Built In Entertainment Center Ideas

When it comes to designing a room for entertaining and lounging, interior design trends evolve along with homeowner preferences. In the past, people would purchase an entertainment center to make it easier to store all of their media equipment, DVDs, and VHS cassettes while concealing wires from visitors. Today’s homeowners are seeking something more, having advanced in time. The aesthetic you want for your living room or home theater may be achieved with the help of built-in entertainment centers, which can add elegance and character. Modern devices can be more safely and readily stored in them, and they can also provide a terrific area for displaying artwork, books, and memorabilia.

Here are some suggestions to help you decide what will work best for your needs if you’re thinking about installing an entertainment center in your new home or remodel:

Our DIY Built-in Media Center Reveal

You may build your own using the instructions and materials included in this DIY built-in entertainment center.

Create a Home Theater Experience

Your room will require at least five speakers to get the desired surround-sound impression. Depending on the size of the entertainment center and the size of your room, you can install two or three of these speakers inside.

A fabric screen can be used to conceal speakers, or they can be creatively incorporated into your home’s design.

Mounted Plywood Entertainment Center

For someone in need of a sizable but not overly bulky media center, this three-piece wall-mounted DIY entertainment center is a straightforward and attractive solution. The components can each be handled by one person, unlike the large, enclosed ones.

To build this, though, you’ll need some DIY knowledge, or at the very least, you should be familiar with how to operate a miter saw, drill, and countersink. However, you could always ask a Lowes employee to make the cuts in advance.

DIY TV Built-Ins

Build a DIY built-in wall with room for the television and anything else.

Display Photos and Books

Open shelf is typically the greatest option for displaying books, pictures, pieces of art, and pottery. Try stacking books in smaller groups and placing your treasures among them for visual appeal. Board games can be arranged in the lower cabinets, and magazines can be kept in baskets on the lower shelf.

Bamboo Plywood Entertainment Center

Thanks to the utter elegance of the material used to make it, this magnificent DIY entertainment cabinet made of bamboo plywood stands out from the competition. Anyone with some experience can put it together in half a day because it is quite simple to follow the step-by-step instructions.

A fantastic feature of this, other how it looks, is that it’s an environmentally responsible choice. Unfinished bamboo plywood, a renewable timber, has a lovely appearance.

DIY Living Room Built-In Shelves and Fireplace

You must view this living room’s prior state. The entertainment room, bookcases, and fireplace surround were all finished in this built-in. It has completely changed!

Display Artwork and Collectibles

Collectibles can either provide visual interest or clutter, making storage and display difficult.

The ideal places to display collectibles are in open-shelf entertainment centers or cabinets with glass doors. To draw attention to a particular area and truly aid to highlight your display items, integrated lighting can be incorporated.

Easy Farmhouse Style Entertainment Console Makeover

This is an excellent lesson if you already own an entertainment center that needs some love or just enjoy a good yard sale find. The plan outlines a step-by-step process for going from “Blah to lovely” using straightforward concepts and instructions that everyone can understand.

You’ll finish up with a rustic, farmhouse-style entertainment console that is both useful and lovely, and everyone will assume you purchased it from a high-end, pricey store.

DIY Entertainment Center with Farmhouse Appeal

Find out how to create a DIY distressed entertainment center with storage, bookshelves, and under-cabinet lighting.

Audio and Video Equipment

Modern electronics produce a lot of heat and need ventilation in addition to having wires or other components that you should keep out of sight. Built-in entertainment centers are made with both usefulness and aesthetic appeal in mind. There are a plethora of customizable shelf alternatives that can be made to accommodate almost anything. To help conceal wires and store remote controls, DVDs, and other items while not in use, doors, drawers, and pullouts can be used.

Toy Storage Entertainment Center

You’ll adore this one if you have a playroom or entertainment room. It is a toy storage and entertainment center that can contain all of the toys your children currently have. This includes everything: book and DVD shelves, a toy chest for dolls and action figures, and a TV platform.

All you need to get started is some rough, planed lumber, some screws, sandpaper, and wood filler.

DIY Built In Entertainment Center

The family room in the basement has been transformed by this do-it-yourself built-in entertainment center. You can create one yourself thanks to a fantastic instruction!

Books and Pictures

Books were typically kept nearby and exhibited on open shelves so that they could be viewed. It’s a good idea to stack books in small groups when putting them on open shelves in a built-in to prevent the issue of an oversized book that would not fit easily if kept vertically. To make your library feel more modern and less cluttered, place photographs, pieces of art, and keepsakes beside your books. Magazines can be stored in lower shelf baskets or drawers. To eliminate clutter and keep the collection looking neat, it’s crucial to frequently go through the collection and delete the older publications.

Your family’s favorite board games can be kept in your new built-in if it has cabinets with doors. Up until the subsequent game night, they will be conveniently located and out of the way.

Simple TV Stand with Fireplace Insert

This electric fireplace might be the right choice for you if you are able to install one. It is a straightforward stand that combines an electric fireplace insert with the rest of your entertainment requirements to make a lovely mantle/fireplace/TV center in one.

Due of that insert, it isn’t the cheapest alternative available, but it’s still significantly less expensive than having one made specifically for you. Additionally, you have the delight of customizing it to meet your needs exactly.

DIY Faux “Built-Ins” with IKEA Billy Bookcases

Billy bookcases from IKEA are perfect for use as built-ins because they are affordable and simple to alter. This is a fantastic DIY entertainment center solution.

Collectibles and Artwork

Collectibles are a reflection of your personality, interests, and passions, but keeping them organized around the house can occasionally be difficult. They could appear as clutter in your house or as something engaging to your guests. The ideal ways to exhibit collectibles are on open shelves in an entertainment center or in cabinets with glass doors so that guests can see your collections. To establish a focus point around them, other sorts of lighting might be added. To display your collections, categorize them according to organization. To maintain a uniform and manageable feel, take into account the size and shape of the products and place them in corresponding groupings.

Similar advice is applicable for how to arrange your different works of art in your new entertainment center. Keep items organized together according to the artist, color theme, or style. Ensure that priceless items are safe and difficult to tip over or damage. Keep in mind that stuff on your entertainment center may get jostled around as a result of children, visitors, and you opening doors, drawers, etc. Utilize your personal style and feel free to occasionally change items to create the desired aesthetic.

Cube Entertainment Center

This magnificent entertainment cabinet was created by combining two designs, the 5 Cube Tower bookshelf and the 6 Cube bookshelf combination.

The design is divided into two parts: the 5 Cube towers, which you may build only one of if you don’t have enough room or don’t need both, and the 6 Cube section, which serves as the TV and DVD stand.

It is comparatively easy to construct and as adaptable as you require for your space.

Family Room Entertainment Centre

Build a whole wall of built-ins that includes shelves, benches with storage underneath, a spot for the television, and pendant lights. It’s gorgeous!

Built-in Entertainment Centers

We frequently refinish built-in entertainment centers at N-Hance Boise. This style of cabinet and shelf feature is very popular and can provide your home convenience and a contemporary appearance. Give us a call if you need any assistance with modernizing, changing the color, or styling of your built-ins. We are specialists at giving every piece of wood in your house the ideal appearance.