Cabinet Range Hood Ideas

Inconspicuous Technology

In this modern kitchen, a modest, unobtrusive range hood suits. The small range hood draws attention to the sleek white backsplash and uniquely designed orange cabinets.

Getting Creative With Shiplap

Shiplap is not only used for accent walls! In order to create a distinctive farmhouse range hood cover, this farmhouse kitchen embraces the contemporary aesthetic and textural delight of this planking process. The white shiplap, backsplash, and cabinets contrast well with the warm, richly stained wood trim that lines the bottom.

Keep It Hidden

Want a good trick if you don’t want your kitchen hood to make a big statement? Keep it concealed, just like in this super chic, midcentury kitchen. Behind wood paneling that matches the cabinetry, it is set.

Better When Balanced

A glass tiled wall contrasts with a range hood that has a matte appearance. The cabinets and hood fit together seamlessly because they are the same color.

Beautifully Juxtaposed

Choose a striking range hood, such as this curved brown range hood that tapers towards the ceiling, for an eye-catching appearance. The thick white trim at the bottom connects it into the color scheme even if the cocoa brown color contrasts the white countertops, cabinets, and subway tile with the stainless steel appliances. A festive wreath and chevron backsplash accent that are sandwiched between the range hood and stove serve to emphasize this room’s strong focal point.

Get A Microwave That Pulls Double Duty

It’s advantageous to install a microwave with a ductless hood function just above your stovetop. You’ll have quick access to ventilation and convenience for reheating food in one location.

Added Architecture

The range area gains an architectural aspect from a wood range hood. A pair of columns and scrolling woodwork give the hood an appealing appearance right away.

Wood Farmhouse Range Hood

A wood hood range is used in this light-filled farmhouse kitchen to offer visual warmth and a fitted appearance. The two pendant lights, the arcs of the striking black bar stools, and its bell-shaped bottom all discreetly echo its tapered top and bell-shaped bottom. The wood flooring and the wood decorations above the cabinets carry the earthy wood tone throughout the entire space.

Pick A Stainless Steel Range Hood

Because of its stainless steel appearance, this downdraft ductless vent system is quite stylish. To complete the professional chef impression, consider adding a steel backsplash.

Geometric Look

The ultra-modern yet natural motif of the kitchen is complemented by the stainless-steel structure of this range hood. The backsplash’s tiny mosaic tiles and geometric hood go together beautifully.

Going Bold With Details

More so than under-cabinet types, range hoods that extend from the ceiling, like this geometric beauty, tend to catch the eye. The bottom of this design features wood trim for a striking contrast and further intrigue. Under the range hood, a silver clock and a turquoise vase mimic the kitchen island’s analogous earth tones.

Work With Steel And Gray

Gray cabinets and stainless steel look fantastic together. Because of this, we give this stylish hood huge style points. It simultaneously has a contemporary and homey vibe.

Stately Creation

A magnificent custom range hood combines heavy crown moldings with panel detailing. X-shaped glass-door cabinets have the same kind of detailing.

Effortless Flow

Instant flow is created by a white range hood that extends from a white ceiling; the white color flows from the vent cover all the way through the subway tile backsplash and cabinetry. To break up the monotony, beige and golden metallics are interspersed throughout the island lights, countertops, and walls.

Match It To The Cabinets

Find a kitchen hood with a white finish or paint one to match your cabinets for a unified aesthetic, and aim for a subtle mood.

Scallops and Serifs

This range hood is embellished with softly scalloped edges and curved serifs. The handcrafted plaster range hood blends in with the rest of the kitchen with its distinctive, old-world style.

Under Cabinet Range Hood

Despite not being as daring as some of the other options on our list, the range hood hidden beneath the cabinet gives this kitchen an instantly polished appearance. Additionally, it makes place for this backsplash with a chevron pattern and a black tap to contrast it.

Combine Wood And White

One more day, one more stylish custom kitchen hood appearance. We adore how the wood frame on this one matches the kitchen cabinets and the white accents so well.

Neat with Zinc

The rustic and industrial elements of this kitchen wall are provided by a locally made zinc hood. Additionally, the white cabinetry and neutral backsplash are optically broken up by the hood.

Pure Elegance

The feel of a farmhouse range hood cover will depend on the sort of wood used in its construction. For instance, the sophisticated double chandelier lighting and large wood island in this kitchen go perfectly with a smooth and evenly sanded piece of wood.