Dresser Drawer Painting Ideas

Chalk Painted Dresser Makeover

Dressers and cabinets that have been chalk painted have a smooth, tidy, and impressive finish. Working on a modest item first, like a wooden tray, is advised for people just getting started with chalk paint projects before tackling a full dresser or cabinet.

Team Paint With Wallpaper

At Ideal Home, we enjoy decorating, and painting your dresser is the ideal chance to experiment with a fresh wallpaper-paint combination. Try it at the back of your dresser or inside your cabinet for a more modest yet amusing approach if you’re not bold enough to put it all over your wall.

Since you’ll be more likely to show off the interior if it’s wallpapered, don’t forget to paint your doors inside and out with the same stylishness you’d use for the rest of your dresser. A great method to make kitchen pantry ideas stand out is to design stylish food storage and larders that people will adore.

Gray Dresser For The Guestroom

For only $100, a plain basement guest room was given a makeover that included a gray painted dresser with new knobs.

Under The Sea Dresser Makeover

You can use so many different hues of blue when painting a dresser, making it one of the easiest paint tasks you might undertake.

You have the opportunity to incorporate some intriguing patterns with the beneath the sea theme, and it will harmonize the entire ensemble. For those who enjoy an aquatic vibe, it works wonderfully.

Show Off A Standout Colour

Any size dresser can be given some heft by being painted in a particularly striking color or pattern. Here, a vivid candy pink has been utilized to create a feminine appeal, and a few dining chairs have been painted the same color to bring everything together.

If you want to make a bold statement with your dresser, paint the entire thing. If you’re not so daring, paint just a few drawers, the dresser’s frame, or even the shelves.

IKEA Rast With Farmhouse Style

Ikea furniture is perfect for makeovers because it’s affordable and adaptable to any type of decor. The ideal illustration is this work in the farmhouse style. It becomes a distinctive standout piece with the addition of the white trim.

DIY Black Painted Dresser Makeover

Since quite some time, black paint has been a popular color, and it appears that this trend will continue for some time to come. For anyone wishing to repaint antique dressers or chests in the garage, this is fantastic.

It’s important to move slowly and make sure that every aspect of the dresser is painted correctly because black might be a little challenging to deal with. To prevent any stains or missing places, you should use a decent brush and apply numerous thin coats of paint.

Create A Vintage Vibe

If a sleek, clean design isn’t your thing, why not give your dresser a thorough paint job and a good cleaning to achieve that trendy distressed effect? A

Whether you go for a clean, contemporary style in a popular color or something more understated and classic, paint has to be one of the simplest ways to transform a space from drab to spectacular. To keep furniture in peak shape, all you need is the best paint for furniture.

If you’re interested in experimenting, Annie Sloan makes a nice selection of paints, wax, lacquer, and glazes as well as brushes and tools made expressly for this kind of job.

Beautiful Timeless Painted Dresser

Find out how to paint a dresser in a rich gray neutral color for a classic appearance. It is really simple to use this blended approach.

DIY Painted Dresser Makeover

Those who aren’t in the mood to acquire new furniture can always opt for a makeover. This dresser is already in the bedroom, but if the knobs are changed and some new accents are placed on top, it would look quite different.

The benefit of this renovation is that it won’t cost you a lot of money. It is therefore a project that is affordable.

Stencil A Geometric Pattern

Create a new look for a chest of drawers by stenciling a geometric design. Make a triangular stencil to cover the drawers after painting the exterior a stylish shade of grey. In a bedroom, pink and grey make a soothing combination. To give your piece more depth, experiment with combining different paint finishes, such as satin, matt, and gloss.

Antique Dresser Makeover

When it was purchased at an auction, this solid wood dresser was old and weathered. It was given new life with a fresh coat of blue and white paint.

Paint Stripes Dresser Makeover

Painting on stripes is one method to give your furniture makeover a distinctive and fun touch.

You can use three distinct colors, as we did on this dresser, or you can even add more complexity by using a paintbrush to add different patterns and accents.

The best part about painting stripes on furniture is that it can be used on both new and old pieces, regardless of their age.

Fake Mother Of Pearl Inlay

Mother of Pearl inlay is without a doubt magnificent, but furniture with such elaborate designs frequently comes with a heavy price tag to match.

Why not use paint methods to make a fake of your own? Black will make your inlay pattern stand out dramatically if you paint your furniture in a base color. Then, to mimic classic inlay motifs, stencil or freehand delicate floral and leaf patterns using silver paint.

Dominique Malacarne used Annie Sloan’s Pearlescent Glaze to provide the lovely gloss after using white chalk paint to create the inlay design in this instance.

Whale Painted Dresser

It’s so much fun to decorate kid’s bedroom because you may add wacky painted furniture. On this pretty blue dresser, I adore the whale accent.

Ranch Painted Dresser

This look is a personal touch that you develop for yourself rather than fitting into any certain style or design. Ranch-style painting, which entails rolling on paint with two different hues of the same shade, was used to paint this dresser.

We advise choosing a lighter brown tint for the interior of your dresser and the interior compartments while keeping the exterior white.

Create An Ombre Effect

Makeover a worn-out dresser into something stylish by applying a striking ombre pattern. Paint each drawer a little darker after starting at the top with the lightest color. Use the darkest color to paint the base and legs. This is a fantastic way to finish off test pots!

Blue Milk Paint Dresser

Using a lovely blue milk paint, this worn-out hefty dresser received a fresh makeover. Don’t you just adore how this fits beneath the bed so perfectly?

Mint Green Painted Dresser

This bedroom dresser makeover uses green as the primary color, so it would look best in a space with other green features or accents.

This design stands out even more because it incorporates two different hues of green to create the gradient effect.

Have Fun With Stencils

Use fan-shaped stencils to create a glitzy Art Deco-inspired pattern. Remove all knobs, handles, and hardware. Choose a foundation color for your piece of furniture, then paint it and let it dry.

Next, neatly replicate your theme over the doors from right to left using a stencil and flat stencil brush. On a background of feminine powder pink, metallic gold creates a sumptuous appearance.