Cheap Decorating Ideas For Living Room Walls

The moment to curate your area with unique living room wall décor ideas is now if your living room walls appear to be rather blank and are just ready to be filled with original artwork, wall hangings, and décor. Just keep in mind to acquire something you find appealing rather than something just to fill a hole. Consider some of these low-cost living room wall decorating ideas before getting out the hammer and nails. Inspiration is coming!

Shine And Sparkle

Are your wall stand out with 3D metallic embellishments; they make wonderful wall decorations for living rooms. On a wall with a single color, metal displays can act as the focal point, reflecting light to contrast the muted background. Additionally, they are affordable and offered online in a variety of patterns.

The focal point of this image’s golden geometric wall art is set off by a subdued navy wall. The living room wall design is a frugal decorator’s dream even if it appears chic and elegant.

Hang Alternative Art

Consider something more active like this sculptural object positioned above the fireplace as opposed to a conventional painting or print. Despite being a highly desired location in the living room, the area above the mantel is frequently underused. To fill the empty space, reconsider placing a television over the fireplace in favor of something more creative and intriguing.

Update Your Walls With Artwork

Want a different way to show off your photos and images? Fabric wall hangings are an easy and affordable way to add a trendy bohemian flair to your plain white wall. If you already have a lovely bed cover stashed away in a drawer, you might not even need to purchase anything new when it comes to wall hangings.

Gallery Glory

A gallery wall is not only simple to make, but it also looks great. Blow out any dust from any old frames you may have sitting around, regardless of color, and arrange them into a pleasing arrangement. Spray paint your frames with a single color if you want to give your borders a unified look. Place them beside art prints (which are accessible for free on various websites) that speak to you to add a few pieces of your individuality to your wall.

This powder-blue wall, with its rows of four white-framed images, demonstrates how it’s done. Because of the simple graphics and neutral borders, the display has a minimalist feel.

Organize a Gallery Wall

If you enjoy the concept of hanging numerous pieces of art but aren’t comfortable with them all being on one wall, arrange the framed pieces into a neat gallery by hanging them straight up and down. Take precise measurements to ensure that there is an equal distance between each frame. Whether you decide to work with a tiny or huge amount of art, it will be the ideal way to fill up some empty space.

Believe In The Power Of Paint

Don your DIY dungarees and start painting for one of the simplest living room ideas on a budget. There is a ton of decent, reasonably priced paint available, but if you really want to save money, you could just buy a tiny pot and paint a single wall or a few small alcoves for a splash of color.

Wallpaper Wonder

Consider temporary wallpaper if you’re hesitant to spend a lot of money on a professional wallpaper installation (these are usually listed as temporary adhesives on online marketplaces). As a fun weekend project, choose a niche where you can display your miniature creation and hang your wallpaper.

This white and grey niche sparkles within a dark, menacing grey shell. It provides visual interest in contrast to the strong color block, giving the space a stylish appearance on a shoestring budget.

Layer Fun Wallpaper With Paintings

Boldly layer a painting over attractive patterned wallpaper. Even if it’s a risk, a provocative graphic looks good in this varied setting. To make wall décor that is intriguing and attracts visitors, experiment with different colors, patterns, and materials.

Put Up (Then Take Down) Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is a game-changer for renters or people who are averse to commitment in the home. You may now purchase amazing wallpaper, cover your walls with it, remove it a few years later, and still keep your security deposit.

Peel and stick wallpaper may be purchased from Etsy in a wide variety of prints and sizes to fit the area you are decorating.

Graffiti Grunge

Bring out your inner Picasso by purchasing a can of spray paint. Graffiti is an art form in and of itself, and when done effectively, it can give your space a great, grungy industrial vibe. If you’re unsure of where to begin, watch a few internet tutorials to learn the procedure.

This living area showcases a simple subway style that appears to have been applied almost by accident. The white brick wall has a few black swirls that remind me of the graffiti-covered walls at European metro stations.

Include Iridescent Mirrors

Make use of unique items like this iridescent mirror. Due to the wooden elements found in the accents, the wooden fireplace, and the wooden rim of the mirror, the space is vibrant and gives the impression of depth while still feeling unified. Another great technique to let light into the living room and enlarge a tiny area is with a conventional mirror.

Quickly Add A Mural

A wall mural is a fantastic low-cost living room option. There are several large-scale prints available that you can simply hang up in a few minutes, so you don’t have to spend hours adhering one to your wall or painting one yourself. Additionally, wall murals are fantastic for renting homes since you may choose a design that isn’t as permanent as wallpaper or paint.

Booked and Hooked

Use the pages of old books as custom wallpaper to recycle them. Utilizing Mod Podge will result in a finish that will persist for a long time. Spread some on the wall, stick the paper there, then smooth it in place to keep it in place. then turn to the novel’s following page. If you’re renting, you might want to use Blu Tack or another reusable adhesive to remove your pages neatly and spotlessly.

On this wall, lovable yellowbacks retell tales while tastefully chosen picture pages add subtle flashes of color. The space’s old beauty is enhanced by the fading pages.

Try out an Accent Wall

One of the simplest methods to decorate a blank wall? Make a feature wall of it. It’s the ideal method to add interest without having to hang anything, whether you select wallpaper or a lively, colorful mural like this living room.

Create A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a terrific way to quickly and affordably decorate a bare wall and inject much-needed individuality into a space. They are a style that has lasted the test of time. Use pictures, album covers, prints, or even fabric scraps or leftover wallpaper that you can frame.

Desenio offers a terrific service on their website that assists you in organizing your gallery wall and selecting prints and frames that fit your room.

Best practice: If you rent out your home and cannot drill hundreds of holes on the wall, consider using command hooks or a picture shelf for little wall damage.


When it comes to creating a statement wall like this one, a small amount of masking tape might be your dependable assistant. Before painting the wall, apply masking tape to make crossing patterns to achieve this look. Next, use a roller to paint over it. After the paint has dried, remove your tape. You’ll see an accent wall with intersecting lines that hasn’t picked up any paint and that the space beneath it is unpainted.

This room is a good example of big design on a little budget, as a vibrant purple wall gains a playful edge with a display of crossing lines.

Paint Built-Ins

Painting built-ins a vivid color will make them stand out. Built-ins in this living room’s accent color are green. Despite their simple styling, they nonetheless have impact. Sconces provide even more intrigue and flank on either side.

Create DIY Living Room Art

Create your own DIY canvas art at home for a low-cost concept. Purchase unfinished canvases that you can decorate, and display them prominently above a mantel or sofa. For a modern composition, scatter colors at random or brush on a range of stunning geometric shapes using paints in your preferred hues. Use the canvases as the foundations for painted images, stenciled motifs, or collages made from craft waste if you like less abstract art.


Simply because they are so simple to use, stencils might make you an expert DIYer over night. You may create fast wall art by attaching them to your wall and spray painting over them. Use the same stencil in multiple locations and colors to add diversity.

This mocha wall has light-colored stenciled stamp-like motifs that give it the appearance of a pastiche of postage stamps. The artwork creates an interesting display against the gloomy background and says little about the effort—or lack thereof—put into it.

Hang Polaroids

You may make a gallery wall without using framed artwork. Polaroids will suffice if space and money are at a premium. To give your room a vintage, unique air, hang a selection of them.