Builtin Desk Ideas

As working from home has become a common practice, you may be considering getting a built-in desk to make your setup more permanent. A custom-made, purpose-built desk is certain to boost your creativity and productivity, regardless of whether you find it easy or difficult to concentrate at home.

Maybe you’re drawn to the seamless, integrated aesthetic and want to build something similar. Or perhaps you want to add more features to a room that isn’t being used. Additionally, you might be trying to decide which desk designs are best for a little workspace that just isn’t cutting it.

Whatever your requirements, our dependable specialists have provided a variety of suggestions that are sure to satisfy you.

Situate Your Built-In Desk By A Window

A desk should be used mostly for work purposes, and where it is located will greatly affect how you feel while working there. For most settings, having a lot of natural light is a top priority, but it’s crucial to consider it when designing a built-in workstation.

According to Tom Rutt, the owner of TR Studio, “When we’re at our desks, we’re often in need of a little inspiration, therefore we prefer to try and design desks beneath windows.” The reason for this is that you receive the most uplifting light and can establish a connection with nature and the seasons.

A built-in workstation should engage our sense of touch in addition to being in a visually appealing location, according to Tom. The desk’s material should also be taken into account, he adds. The ideal desks are smooth and not too cold to the touch. Generally speaking, leather and wood feel better against the skin than steel and metal.

Modern and Bright Creative Home Office Reveal

This colorful, contemporary home office reveal has a ton of storage space and is bright and cheerful.

Easy Desk with Shelves Underneath

Having everything you need close at hand is a perk that anyone would appreciate, regardless of the type of work they are doing. Therefore, think about including some shelves on either side of your desk. Keeping them down ensures that you have space for your job elsewhere and that everything is put away and orderly.

Build A Storage System Around Your Desk

It’s a good idea to keep lifespan and functionality in the forefront of your mind when adding anything new to your home, especially something quite permanent like custom joinery. Making ensuring the new addition has enough of storage, especially with built-in workstations, is one approach to check both of these boxes.

A built-in desk should not only completely meet your needs for work, but it should also aid in organizing your home office and managing your property. Wherever possible, consider incorporating cabinets and shelving into the design. You should also think about whether any other components of the space would benefit from a built-in system, as in the case of this project, where continuing the cabinets below provided the ideal location for concealing television cables.

A Functional & Stylish Home Office- Ideas

This article offers a ton of useful advice on how to set up a practical home office that has room for a few tiny desks.

Simple Desk with File Cabinets and Top

You can easily upcycle some objects from around your home to make a lovely desk, so there’s no need to buy one. With the help of this project, you can give some file cabinets a new lease on life, and with the addition of a straightforward wooden board, your workplace will now have a sturdy desk accessory.

Experiment With Contrasting Color

Don’t forget to take into account the desk area’s aesthetic aspects in addition to the many practical criteria and spatial considerations it must meet. This is particularly true for built-in desks, which are an even more long-lasting addition to your house than their freestanding counterparts and greatly enhance the look and feel of a room.

Jamie Bush, the founder of Jamie Bush + Co, describes this bedroom office’s custom desk as having become the room’s focal point. To have the most visual impact, we chose to contrast the desk’s dark finish with a light wall covering. The desk is composed of open grain oak with an oxblood red lacquer finish.

That being said, functionality should not be wholly neglected, and this project by Bush + Co. is a wonderful illustration of how to accomplish so. Since space is at a premium in New York apartments, as Jamie explains, “we added a lot of storage but attached it to the wall so that it was floating off the floor to give the impression of weightlessness.” After the desktop extends to provide a work surface with a radiused end, the three floating shelves line up with the drawers below. In order to visibly weight the piece’s end and produce a more sculptural design, the curving element is then reflected in the bottom vertical panel of the desk.

Built-in Office Organization

Another awesome Ikea solution for a stylish desk can be seen here.

Long Desk with Built In Basket Storage

This long desk design not only provides you with enough of workspace for any project, but also with space for these great storage baskets underneath. Everything you need can be easily organized, and you can reach them quickly. Additionally, the raw wooden appearance offers a pleasant vibe.

