Creative Ideas For Painting Bookshelves

Opt For Bespoke Built-Ins

Alcove spaces on either side of a fireplace make the ideal spot and opportunity to include a set of built-in living room bookshelves from floor to ceiling in many living room concepts. The ideal answer is to construct a home library area that is adapted to the measurements because alcoves are frequently oddly shaped and non-standard sizes that prevent off-the-peg parts from fitting. Additionally, the entire space may be made into a stunning focal point by painting the walls and bookcases in the living room a distinctive color.

Interior designer Charlotte Crosland states, “I prefer painted shelves and I frequently paint the inside and exterior of a bookshelf or the back and side walls around it, in various colors” (opens in new tab). It’s wonderful to see the contrasting color behind if the shelves are not entirely packed. Shelves made of stone, wood, or timber dyed a rich hue might look nice.

Open Shelf Design

Create a chic catchall for your foyer to hold your boots, bags, and dog leashes for easy grab-and-go convenience. Determine your shelf plan first, making sure that the shelves will align with the predrilled holes in the bookshelf. Cut portions to match the vertical distance between shelves to make dividers and shorter shelves. Install the connecting parts within the bookcase after screwing the divider to the end of the shorter shelf. the remaining shelves, then repeat. The interior is given a fresh coat of white paint to contrast with the navy blue exterior.

Make A Bedroom Out Of Bookshelves

One of our favorite bookshelf design ideas is to incorporate book storage options at the base of the bed into a bedroom, which is a common reading space for many individuals. The main feature is a bookcase that sets the tone because the person who lived here wanted the main bedroom to feel cozy.

In order to create a room that is brimming with amazement and warmth, which is typically the feeling you get while reading a fantastic book, this design was developed in partnership with Kelly Cusimano, an architect. The unusual and warm paint colors from Farrow & Ball add to the space’s general friendliness.

Frame A Doorway With Shelves

It’s not always the most obvious place that provides the ideal location for book storage ideas when considering living room storage. Consider whether there are any underutilized areas that could be utilized rather than concentrating on key locations like the space behind a couch or the breast wall of a chimney.

It is a clever use of empty wall space that would otherwise be squandered to use it for built-in cabinet ideas for family rooms and bookshelves above and around doorways. When painted a striking color that contrasts with the living room, floor-to-ceiling shelves that wrap around a doorway can look spectacular. They assist to provide symmetry and focus to what would otherwise be just a roadway.

Redesigned Display Case

One of the odd bookshelves, which was formerly at home in the living room, now serves as a necessary piece of storage in the nursery for the family. The unit has been updated with new white paint and orange patterned wallpaper on the back of the bookcase. Bright accents accentuate the reading nook’s whimsical appeal.

Play With Symmetry And Color

There are many ways to show off your book collection. It’s easy to keep your bookshelves organized while avoiding completely deleting the items you wish to highlight by experimenting with symmetry and color.

The living room seen here already has the blue bookshelves as a strong focal point.

However, the thorough attention to detail in the placement of the volumes on each bookshelf results in a well-balanced and attractive appearance.

Consider Storage In Unexpected Places

When designing a reading nook, a bay window area with comfortable sitting is ideal, so if there is room, it is important to consider adding more book storage. By utilizing wall space that might otherwise go unused, built-in bookcases in the living room can frame a bay window and provide slender storage for a few more books.

Whether it’s a strong, contrasting color like this one or a more subdued, subtle hue, painting walls, woodwork, and architrave in a co-ordinating color throughout provides a coherent aesthetic so that walls and furniture blend in.

According to Simon Tcherniak, Senior Designer at Neville Johnson, “books may look excellent in a living room; they offer interest and color, transmit personality, and displace the television’s dominance” (opens in new tab). The size of the shelves may be adjusted to fit the collection being shown, which is a significant benefit of having a custom living room bookcase constructed. To make the feature stand out more, it is a good idea to arrange the books by size or even color.

Built-In Library

The renovated bookcase now has a completely new appearance after being painted bright white from top to bottom. Roman hues and a soft green background add a splash of color to the space. Lower cabinets still have their original grass-cloth wallpaper inserts, but have been adorned with new hardware that is flowery in design. Soft display illumination is provided overhead by a movable library lamp.

