Dark Mens Bedroom Ideas

Elegant Men’s Bedroom with Wood Paneling

Wood walls may provide any room depth, warmth, and texture when it comes to men’s bedrooms. Your room will look cozier with a wood accent wall without losing elegance. If you’re into it, this bedroom also has a little bit of a hipster vibe. The finished product will be intriguing as long as the rest of the decor is kept in neutral tones.

Grey Minimalist

posh, contemporary, and intimidating. The matte grey accent wall, the grey ombre rug, and the wispy grey drapes all include various shades of grey. The room is maintained light and airy thanks to its large windows, light-colored wood flooring, and glass walls.

Use Leather Accents For A Sleek Finish

To give depth and intrigue, texture must be included into every room. Butter-soft leathers can be used as a textural feature to create a sophisticated and elegant finish.

The is available for your headboard, nightstand, and seating. Woods are a great complement to leather because they both go well together.

Black and White Male Bedroom Decor

The timeless combination of black and white makes it a fantastic choice for your manly bedroom. The television blends seamlessly with the modern design, while the accent wall and the inventive lighting give the room a cozier appearance.

Dramatic Lighting

For its visual appeal, this contemporary minimalist bedroom relies on its dramatic lighting. The room doesn’t have a lot of decorations; it only has the essentials: a bed, carpeting, a mirror, a pair of lamps, a few books, and an accent vase. All of these were emphasized by the artistic lighting arrangement behind the headboards.

Embrace Subtle Metallics

Play around with moody, dark designs for men’s bedrooms, advises Jamie Watkins, co-founder of Divine Savages (opens in new tab). For a glamorous twist, combine metallic bedroom wallpaper ideas with plush velvet textiles and contrasting gold accent colors.

A bold wall covering placed behind the bed will serve as a powerful focal point. This can help the remainder of the room feel larger and open up in compact rooms.

Classy Dark Accents

Think yourself fortunate if your apartment has huge windows. Any room will appear more spacious when there is natural light, and you can experiment with darker colors to generate a dynamic contrast. As an illustration, consider how this striking black accent wall effortlessly gives a manly feel to the bedroom.

Modern Industrial

For the modern guy, a contemporary hideaway. This cool gray bedroom has bare floors, accents made of steel pipes, and stone walls. strong components that represent the industrial nature of today. The glass walls and numerous skylights keep the interior’s darkness from becoming too dark.

Add A Pop Of Colour

The concept that men’s bedrooms should only be blue, grey, or black is untrue. For a calming splash of color, consider adding some vivid crimson.

A dark background provides an anchor and gives the scene a bright, modern feel.

Minimal Men’s Bedroom with Cozy Accents

You shouldn’t have to give up comfort just because you want to keep things simple. Never disregard details when creating your bachelor bedroom because the absence of the rug and drapes will make the space appear less appealing. Additionally, the bedding is crucial; choose pillows and comforters that complement the rest of your design.

A Touch of Red

Add a splash of vibrant color to break up the typically somber masculine interiors. Red bedding adds a vibrant touch to this contemporary but somber grey bedroom. A sleek white side table that matches the pendant lamp, sophisticated grey walls, a glass window wall, wood flooring, and other elements complete the appearance.

Pick A Dramatic Bedroom Color Scheme

Oh, dark tones are so dapper. But seriously, using deep blues and greys on all four walls (and the ceiling, if you’re feeling daring) does give off a very slick, sophisticated atmosphere. They also look wonderful when coupled with brighter hues to make them pop. Add a gallery wall with prints, posters, and images to break up a wall of dark color. To add even more texture and interest, mix and match the frames.

Taking a look at that four-poster? We agree, so go for it! As you can see in this example, you can always make it more understated by painting it the same color as the walls.

Posh Manly Bedroom with Gorgeous Wall Art

A gallery wall is an easy way to give any area, including a bedroom, individuality. Consider purchasing prints rather than original artworks to keep prices down. You make the room look more polished, be sure to frame them and, if you can, match the print colors to the colors in the rest of the room.

Statement Walls

These walls with the timber veneer tell volumes about elegance and wealth. The room has a sophisticated and opulent finish thanks to the patterns and texture the oak covering creates. The room can be finished with just a few pieces of high-end furniture.

A Great Choice For A Men’s Bedroom Can Be Brown

The color brown is a common choice for men’s bedroom decor. You can include furniture made of leather, fabrics, and ceramics in the brown room. The lighting and striking accessories are ideal for a man’s bedroom. To finish the room, add some white pillows to the bed. In the room’s corner, close to the black desk, you can arrange the books by type.

Dark Design with Gray Tones

Gray and black work well together, especially when designing a bedroom for a man. While an all-black appearance would be overpowering, the grey tone mellows and gives the design a little edge. The glass partitions that divide the closet from the bedroom are a wonderful addition.

Minimalist Grandeur

Instead of removing grandeur, minimalism emphasizes it. A magnificent crystal chandelier, black wood floors, marble walls, and a sizable bed made of black leather with gold accents are all present in this minimalist bedroom. A textured light grey carpeting and a pair of crystal lamps that match the chandelier help to maintain the space’s brightness.

Pay Attention To The Choice Of Furniture

There are two possibilities: The first is a folding bed, which is best used in compact spaces. The alternative is a big bed, which has the benefit of never needing to be fitted and always having a lovely interior. For a man’s bedroom, high-head beds covered in leather or cloth are ideal. Since there is always plenty of room in such a room, the amount of furniture and other items is kept to a minimum. The bedroom should serve a crucial purpose: it should be a place for leisure. A big bed, bedside tables, and lamps should be more than enough. Men’s interiors place a lot of attention on the numerous leather accents that give the space a masculine feel.

Dark Bedroom Design with Funky Bedding

There are occasions when you don’t have enough room to experiment with furniture or décor. If so, buying quirky bedding is the easiest method to make a dark bedroom appear lighter. Avoid avoiding patterns and vibrant colors because they instantly bring life to your home. In this situation, colorful art is also a wise investment.

Urbane Gentleman

contemporary, commanding, and sleek. Character strength and stability are suggested by the dark grey walls and complementary grey carpets. The built-in side tables, matching ceiling bookshelves, and wood platform bed give the contemporary decor a cozy, rustic feel.