Farmhouse Vaulted Ceiling Fireplace

During the Fall and Winter, there is something infinitely reassuring about a crackling fire that creates a cozy atmosphere in your home. Vaulted ceilings create a special balance between coziness and space. Some of the most endearing architectural designs you may create include homes with fireplaces and vaulted ceilings.

This lovely appearance offers the ideal setting for family get-togethers, seasonal decorations, and even a range of styles. Depending on your own preferences, these classic styles can be fashioned to appear conventional, modern, farmhouse, or even transitional. Any of these decorating and interior design ideas we’ve gathered will undoubtedly improve your home’s appearance!

Modern Farmhouse with Fireplace and Vaulted Ceilings

This contemporary farmhouse has white brick fireplaces and vaulted ceilings with grey-toned wood beams. On either side, built-in shelving and cupboards are adorned with vases, framed artworks, and potted plants. A round coffee table with white sofas is surrounded by a patterned rug on the floor.

Use Metal Supports As A Beam Alternative

The wood floors and paneling in this farmhouse-style living room give it a rustic feel, but it lacks the ‘heaviness’ of big wooden beams. Instead, there are metal rods running the length of the vaulted ceiling, which gives the space a lighter appearance and enables the enormous lantern to stand out.

Construct a Rustic Oasis

The kind of styles that go so well together will surprise you. This room already has a beachy vibe, but the 17th-century ceiling lends it a twist. The tile on the fireplace adds a Spanish-inspired touch, and the two décor styles meet in the middle, creating a rustic and individualized atmosphere.

Fireplace with Vaulted Ceiling and Chevron Shiplap

This living room is well-lit by two sizable windows. A dark wood vaulted ceiling supports a brick fireplace with a chevron shiplap chimney. In front of the fireplace, there is a wire basket side table, a plant, and a white rug.

Vaulted Ceilings Can Create Height for a Feature Fireplace

Including a focal fireplace is a terrific design choice to maximize high vaulted ceilings.

Achieve That Dreamy Cali Vibe

Your quest is done if you’re looking for a single image that captures California cool. As demonstrated here, a cathedral ceiling encourages the use of all things light, airy, and breezy. The black fireplace, rods, and sconces contrast beautifully with the white walls and simple furnishings.

Shiplap Living Room with Brick Fireplace

White shiplap vaulted ceilings and a matching chimney over a brick fireplace embellish this well-lit living room. The space is framed on either side by two built-in cupboards and shelves, and its length is filled with light hardwood floors. Around a coffee table in the shape of a trunk, a sofa and white armchairs are grouped.

White Vaulted Ceiling Design for Living Room

Above a brightly lighted living room, this tall white ceiling is constructed with shiplap and substantial white beams. A tufted coffee table and a beige sofa are positioned above a wagon wheel chandelier that swings from the ceiling. The opposing wall has a wood mantle above a brick fireplace.

Rich Warm Wood

Similar to this, a warm, rich wood beam choice would make for a gorgeous vaulted ceiling design. This vaulted ceiling style provides a traditional and rustic character that seems very cozy and endearing. We also enjoy how this area decided to use wood that is remarkably similar throughout to establish a theme.

Vaulted Ceiling and Stone Fireplace Living Room

In this inviting living area, the floor-to-ceiling fireplace made of light stone commands attention. Both sides are framed by built-in cupboards and shelves that are adorned with vases, books, and trinkets. A dark wood ribbed vaulted ceiling supports a grey couch and armchair.

Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling

On either side of a stone fireplace, two sizable windows in this living area provide lighting. A wagon wheel-style light fixture is placed over a beige couch and hangs from the vaulted ceiling’s huge wood beams and white shiplap. A natural brown rug covers the dark tile floors.

Low Ambient Ceiling

The next choice is this ambiance vaulted ceiling, which is quite comfy for anyone dealing with a low ceiling. You can still have a vaulted ceiling in your home even if your ceiling isn’t 25 feet high. We appreciate how the vaulted beams in this space were matched to the other wood features to maintain the warm wood feel.

Vaulted Ceiling with Wood Beams and Skylights

White shiplap is present on the vaulted ceiling of this sizable space. The area above a living room with a brown leather couch is adorned with wood beams and a skylight. Between two enormous windows with benches, there is a tile fireplace with a wood mantel.

White and Wood Beam Vaulted Ceiling

Over white shiplap walls, hardwood floors, and a white vaulted ceiling are enormous, rustic wood beams. In front of a cozy, brown leather couch, on the back wall, is a fireplace with a wood mantel and whitewashed bricks. A long dining table made of wood is topped with an arrangement of glass jugs and black seats, all of which are suspended from an iron light fixture.

High Narrow Ceiling

We have this vaulted design if you have a high, slender ceiling. When it comes to a vaulted ceiling, designing a small area can seem difficult, but you can see here that it is doable. We advise selecting a striking light fixture or light/fan combination like the one in this illustration.

Living Room With Stone Fireplace and Vaulted Ceiling

This living room’s enormous stone fireplace is illuminated by contemporary windows with dark frames. Wooden beams support a wagon wheel-shaped light fixture that swings from the high ceiling. In the middle of a set of dark armchairs and grey upholstered couches is a sizable tufted leather coffee table.

Vaulted Ceiling Design with Skylights

This house features a long, open-concept living area and kitchen. The entire length of the space is covered in hardwood floors and skylights in the vaulted ceilings. A brick fireplace and built-in cabinets are in front of a brown leather couch and two contemporary white armchairs.

Studio Apartment

For anyone working with a smaller apartment-style room, here is a vaulted ceiling idea. Although this design is on the simpler side, it still has painted beams that give the room the illusion of being larger than it actually is. The best thing you can do in a limited space is use design strategies like these to make it appear larger.

Vaulted Ceiling with Fireplace

Tall vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows in this well-lit living area illuminate the warm wooden floors. A wide round mirror and a sizable whitewashed stone chimney embellish a shiplap-covered fireplace with a wooden mantle. With a rustic coffee table, a huge white rug supports a light grey sectional.

Kitchen and Living Room Vaulted Ceiling Design Ideas

This kitchen sink offers a view of a living area with tall vaulted ceilings and aged wood beams. The white couch is topped with a wagon wheel lamp fixture, and the far wall has a fireplace and built-in bookcases.