Define A Built-In With Color

A built-in workstation can also be zoned out within a bigger area using color. This works especially well in open floor plans that must accommodate many uses. According to Jen & Mar, co-founders of Interior Fox, “a terrific technique to create a unique section within a room is to partition a tiny portion of the wall, and paint it in a contrasting color.” This zoning approach enables you to designate an area that inspires you, even in the smallest of spaces. For this project, we paneled a small portion of the wall and painted it Little Greene’s Olive Green, a calming color inspired by nature.

The beautiful thing about built-in desks is that they can be completely customized to your needs. If the space in your home office is small, the design may be much simplified to produce a very functional place without obstructing the other uses of the space. All you need is a task lamp and a little stool to tuck underneath, and your home office is ready to go, say Jen and Mar. “Here, we placed a freestanding shelf that offers a work space during the day, but can simply be put away to double up as a dressing table.” ’

Built-Ins That Meet In A Corner

a big desk with a corner set of built-ins. A pleasant atmosphere permeates the entire place.

Pink Desk with Drawers and Storage

You end up with such a gorgeous, vibrant desk with a contemporary flair thanks to this do-it-yourself project. The desk is positioned at a convenient height for a modern desk chair. The desk has a soft appearance in terms of décor thanks to the coloring, which makes it easy for it to blend in with a space that has a consistent design theme.

Incorporate A Desk Into Your Kitchen

Even though you might not expect to install a built-in workstation in your kitchen, doing so could provide the room a whole new level of functionality. This desk, created by Roundhouse, was added to the contemporary kitchen to support how owner Julia Sugden used the area. It’s a fantastic location to sit and catch up on work, read the morning paper, or sort through documents for the house, according to her. “In my situation, it’s very convenient since I can accomplish some work while still watching the supper,” the speaker said.

As Julia explains, the kitchen’s built-in workstation also provides extra storage for those occasionally elusive objects. She claims that it can be great for keeping extra stationery, greeting cards, and other items safe and accessible without taking up important kitchen storage space. The desk area also serves as a phone and iPad charging station, which is really useful to have near the kitchen.

2 Custom Built In Desk Ideas For Small Spaces

This desk for two is ideal whether you homeschool or just need a place to do your schoolwork.

Early Modern Style Desk with White and Blue Paint

You may upcycle an old desk to make something creative and attractive. Through the careful balancing of the white and blue color scheme, this desk exudes a striking brightness. Although it retains certain contemporary features, it has an almost retro aesthetic that makes it stand out as a distinctive piece of furniture in the space.

Make It Multi-Functional

Making your dining table more functional might be a good idea if you enjoy the notion of having a desk in the kitchen but lack the space to dedicate a specific location for it. Building a custom dining table offered the chance to give it a second function as a built-in desk as well, as in the case of this calm room design by Brooklyn-based design studio Workstead.

The side drawers are the most important aspect of the design since they provide enough of space to store your job-related things and equipment at the conclusion of a long day, enabling a seamless transition from work mode to resting.

DIY Floating Desk With Storage

Make a desk that floats and has open shelves. Due to its compact design, this project is a great option for a tiny location.

Understated White Desk with Drawers

This modern desk is a terrific DIY project if you want something a little more modern. The desk’s overall appearance is enhanced by the wood, which contrasts with the desk’s smooth, spotless white top. It blends seamlessly with the white drawers, giving this desk a chic aspect.

Make Room For Two

If you’re going to spend the money and the room on a built-in desk, it might as well be used by more than one member of your family. If so, it’s crucial to incorporate this demand as soon as possible into the design.

If you just have a tiny area that needs to be used effectively, a built-in solution can be a wonderful approach to maximize the use of your available space. To allow two people to work comfortably, try to give the desk as much width and depth as you can, and then utilize any available ceiling height with storage cabinets above.

Giant Built-In Wall Desk

This massive built-in wall desk fits well in the room’s corner and is big enough for two people to work at once.