Finish Garage Walls Ideas

Mural as a Garage Wall Covering for a Personalized Look

This Mediterranean-style garage features a big wall area. And a mural covers the vast part of it.

The mural is one of the most effective methods for covering a garage wall since it is simple to install and adaptable enough to go with any kind of architecture.

This garage’s mural has a picture of a race car, which is a fitting choice for a garage. This mural can serve as a backdrop for the other components in this garage because it has a monochromatic color scheme.

The homeowners also use a white painted slat to cover the garage wall on the other side of the wall. The owners installed some hooks and wall cupboards on this slat garage wall covering to serve as a storage area.

In a garage like this, having two distinct wall coverings will serve both aesthetic and practical purposes.

Modern Black and White Garage

Try to imitate this contemporary garage’s black-painted garage walls. Similarly, the dramatic atmosphere is accentuated by the matte black walls and ceiling, which exude serious refinement.

Additionally, the garage floor has a sparkling surface thanks to the high-gloss black paint. The flooring is so slick that it helps avoid accidental slips.

In this illustration, the parking place is delineated with various black paints. Recessed LED lights illuminate the black luxury car while preserving the sleek appearance of the garage.

Last but not least, this contemporary garage is painted a stark white-gray color.

Have A Slatwall Storage System Installed

Wouldn’t it be good if there was a product that met both the storage and interior design criteria, considering how useful a garage’s walls are?

Such a thing exists and is known as slatwall. The greatest wall-mounted garage storage option on the market, our slatwall panels and hanging accessories give garages a neat, finished appearance.

Installing durable, hygienic, and weatherproof PVC slatwall panels in your garage is part of this full wall hanging system.

This wall hanging system makes use of a wide range of hooks, racks, baskets, bins, and shelves to keep your garage tidy and increase its storage capacity. Slatwall makes it simpler to rearrange your stored goods than other wall storage systems, like pegboard.

Functional Slat Wall Covering for a Garage as Extra Storage

It is advised that you install a slat wall covering with hooks if you also keep bikes in your garage.

In a slat wall like this, installing hooks is simpler. You can conserve more space in this method. Only autos may use the floor space to its maximum capacity. What a clever way to spruce up a little garage.

Additionally, you can use hooks to hang other random items on your slat wall covering. A slat wall with hooks is a terrific organizer. You won’t trip over your belongings when using this to access them.

Never consider using a slat wall as a covering to be monotonous. Slat walls are actually offered in a variety of hues. It can be painted, just like concrete.

Slat walls are typically built of wood, though. Make sure to add a coat or a sealant before painting them. It’s because painting wood directly won’t help because wood can absorb moisture.

This garage wall covering, on the other hand, is composed of cellular PVC. If you want less expensive solutions, it’s a superior substitute for wood. Additionally, this PVC slat wall is cleanable. Simply hose it off if it gets soiled.

Modern Garage Paint Ideas with Gray Cabinetry

The garage’s navy blue walls give the room a sense of depth. They provide the contemporary garage a more appealing and upscale air.

Navy blue walls are made to stand out by the white ceiling, louvered door, and base molding. The vibrantly colored walls mix with the largely gray cabinets in the meanwhile.

Additionally, the gray garage cabinetry and flooring create a unified appearance. Additionally, the contemporary garage is spruced up with snappy splashes of pink and green.

Invest In A Custom Cabinet System

Another clever technique to maximize the space on your garage walls is to install storage cabinets. A superior cabinet system that can be tailored to complement the rest of your interior design is worth the extra money.

The cabinet system in the image above was modified to be entirely wall-mounted, giving it a “floating” appearance that really jumps out. By placing drawers behind the lockers on the left, Garage Living further modified the concept.

Compared to any cheap cabinets you might buy online or in a big-box store, high-quality cabinet systems will last longer, are constructed with higher quality materials, and simply offer a garage a more impressive, professional aspect.

Cabinets give you more alternatives for garage storage and give you a place to store items so they are hidden, well-organized, and locked up. Cabinet storage is perfect for hand tools, power tools, cleaning supplies, auto care items, and gardening equipment.

Additionally, custom cabinets can improve your garage in ways other than just adding storage space. They have specialized features like the ability to attach a TV or add a sink, and they can be utilized as garage workshops.

The Idea of Using Wallpaper for a Garage Wall Covering

This was a contemporary garage, according to the architect, with standard sheetrock walls.

The majority of individuals are curious as to what distinguishes sheetrock from drywall.

Actually, both are the same. The brand name is Sheetrock, and the two terms are frequently used interchangeably.

Wallboard is another name for drywall. Gypsum, asbestos cement board, wood pulp, and plywood are all part of it. Due to its excellent acoustic and thermal qualities, drywall is one of the most widely used materials for garage wall covering.

