Closet Door Painting Ideas

Dressing up your closet doors is one of the simplest ways to freshen up your bedroom decor without repainting the walls or buying new furniture. Why have white doors when there are so many inexpensive DIY options to add color, pattern, or functionality?

You’re likely to find inspiration in one of the 20 ideas presented here, whether you want to add a little whimsy to your own bedroom or have some fun in your child’s room. Before beginning any painting chores, make sure to take the doors off the hinges and lay them flat. You’ll find it much simpler to work that way.

Customize With a Painted Mural

Artist Fred Gonsowski created the amazing artwork on the closet doors in this photo in his own home. You’ll probably feel at ease working freehand on a design of your own creation if you have similar artistic skills. If not, browse for ideas in pictures and photos, then expand and print the ideal image for your bedroom to use as a rough outline on your closet door before painting. If that requires a little more work than you’d like to put in, why not paint a straightforward scene or simply have fun with geometric shapes such as dots, stars, squiggles, or stripes.

Softer Side

Cool gray wooden doors lend a stylish barn-door impression to this calm space while providing the ease of sliding doors. If you want to add a wow factor that will make your day better, think about painting your doors in your favorite color.

Sleek Gray with Some Texture

Smooth gray doors give a relatively neutral space some texture and give the house a cool, carefree appearance.

Simple handles that match the doors’ color enhance the aesthetic and make them stand out.

Closet Door Makeover with Wood Planks

Wood planks can be used to update any flat panel closet door that is builder-grade or old. These lovely wood plank closet doors with a chevron pattern require wood that is 1/4 inch thick and roughly 4 inches wide.

For this job, plywood, MDF wood, or underlayment are the best options. Continue reading to find out how to finish this closet door makeover by framing out the door.

Minimalist Asian Design

This serene, low-maintenance bedroom has white and wood paneled doors that mimic the appearance of Japanese shoji screens. This style pairs wonderfully with minimalist, natural furnishings as well as Asian décor.

Bright White Doors

Smooth white doors give a room an instant upgrade by seeming shining and bright.

These stunning doors are simple to open and close since they glide behind one another.

DIY 3-Panel Closet Doors

Old sliding doors that just didn’t fit with the closet’s dressers have been replaced by these new doors. The panels on these doors match the board and batten on the walls, which is a lovely feature!

The panels, which are composed of melamine hardboard, slip into the frame with ease. This set of closet doors has a vintage feel that I really like thanks to the latch that keeps them shut.

Rainbow Bright

In this modern setting, bold colors elevate plain white doors from ordinary to extraordinary. While Lucite chairs and a neutral color scheme throughout let the accent colors shine, blue bedding and an intriguing red carpeting connect the whole together.

Single White Sliding Barn Door

A single white sliding barn door may make a bold statement, especially if the door’s hardware stands out.

A smaller closet where two or more doors would be just be too overpowering should consider this option.

Star Trim Closet Door DIY

These lavender nursery closet doors are so adorable! Wooden stars that were already manufactured were chopped in half and then fastened directly against the door seam.

Depending on the color you select, this fantastic closet door makeover concept would look excellent in any space.

Play With Pattern

This incredibly feminine area is given depth and substance by a subtle pattern. In this stylish bedroom, the glossy sheen on the closet doors reflects light and exudes a luxurious vibe.

Modern Dark Sliding Doors

Modern black sliding doors have a dramatic and striking appearance, especially when combined with neutral decor and simple furnishings.

The doors are kept from looking too visually weighty by silver embellishments.

DIY Circle French Closet Doors

It’s always a good idea to add a splash of color to the bedroom, and these french closet doors offer just that! Wood glue and nails are used to attach the 1/4″ birch plywood semi-circles.

These doors seem upscale and elegant thanks to the long door handles and the mid-century modern style, which is new and exciting. Although the vivid yellow is a daring hue for a bedroom, I adore it.

Creative Control

A terrific location to have fun and experiment with pattern and even art is on the closet door. Large flowers give this neutral area a quirky appearance. Don’t be hesitant to try out bold geometrics, timeless stripes, or your current favorite pattern since the closet door is a great canvas for make a statement.

Deep Teal Textured Doors

These textured teal doors are proof positive that doors don’t have to be dull.

They are an excellent focus point in any area thanks to the vibrant flash of color, and the texture keeps them from being too much.

Build A Sliding Barn Door For Less

Barn doors are excellent slim profile closet door alternatives. They move out of the way so you can see everything in your closet and don’t open out into the room, which makes them ideal for compact bedrooms.

One costs a big fortune to buy, but you can make your own for a lot less money. This sliding barn door has a modern farmhouse style thanks to the shiplap boards, and I adore the green color!

Painted Closet Doors

Painted closet doors are a fantastic, low-cost way to update a space. You can pick from a variety of murals, paintings, and wallpapers. The space will gain a great deal of visual appeal as a result.

Modern Wardrobe Doors

The hallway could be used to house closet space that is covered by sliding closet doors. Compared to a bi-fold door or a standard closet door, this style of closet door is significantly simpler to use. You can select a design that suits you, such as a mirror door, a glass door, or a barn door.

Any of these charming patterns will liven up your bedroom and rekindle your love for your closet doors.

Any home would benefit from replacing its old doors with one of these styles.

Customize Your Closet Doors With Trim!

Flat panel closet doors will gain individuality and character from decorative trim. You cannot tell that they weren’t manufactured this way once they have been painted and caulked. Before securing your bifold closet doors securely, make sure to test that they will open.

For a fresh look, paint them to match the decor or in a vibrant, colorful color to bring a pop to your space.

Chalkboard Doors

The drawings will lend a creative aspect to it in addition to the boldness of the black hue. Chalkboard doors are ideal for kid’s bedroom since they stimulate a lot of creative thinking. They are certain to last for years due to their reusability.