Fireplace Facade Ideas

Create a Focal Point With an Exposed Brick Fireplace

An exposed brick fireplace is the best option when it comes to a traditional fireplace design. It’s a design that works for both old and modern homes, and in the proper house, uncovering your brickwork is a relatively simple task.

Keep in mind that the brick may not be what you expect or be in the best shape before you start removing plaster to reveal the brick beneath. Although it’s a calculated risk, you might find yourself searching for a plasterer to reinstall the wall.

Brick slips, which are thinly cut brick tiles that, when attached to a wall, will look exactly like real brick, are another option if you believe the brick in your home isn’t up to par.

Consider Patterned Cement Tile

On her site Centsational Style, Kate, an enthusiastic renovator and decorator, has been dispensing professional interior design advice for almost ten years. Here, she describes how stunningly patterned cement tile was used to transform this fireplace, which was erected in the 1980s. With the aid of 1/4 inch gaps, 34 eight-inch square tiles were required to complete the task. She removed the original drywall mantel before beginning. She added a new wood mantel after laying the new tile.

Exposed Brick

In this quaint Craftsman home, when the Fixer Upper crew took down a wall, they discovered the original fireplace underneath and chose to maintain it as a distinctive design feature. goals, yes?

Paint the Fireplace the Same Colour as the Walls

A fireplace surround typically serves as a neutral, if not overpowering, accent in a space due to its size and boxy shape. However, not every room responds in this way.

It’s a fascinating strategy to paint the fireplace surround the same color as the walls since it pushes this imposing figure into the background while yet maintaining the fireplace’s framing shape and feel.

The block of color will be broken up for a beautiful effect if mantelpiece ideas are included with this design, such as complementary books, objects, or even a mirror.

Moroccan Concrete Tiles in Bold Patterns

With the addition of a new fireplace covered in Moroccan concrete tiles in an eye-catching geometric design, Veneer Designs, based in Los Angeles, California, improved the trendy, bohemian atmosphere of this living area.

On-Trend Tile

Today’s tile style possibilities are incredibly stylish. Modern designs with subdued color schemes provide a dynamic texture and a splash of personality.

Modernise a Fireplace with Colour Pop

A splash of color will instantly modernize any fireplace, and it works well in this newly remodeled farmhouse.

The antique stove and stone hearth in the small living room ideas expertly balance each other’s historical details, and no changes to the space can’t be undone to return it to its original style.

Paint Your Old Brick Fireplace a Bold Color

Paint your fireplace, which is made of ancient red brick, a striking color to change things up at home. The Suburb Experiment’s talented do-it-yourselfer Jennifer used paint to simulate Staffordshire brick, which is a stunning shade of blue. The secret to this endeavor is that the bricks are tinted rather than completely covered in flat color. The blogger made the project by mixing four parts water with one part blue paint, one part white paint, and one part blue paint. She next used a brush to apply the handmade color wash to each brick. She then used a clean, dry rag to wipe away the extra paint before the paint had a chance to cure.

Wallpaper Surround

An inexpensive method to quickly add some color? Wallpaper! For a brand-new appearance, dress up the area above the mantel.

Consider a Stone Fireplace

An elegant, all-natural style can be achieved by using stone fireplace designs. The best material for a fireplace surround is natural stone. You may use it as your surround without worrying about damage because of its natural resistance to heat and ability to sustain temperatures of up to 300oC, according to Hege Lundh, marketing director at Lundhs Real Stone (opens in new tab).

“It is also incredibly easy to maintain and so easy to clean. If you are working with an open fire, consider placing a slab of natural stone in front as your hearth as well as this will not only tie the whole aesthetic together but it will also serve as a good protection from any debris from the fire.”

Create a Dramatic Fireplace With a Marble Slab

In this Australian residence restored by Watts Studio, a conventional fireplace is transformed into a contemporary focal point by a stunning block of charcoal marble. The hearth pad is visible. From the same slab, it was sliced. The low profile furnishings add to the room’s dramatic yet simple design. The red velvet armchair adds a vibrant flash of color to liven things up.

Add a Splash of Colour with a Tiled Fireplace

The built-in shelving, the firewood storage, or the elegant rustic reclaimed wood mantel are all aspects of this design that we adore.

“We would suggest a gap of at least 100mm is maintained from the stove body to any non-combustible materials to aid the convection of heat out of any fireplace. Squeezing too large a stove into a small opening is an often repeated mistake and should be avoided.”

These pale blue tiles (from Walls and Floors(opens in new tab)) have raw edges for a rustic finish that blends perfectly with the exposed brick and black painted walls.

Porcelain Tile That Resembles Natural Wood

Make use of tiled fireplace ideas to add color and material variety to a space. “Tiling is a common choice, particularly for homes with character. Ceramic tiles are heat-resistant and long-lasting, making them the ideal material for any fireplace. They give the homeowner an unmatched range of styles because they are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes, according to Jon Butterworth of Arada.

This large home was renovated by Phase 2 Builders of San Francisco, California. The ceramic tile surround of the new gas fireplace looks like reclaimed wood.

Change Position with a Gas Fireplace

By placing exquisite driftwood around your fireplace, you may evoke the calm of the ocean.

When compared to stoves and open flames, which can frequently feel like a full-time effort to keep lit and warm, gas fires are wonderfully convenient. A cosy fire can be started with the press of a button, or even remotely, and they are simple to install in a connected home.

When compared to stoves and open flames, which can frequently feel like a full-time effort to keep lit and warm, gas fires are wonderfully convenient. A cosy fire can be started with the press of a button, or even remotely, and they are simple to install in a connected home.

Much depends on the choices of the homeowners for height and location (with units such as this which require no recess). Although it may seem like there are countless options, fireplaces are actually best placed in smaller rooms like snugs or sitting areas in open-plan settings.

Stone Fireplace Surround Made of Natural Stone

As seen in this example by Toronto, Canada-based Jodie Rosen Interior Design, you can create a stone fireplace surround for a lot less money than you might imagine by using stacked stone panels made of real stone, such as marble. These panels are far less expensive to purchase than whole stone bricks because they are only around an inch thick.

Stone Stunner

Beautiful stone is still one of the most popular materials for fireplaces because it is cozy and inviting. We adore the way the hygge-inspired bedroom’s warm dcor is complemented by this stunning display of piled stone.

Use Cladding for a Feature Fireplace

Fireplaces can be covered in a variety of unique materials to add visual appeal to your room.

Using a material like tough granite or quartz, like Sensa from Cosentino, which allows you to create the appearance of a dramatic slab of stone in one piece while keeping the lovely veining and preventing visual breaks, is one smart concept.

Two Sided Feature Wall With Built-in Fireplace

With the help of a geometric tile surround that also serves as a feature wall, a small electric fireplace made by California-based interior designer Lynn K. Leonidas becomes a striking focal point. The fireplace and the two side tile walls give two different rooms in the house atmosphere, warmth, and style.