Actually, utilizing drywall merely to cover the walls of the garage is sufficient. However, the designer determined that using wallpaper to hide the drywall would be preferable.

It’s possible that the homeowners wanted a totally covered garage with wallpaper so they could decorate it whatever they wanted.

The size suggests that this garage is actually fairly little. It won’t help the place look bigger to use wallpaper with such a dark tone.

But there’s no denying that this wallpaper features a beautiful scene. It provides a beautiful view, giving this tiny, completely contained space a sense of the outdoors.

The homeowners added a lot of lights to the ceiling to combat the gloom the wallpaper creates. These lights are great for illuminating the entire space and giving the illusion that it is brighter than it is.

Monochromatic Garage with Warm Accents

Speaking of contemporary garage paint ideas, using various gray tones is unquestionably a wise choice. They will therefore simultaneously provide a sense of cohesion, energy, and masculinity in the garage.

Custom cabinetry that adopt a lighter gray tone stand out against medium-toned gray walls. Additionally, you can see a few dark gray garage mats.

They also safeguard the floor of this contemporary garage.

Various-sized downlights keep the garage appearing bright at night. The nearby Ducati motorcycle matches the red dustpan and portable cabinet.

They also neutralize everything gray.

Install Wall Lighting

The garage traditionally hasn’t had a lot of wall illumination. That is progressively changing as more homeowners adopt new ways of thinking and acknowledge that their garage deserves to be as attractive as the rest of their house.

Although adding lighting to the garage walls can support your primary overhead lighting, it is more likely to be done for aesthetic purposes and to make the space appear cozier.

In order to make the slatwall panels even more distinct and eye-catching, LED ribbon lighting has been included into some of Garage Living’s remodeling projects. The illumination can be turned on remotely as well as when the garage door opens.

Other wall lighting options include adding sconces to the space to change the appearance and add extra atmosphere.

Wood Paneling Garage Wall Covering for a Rustic Look

To give your garage a rustic appearance, wood paneling is the finest wall covering.

Wood provides a variety of alternatives, much like other materials. It comes in a wide variety of species and varieties. Redwood and cedar, however, are the most often utilized wood varieties for wall paneling.

This garage looks to be covered by a horizontal tongue and groove wall panel. Despite having a mild wood tone, the wood panel is finished with dark trim.

This combination gives the small garage a gloomy appearance that makes it slightly unsettling. Additionally, the wall covering and trim are also dark, merging with the floor as well.

The most rational solution to this issue is to increase the amount of lighting.

To combat the darkness in this garage, the designer added recessed ceiling lights. Despite its gloomy appearance, wood panels are regarded for being efficient because they don’t need to be mudded or taped at the joints.

The wood panel allows you to connect storage items like hooks or shelves, much like the PVC slat wall does. However, wood panels typically require additional support between pre-existing studs.

Harley Davidson Garage Paint Ideas

Automotive paint colors are among the contemporary garage paint ideas. Any fan of Harley Davidson will undoubtedly enjoy this space.

The garage walls’ upper portions were painted orange by the homeowner. They maintain the garage’s appearance as a result.

The lowest portions of the walls are composed of two hues of gray, white, and black.

In order to unify the contemporary garage, the flooring here sports shades of black, gray, and vibrant orange. Orange and blue components are balanced with gray cabinetry.

The garage is finished off with wall decorations inspired by Harley Davidson.

Hang Garage Wall Art

If you’re spending the time and money to rebuild your garage, you’ll want it to showcase your unique style.

Add framed images or other artwork that represents one of your loves, whether it’s a vehicle brand, a beloved sports team, or anything else, to achieve this in a number of ways.

For instance, the garage in the image above makes use of the Designer Series’ Performance theme from Garage Living. The owner is a die-hard fan of the Ferrari brand and drives one.

The garage has a striking appearance that brilliantly compliments the owner’s luxury vehicles and displays their passion for the carmaker, thanks in part to the Ferrari photos on the walls, the red paint on the walls, and the red and black cabinets.

Avoid going overboard with your garage wall art. The wall shouldn’t appear overly crowded with images because that could make the space appear visually overcrowded.

Resawn Douglas Fir Garage Wall Covering for a Transitional Look

This transitional garage has shiplap walls made of Douglas fir that has been resawn. The designer claims that the pattern in the wood was unintentional.

The Douglas Fir secretes tannin, just like other types of wood. And in order to avoid this, individuals should first treat the wood panel with a tanning stain blocking coat.

The tanning block was not used in this instance. As a result, the final coat allows the tannin or bleed-out that you can see in this wall covering to penetrate.

