviting Window Seat

Is there anything cozier than a comfortable window seat adorned with plush cushions and pillows? On this roomy window seat with built-in bookcases beneath, take in the sunshine while reading a favorite book. This useful design element serves as a storage area as well as a seating place. The white bookshelf exudes a simple, timeless aesthetic. This cozy, informal area is sure to become a favorite place to unwind, whether you’re relaxing by yourself or with a buddy over a cup of tea.

Classic Navy Storage Space With Customised Window Blinds

Because of its color, blinds, and wood component, this traditional window style makes a striking statement for your home. The color navy blue encourages a highly traditional feeling in the surroundings.

You don’t need to be concerned about running out of storage space because those shelves offer a good amount of it. You can make use of the shelves to display books or other home décor items.

Organize Books By A Certain Category

This can involve categorizing books by author, genre, fiction versus non-fiction, classics versus contemporary works of literature, cookbooks, travel guides, and art books. Etcetera. Follow your inner librarian’s wishes!

Happy Landing

Architect Paul Rovinelli created a reading nook in the corridor outside a new office as part of the renovation of a 1915 Dutch Colonial. Since this upper landing is accessible from the front door, he rotated two small shelf units outward to showcase the books and added panel detail to beautify the space left beside the bigger units.

Adjustable book shelves are made of 12 clear-finish wood with MDF trim, while window-seat cabinets conceal games and other goods. Readers are drawn in by the skylight appearance created by the enormous dormer window.

Use Baskets And Pretty Storage Boxes

Put books in sizable matching baskets on the bottom shelf if you need them to be somewhat accessible. You can use this technique with any books that are unsightly, torn, or that you simply don’t want on display.

Don’t forget to pick a color scheme for your storage! It won’t help you in your quest for a lovely and well-organized bookshelf if you have a lot of mismatched baskets and boxes.

Airy Effect

This built-in bookcase takes advantage of every angle. A shelf was placed in the room so that it would be level with the top of the bed, and architect Mark Reilly filled the remaining space with bays of equal-sized bookcases.

Both a headboard and a backdrop, the bookshelf offers space for extra books, reading glasses, and ornamental items. The fixed shelves provide an airiness that indicates a wider area by imitating the rectangles made by the bed, the seat, and even the overhead beams. Between the master bedroom and bathroom, they also serve as a soundproofing barrier.