Deck String Lighting Ideas

Lighten Up Your Living Space

Set up cozy outdoor furniture in your backyard, and hang string lights from the ceiling. You’ve just found a new favorite room in the house—this one.

Add String Lights To A Pergola

Consider using the pergola as a handy framework for string lighting if you are thinking about pergola ideas for your backyard.

In the absence of plants or before they have had a chance to grow up and around the structure, they can soften its lines. On a pergola, the lights will also sparkle among the mature climbers’ blossoms and leaves.

If you’re looking for patio lighting ideas, string lights are fantastic, especially if the patio is combined with a pergola because they can give ambient lighting for a seating or dining area.

To be able to see the verticals in the area after dark, you need also use them on other yard buildings like arches and arbors.

DIY Delight

To make it simple to install string lights, Jenna Shaughnessy added wooden poles to her deck and painted the wood to match the stain on the deck. She worked on this project for just an hour, yet the outcome will be significant all year.

Make Your Back Patio Glow

When you suspend string lights over your back patio, the sky is always filled with stars. This relaxing location will be where you want to unwind every day of the week.

Exterior String Lighting

These gorgeous decorative hanging lights make it possible to swim in the pool after sunset. Simple string lights strung between arbor beams create the perfect ambiance for a passionate night swim. A swag patio string light pattern can be made using posts on an outside structure. The task can be completed with just one pair of patio string lights without detracting from the stunning natural surroundings.

Rustic and Relaxed

Chelsea Johnson added string lights to the ceiling of her patio’s dining area to make outdoor dining more festive and useful.

Find a Focal Point

A centralized fixture where all of your lights come together will give your room more symmetry. The pendant could be used as decoration or to add more light.

Outdoor Twinkle Lights

Think again if you believe that your backyard cannot handle ornamental string lights. A few simple DIY fixes can make it happen. On the two corners of their concrete patio, these homeowners placed straightforward wooden pillars to hold string lights. The posts work beautifully for displaying lovely planters and outdoor lanterns for additional lighting, as well as holding up a set of outdoor patio lights. When lit and strung, this area is prepared for entertaining.

Raise the Roof

String lights and an outdoor chandelier were added by Lindi Vanderschaaf to the floating deck she built in her backyard. Here, the string lights create the appearance of a roof, which unifies the area.

Fall in Line

A tidy strand will maintain the area’s aesthetic quality. Then, you can embellish with a variety of trinkets.

Create an Outdoor Room

You don’t have to go huge when using outdoor patio string lights. These little string lights create a sparkle rather than a completely lighted environment. Twinkle lights that are hung carelessly under an arbor or between patio walls serve more as decorations and set the tone for an enjoyable, unwinding evening under the stars. These are also useful for screen porches with an existing primary lighting source.

Cheap and Chic

With just one $4 pole attached to her deck railings, Carrie Higgins created an outdoor haven that she can’t get enough of. It was so easy to do and cost less than a latte! It is replete with string lights.

Freestanding String Lights

Have no existing structure from which to suspend outdoor string lights? Planters anchored at each corner of your patio should be supported by cement posts.

Elegant Work Lights

Who needs dull work lights when you can assemble a classy replacement? The ideal approach to light up your outdoor dining and cooking areas, patio umbrellas, and other places where you need a little additional light at night is with string lights. And here are some more gorgeous outdoor lighting designs.

Simply Beaming

On her back patio, Brittany Merth wrapped string lights around the lovely exposed beams. The final outcome? completely rustic-chic For lovers of Scandinavian design, this aesthetic is ideal.

Lounge by the Chiminea

Try this way for adding illumination if your outdoor seating area is underutilized after dark. Thrifty Decor Chick’s Sarah gives some straightforward suggestions for string lighting installation over an outdoor dining and seating area with a chiminea. She prefers the cozy incandescent lamps from Feit Electric that are suspended on a robust, weatherproof rope.

Best String Lights For Gazebos & Pergolas

Use string lights with an Edison bulb to better define any outdoor covered building, such as a gazebo. A pergola’s comfortable atmosphere is ideal for the warm glow and beautiful appearance of Edison-style bulbs. Consider stringing lights along the outside of your building, or use both perimeter and zigzag strings. You can hang string lights on the sides and across the ceiling, depending on your structure.

Feeling Flowery

Sarah Fogle added a welcome splash of green to her outdoor environment by encasing her light poles in pots, which made them even more useful. The plants also serve as a cover and softener for the more industrial-looking poles.

Host an Outdoor Movie Night

Put a movie projector in place and step away from your screens. All you need to set up an outdoor theater is our ingenious guide, along with some colorful string lights to enhance the atmosphere. We advise using solar-powered fairy lights to go green (available on Amazon). These charming, warm-toned lights can operate for six to eight hours on a full charge and are designed to endure weather conditions.

Best String Lights For Trees

We adore the enchanted atmosphere that a lit-up tree creates in an outdoor area. One tree can be wrapped to keep things simple, or you can go all out and wrap multiple trees on your property. To maintain a classy appearance, try to stick with white lighting. To ensure even lighting, we advise utilizing wide-angle string lights. If the tree gets a lot of sunlight, solar-powered lights are another good energy-efficient choice.