Applying the tanning block before finishing your Douglas fir wood panel wall covering is the proper course of action if you find the design to be endearing and lovely. Olympic’s “Outside White” solid color stain serves as the finish itself.

The panel will first seem white. However, the tannins will eventually (no more than a few months) naturally soak through. White trim completes this Doug Fir wood panel. Both result in a gentle, organic appearance.

Below the window, on one side of the wall, is a darker wood surface that could be a seat or storage. If you contrast the light item with the dark floor, the combo will work beautifully.

Modern Garage Paint Ideas for Chevrolet Enthusiasts

Try this if you enjoy vintage Chevron automobiles. The garage in this instance is inspired by the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

As expected, the contemporary garage is decorated in red, white, and black.

It is a wise choice to combine downlights and rectangular ceiling lights with white-painted surfaces. They all contribute to the garage’s airy vibe.

The sleek cabinets and black stool provide a lot of drama. The garage is instantly unified and warmed by bright red accents.

Go Retro With Vintage Garage Wall Signs

A cheap and easy method to give your garage space a completely new vibe is to add a dash of old-cool school.

Old-fashioned advertising signs and posters, especially those with an automotive theme, give the neighborhood a vintage vibe that evokes the time when the neighborhood garage served as the hub of many small communities.

Searching through antique shops and collectors fairs can be a terrific method to find a few real artifacts, however you will likely have to pay more for them. To save money, you can get a similar look by looking online for replica vintage-style signs that give off the same retro vibe but cost much less.

Black Metal Wall Covering for a Modern Look

Metal panels are an excellent alternative to wood panels for a garage wall covering, despite the fact that they might not be as common.

Metal will always give you an urban style, a minimalist look that is frequently connected with a current and trendy style, therefore it works well in a modern atmosphere.

The matte black finish on the metal panel complements the cabinets on one side of the wall and is a dark tone.

Applying metal wall covering to the full wall of your garage may not be effective due to its high cost.

Even in this project, the designer only uses one side of the metal panel.

One of the walls has a typical painting on the other side. To contrast the dark metal panel, the ceiling, and the cabinet, the remaining portion of the wall is painted white.

The metal panel’s blackness is offset by the white floor and wall.

Every component of this garage has a single color, giving it the monochromatic aspect, which is common in modern architecture.

Neutral Garage with Classic Cars

It would be wise to replicate this contemporary industrial carport. It also features various neutral garage hues.

LED track lights are supported by sloped ceilings painted white. They make it possible for vintage cars of various colors to command attention.

The garage’s flooring is made of big concrete tiles that reduce slipping. They also mix with the metallic gray garage doors.

The vaulted ceiling gives this contemporary garage a light, airy feel. The dark green trim, however, breaks up the monotony and draws attention to the garage doors.

Use Blue to Create Your Cool, Calm Zone

Even though we all adore our families, most of us have at some point wished that there was a place in the house where we could escape them, even if just for five minutes.

Perhaps you’ve even entered your garage previously, expecting for a little escape from the chaos of family life, only to discover that the drab, lifeless room offers little to improve your mood.

While you might not have enough room to transform your entire garage into a peaceful retreat, you can make it considerably more calm by painting the walls blue.

Whatever your motivations for spending time in that garage, you can be sure to feel peaceful and relaxed while you’re there thanks to the tranquil atmosphere that colors like KILZ Mountain Stream can produce.

Gray-painted Garage Wall Covering to Create a Transitional Look

Do not consider garage wall covering to be as ornate as storage cupboards, metal or wood panels. Sometimes it’s best to maintain a low profile and be modest. You may paint your wall and use it as a wall covering at the same time.

Painting is actually thought to be the most adaptable garage wall covering because you may select a specific paint color that matches both the style of your garage and, of course, your own personal style.

The owners of this transitional garage painted every wall a gentle gray hue, an alternative to white.

You can paint the walls in your garage a soft gray color if you believe that the white painted wall will just make it appear too sterile.

A white ceiling and baseboard complement the soft gray painted walls to create an ultra-modern appearance.

But there are also double-hung windows with wooden barn-style shutters. The antique aesthetic of this wooden shutter contrasts strangely with the contemporary soft gray wall covering.

However, the mix of a neutral color scheme and traditional style shutters creates a completely fresh, transitional appearance.

You can hang decorations like banners on the wall to beautify the plain wall covering.

The project’s designer additionally added a basket. Without a doubt, basketball games take place in this garage when all the cars are not in use. Such a functional garage.

Modern Garage Paint Ideas with Arched Windows

Black and gray are not the only masculine wall colors. With the blue paint, you may create a macho mood in your garage.

The Volkswagen Beetle automobile and the deep blue floor tiles are complemented by the room’s vivid blue walls. The Ferrari in yellow gives the scene additional vigor.