Deck and Patio Combination Ideas

Pool, Pergola, Patio

The large patio with wood decking, the campfire, the refreshing dipping pool, and the protective pergola are all right outside your backdoor. To create some seating, include some concrete and wood blocks.

Living Wall with Movable Planters

Consider constructing a living wall if you have a ground-level patio or deck and would like some more privacy. It can give fresh herbs only feet from your kitchen or grill, surround you with flowers, and provide protection from the neighbors. There is no need to worry about forgetting to water on a certain day or losing all of your plants when you go on vacation because the planter boxes are simple to construct and a drip irrigation system provides automatic watering throughout the summer.

Keep Warm With A Luxe Heater

The greatest patio heaters available now come in a wide variety of designs. So, whether you want a decked area or a paved area, you can actually choose the one that fits your space.

In addition to keeping everyone warm, this pyramid design with a center flame tube is absolutely elegant and a feature in and of itself. However, there are many plug-in, electric versions on the market that are really convenient if you don’t fancy a gas-powered design.

White Minimalist

A contemporary, minimalist patio with many charming details. White walls, a pergola made entirely of white, and plain, bare concrete floors. A small sofa, a coffee table made out of wood slices, a few potted plants, and unusual chairs add character.

Planter-Edged Deck

This deck plan includes a ton of contemporary elements and methods for creating first-rate decks, such as planters, lighting suggestions, steps, sturdy materials, privacy screens, and curved rails.

Add A Shade Sail For Year-Round Entertaining

If you put some kind of shelter or cover above your space, you may still use your deck design ideas in rain or shine. This might take the form of a permanent building with a roof, like a pergola, or something as straightforward as a wall-mounted patio awning or shade sail.

These kind of covers will provide you with a ton of sun protection during the summer. When the weather changes in the fall and winter, you can then install a patio heater and continue to enjoy being outside on the decking because the awning will help to trap the heat and keep you warm and comfortable.

Edgy and Wild

a cozy location in the untamed wilderness. Make a personal area for yourself to enjoy without destroying the vegetation’s natural beauty. This patio’s black pergola, wood-themed wall, and stone paver pavement blend perfectly with the surroundings.

Choose Decking Tiles For Easy Installation

By choosing decking tiles, you can have both a deck and a patio if you can’t decide between the two.

The Runnen deck tiles(opens in new tab) from IKEA may be arranged in a beautiful pattern and available in a number of colors. They are simple to install (they simply click together).

Match Your Decking To Your Home’s Architecture

Why not think about extending the roof structure if you’re constructing a new addition to make a protected area for your decking? For a sophisticated and coordinated appearance, match the decking’s color to the wood used on the roof’s underside.

This beautiful patio area serves as an example of how to do it well. The warm wood tones of the decking and ceiling are strikingly contrasted with the timber-clad walls, which are painted a dark gray color to match the dining table and chairs. Additionally, the outdoor lighting suggestions make sure that this area may be enjoyed just as much at night as it can during the day.

A Cosy Lounge

Create a cozy outdoor center out of an odd spot in your garden. A rug, privacy screens, and a pergola are included on this deck to match with the plush rattan outdoor furniture. For color bursts, add some potted plants.

Co-Ordinate Your Patio Furniture

If you’re lucky enough to have a large backyard, it’s a good idea to coordinate the materials, textures, and finishes throughout the area to give the area cohesiveness.

Consider coordinating your garden furniture to bring that level of uniformity to your outside space. Your decking area is a wonderful starting place for this.

Stay On The Deck For Longer With A Fire Pit

You can utilize your outside space for longer months of the year if you add heating to your decking. We adore the seating area and fire pit on this deck.

Need something more compact? You might be able to accommodate additional furniture in your space if you have a patio heater. Even tabletop decorations for the dining table are available.

There is a ton more inspiration in our fire pit ideas for warming up your deck.

Bright Moroccan

The only bright spot in your backyard might be this beautiful patio. The house’s white and blue Moroccan-patterned tile floor and vibrant Moroccan accessories make up for its plain tin roof and dark wood framing.

Combine Decking With Bifold Windows

You’ve definitely heard the phrase “bringing the outdoors in” a LOT when discussing how to combine your interiors and exteriors. In addition to helping your mental health, creating cohesiveness can deceive your mind into believing that your room is bigger than it actually is.

This homeowner chose an oak hardwood deck design to match the oak flooring inside and added a bifold door design to give the space a light, open feel.

When it’s warm enough to open the bifolds, I simply adore having this link with the garden, says Hannah Ashe, who posts pictures of her 1909 Edwardian home on Instagram.

Plan An Outdoor Kitchen

Why not enlarge your decking to accommodate some chic outdoor kitchen ideas so that you can enjoy summertime cooking and dining al fresco? As they appreciate the sunshine, it will keep you conversing with them rather than hiding inside.

Additionally, if you choose a full outdoor kitchen in addition to the best BBQ, you may include a sink and refrigerator as well as storage and preparation space, eliminating the need to frequently visit the home.

In order to provide warmth and atmosphere, there is a fire pit in this garden. When the heat of the fire is not required, it may also serve as a table thanks to its bespoke oak tabletop.

The Backyard Deck

Build a deck that will reach every corner of your small backyard while preserving the surrounding natural scenery to make the most of the space. This backyard has a number of decks connected by walkways, each with a pocket garden.

Build Your Deck Idea Around Nature

This setting is at its best in the spring, making it a delightful and laid-back place to unwind with a glass of rose. It features a gorgeous marble impression garden table, exposed brick walls, and the addition of a deck idea situated under the lovely Yosino cherry blossom tree. Vicky wants the ivy to trail up the wall even after it has been removed, to give it a storybook appearance.

She used White 04, an off-white or soft linen with a tinge of grey, a Lick Home masonry paint, to paint the fences.

For a change, I decided to experiment with something other than Cuprinol. Also take note that this only required one coat of paint, which was applied with a roller and a paintbrush. I decided to save the second coat for the next season.

Create A Private Hideaway

Check out this hidden decking area while we’re on the subject of garden privacy ideas. All the amenities of a living room are provided by the sofas and sleek bar. However, the indoor-outdoor living experience we all desire can be found where there is an abundance of fresh air, sunlight, and a scented lilac.

The perfect decking for this kind of low-maintenance setting is contemporary and warm. You’ll be partially protected from the sun’s rays by an open, wooden structure overhead, which will also look particularly gorgeous if it is decked out in pretty solar-powered pendants.

Rustic Bricks

This contemporary patio is filled with rustic charm. Utilize a lot of bricks, string lights, and wood beams to transform your city backyard into a cozy retreat. Vintage iron seats and iron storm lanterns complete the rustic ambiance.

Add An Accent Deck To A Garden Room Entrance

Consider accent decking ideas if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a huge deck or simply have a little area to cover.

For individuals who don’t want an all-or-nothing decked area and who want to have flexibility in your garden space, this little decking option is ideal.

Even better, it will add a firm platform for your kids or visitors to enter and exit from if you are considering a garden room.