Decorating Ideas For Kitchen Soffits

Molding Border

Install the molding if you built a large kitchen with extensive soffits. Making the kitchen itself elegantly is the best option because it adds to the room’s overall elegance.

You’ll get amazing effects from the molding in many kitchen designs. When choosing paint colors for molding, be realistic. The most common and best color is white.

Fill In The Space With Trim

Trim that runs along the top of your upper cabinets can be used to close any relatively small gaps between them and the ceiling. This results in a unified, integrated appearance and significantly reduced chance of gathering dust. A wonderful tutorial on how to do this can be found at I Heart Organizing.

Bring Out Your Soffit’s Best Side With Paint

There is little effort required for this choice. All you have to do is choose a color that goes with the other elements of your kitchen’s decor and apply it to your soffits. They’ll feel a boost right away, and they’ll burst out more than ever. The ones next to your kitchen cabinets should also be painted if they are visible. Additionally, you are free to use any color you desire to paint the soffit margins.

Thicken The Soffits With Molding

Your kitchen’s soffits will instantly look more opulent thanks to the molding. when the kitchen soffit is less extensive. Crown molding will make the space look nicer. Give your kitchen a far more stylish and opulent appearance by placing the soffit only over the cabinets rather than hiding the entire structure.

Fill In The Space With A Furr Down

Down furr? Describe a furr down. This odd-sounding term describes any area of a house where the ceiling height has been lowered by installing a dropped ceiling made of framework and drywall. Furr downs frequently serve a very useful purpose: Architects will use them to cover ductwork or pipes. Yet another request for a furr down? sealing off the area above the kitchen cabinets. Depending on how it is done, this can occasionally look a little clunky, but it can also provide really attractive results. A furred out wall above the cabinets creates a very contemporary, sleek appearance in the modern kitchen pictured above.

Add Some Charm With Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to dressing up kitchen soffits, kitchen cabinets are really helpful. The benefit of this approach is that it doesn’t require a lot of time or resources. It only requires utilizing a stud finder to install cabinets by screwing them to the ceiling. This technique has the advantage of allowing you to arrange the contents of your cabinets at any height while yet making it simple for you to reach them.

Use Wallpapers

To achieve the majority of the style, you can employ a variety of wallpaper. With some fashionable accents, you can finish the borders. You may use wallpaper with a funky geometric pattern. You have the option of choosing any color to embellish your kitchen soffits because these are available in an infinite number of tints and designs.

Add a Window

Another remedy for that uncomfortable gap? Put in a window! This is a terrific option to add light to your kitchen, but it will only work for specific architectural styles (and remodeling your kitchen doesn’t necessarily give you permission to cut into the walls).

Use Ceiling Tiles As Kitchen Soffits

Using ceiling tiles is another simple but effective technique to liven up the soffits of your kitchen. It is also simple to install. You have a variety of options when it comes to decorating your kitchen soffits because you can purchase them in a variety of styles and designs. Simply apply sticky putty or double-sided tape on the back of the tiles, use rubbing alcohol to adhere them to the ceiling, and allow the adhesive to dry. Additionally, you can mix and match various tiles for a more fascinating appearance.

Kitchen Antiques

Your vintage kitchen accessories will look their best displayed on the soffit above the cabinets. When arranged in a row on a kitchen soffit, a tarnished egg beater, cooking equipment with polished wooden handles, vintage advertising signs, porcelain molds, or old wicker buckets all resemble sculptures.

Get Some Really Tall Upper Cabinets

Since there is no standard for the distance between your countertop and the bottom of your upper cabinets, raising your upper cabinets till they reach the ceiling is one way to address the cabinet gap problem. To increase your storage space, you can choose taller-than-average cabinets, add an open shelf below the cabinets like in this kitchen from A Beautiful Mess, or allow additional space between the countertop and the cabinets.

Light It Up! (Use LED Ceiling Lights)

LED ceiling lights are excellent at creating an atmosphere in any room of your home that a standard ceiling light cannot. You can easily choose one that would look excellent in your kitchen area because to the broad variety of colors and styles available. They are ideal for enhancing the lighting in your cabinets or counters as well.

Play with Materials

A bulkhead can further categorize the kitchen space, but the materials can also define the separation. The bulkhead below is a superb design with recessed lighting and wooden slats, making it a perfect match for warm, luxurious sofas.

Add A Second Row Of Cabinets

Consider installing a second row of cabinets if you dislike the look of extremely tall cabinets or if your ceiling is too high for even the tallest cabinets to fit. More often than not, a row of cabinets with a second, shorter row piled above will look more proportional. This is a fantastic idea to add more storage, but unless you have extraordinarily long arms, you should definitely keep the top cabinets to items you don’t use frequently.

Add Some Charm With Decorative Wood Trim

Using ornamental wood trim, you may spruce up the soffits of your kitchen. The wood trim kitchen soffits not only allow for unlimited customization, but they also lend a natural accent, allowing you to create a more imaginative look for the ceiling of your kitchen than is feasible with standard paint. For an additional touch of beauty without going crazy, you can install hardwood kitchen counters.

Tile The Soffits

Your kitchen’s soffit will look more modern thanks to the addition of tiles, which also give it a lovely structure and color. If your backsplash is tiled, you can use the same product for the soffit to give your kitchen a continuous appearance. In contrast to stone tile, which has a more formal appearance, ceramic tiles in a striking color or pattern may make your kitchen soffit appear inviting.

Paint The Wall The Same Color As The Cabinets

If the cabinets and the wall behind them are painted the same color, the gap above them will be less obvious. An unusually big space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling in this Oakland loft is taken advantage of as a chance for a little creativity.

Explore Your Options With Custom Decorative Ceilings

Custom ornamental ceilings are the best option if you want to give your kitchen a distinctive appearance! These can be created using a variety of materials, including cloth, metal, and wood. They can also cost a little bit more than standard ceiling tiles and fluorescent lights because they are created specifically to each client’s requirements.

Place Plants

Whether you enjoy growing plants indoors or are a fan of the outdoors. Soffits can be used for this purpose, which is still another excellent concept for you. Plants can be hung directly on the soffit if you don’t have higher cabinets. Adding plants will instantly give your kitchen a lovely, natural appearance.

Embrace it

If none of these alternatives appeal to you or renovating is simply out of the question, think about learning to live with that annoying old cabinet gap. Use it as storage or a work of art, or go with another idea from this post’s list of seven inventive above-cabinet ideas.