Make Bold Decisions

Who would have guessed that built-ins could be so important? With the addition of some regal and fashionable purple paint, these shelves are turned into something very extraordinary.

It’s difficult to resist being attracted in by the vibrant bookcase and orange couch, which create a comfortable atmosphere for discussing your favorite chapters with the group.

You may express your creativity and make a statement with this original bookshelf idea. Its beautiful colors, which complement the rest of your furniture, will captivate you.

Paint Shelves To Complement Wall Color

Choosing the right color is important when it comes to built-in living room bookshelves. Painting shelves the same color as the walls will help the room feel cozier and more intimate because the shelves and walls will blend together as one. While choosing a color for your bookshelf that is darker will help the books stand out against the dark background and is a lovely way to display a prized collection of reads.

An impressive appearance can be achieved by painting shelves a contrast color, which will make bookshelves stand out against walls. Alternately, strike a balance by painting bookcases’ back panels only in a bright color to offer a flash of color without overpowering the room.

Go to the Dark Side

These built-ins receive a gloomy makeover from inky midnight blue. The bookshelf’s darker decorations, like the pair of white vases, stand out against the dark background.

Bookshelves for the Playroom with Painted Spice Racks

Reimagining may be the most cost-effective method to add functional and pleasurable aspects to your home. Such spice racks are the perfect size to utilize as bookcases in a child’s playroom due to their compact design.

A group of four books might be arranged by topic, author, or color. A fresh coat of paint helps them transition from the galley to the playroom in addition to making them appear prettier.

Try A Freestanding Bookcase

An adaptable alternative to built-in storage in the living area is a freestanding bookcase. If the arrangement of the living room changes in the future, you can relocate the bookcase to a different location or take it with you if you move in the near future.

Before making a purchase, measure the space carefully, paying close attention to the height, width, and depth. This is essential if the bookcase is to match a specific location and you don’t want it to protrude into the room too much. It must have adjustable shelves so that they can be configured to accommodate different book heights. To prevent them from falling over, tall bookcases should also be fastened to the wall. An off-the-shelf bookshelf will frequently come with a stabilizing strap.

Bedroom Built-Ins? You Bet!

This creative kid’s room demonstrates that built-ins may be the best storage option for kid’s rooms with limited space. Here, the unique bed fits nicely between a pair of built-in bookcases that serve as nightstands as well as storage units for clothes or more toys in addition to housing dinosaurs, robots, and books. View more of this vibrant and creatively constructed home below.

Ruth’s Dollhouse Reno

If your small girls have outgrown playing with dolls and miniatures, this DIY bookcase is the ideal upcycle for their bedroom. We adore how mom Lindsey Bukhair, aka @ofgraceandruth(opens in new tab), decorated the white dollhouse with a variety of scrap wallpapers and color-coordinated the books to give visual interest.

Work In Form + Function With a Ladder

If your book collection is very tall, a sliding library ladder will make access easier while also adding some style. Practically, a ladder makes it simple to reach even the highest shelf of books while visually breaking up the monotony of a book-covered bookcase. To make the ladder truly stand out, use one with a different finish than your bookshelves.

Elisha’s Ikea Billy Bookshelf Hack

How stunning is this aspect of the living room’s decor? This is the DIY project for you if you like the look of built-in bookshelf but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Two inexpensive Ikea Billy bookcases have been converted by Elisha at @ouraesthetic abode(opens in new tab) into something that appears amazingly high-end.

Work In Quirky Finds

Okay, so a stuffed pheasant might not be everyone’s preferred accent piece, but it fits in perfectly on this built-in in emerald green. On the bottom shelf, a little enameled brass owl serves as a bookstop while adhering to the whimsical bird theme.

Jess’s Enchanting Diy Bookshelf

This pink castle DIY bookshelf is magnificently regal and ideal for your young prince or princess. For a gentle, feminine atmosphere, use pastel pink or royal blue as your paint color. Why not use wood paints with a glitter pigment to give even more sparkle to that special occasion?

Showcase Your Prize Possession

This music lover’s magnificent stringed instrument has the ideal place to be displayed and protected thanks to built-ins that were specially made for him. An huge collection of books and records is kept on nearby shelves. View a tour of this peaceful area, which features an eating nook, below.