Freestanding Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Lacking in room and storage? Not to worry. Everything from baking pans and cooking essentials to party supplies are stored in these chic, mobile pantry designs, just where you need them. An added benefit is that many of these units may be moved with you when you do, making them portable.

With any of these convenient freestanding pantry cabinets, arrange your kitchenware and ingredients according to their purpose!

Invest In A Freestanding Pantry

This standalone solution will provide you tons of pantry storage space and is more of a larder style choice. To keep higher items together and vice versa, vary the heights of the shelving and allow a space at the bottom for baskets.

We adore the vivid color used to paint this design. Be daring and use a color that stands out in your kitchen.

Freestanding Pantry Cabinet

This pantry cabinet is a fantastic solution to increase counter space and pantry storage at the same time!

Create A Farmhouse Feel With A Freestanding Pantry

Due to the ease with which a substantial amount of storage may be accommodated in a standalone unit, farmhouse kitchens, or freestanding kitchens, are the ideal location for an in-kitchen pantry.

This one, made by The Cotswold Company(opens in new tab), has plenty of drawer space and a useful wine rack in addition to storage space for bottles, jars, pickles, and spices. However, you may request that your kitchen designer make a component that is precisely like this but is divided in two, with the refrigerator on one side and the pantry on the other. When you don’t want your appliances on display, it’s a fantastic use of space.

ClosetMaid 1556 Pantry Cabinet

One of the best freestanding kitchen pantries on our list is this straightforward cabinet. It’s a standalone pantry that is unquestionably a wise purchase! This nice tall pantry cabinet allows you to store all of your culinary items while freeing up a lot of counter space. This free-standing cabinet is a nice addition because we don’t want a messy kitchen.

You may put some heavy goods in it because it is made of durable wood that will survive for many years. It’s a product that is totally worthwhile!

Standalone Kitchen Pantry With Metal Details

This white kitchen pantry cabinet was thoughtfully created. You can store your goods sort filter with more ease in a confined pantry. These mobile shelves are excellent for storing things. simple and modern in style.

Don’t Go Too Deep

The design of your pantry need not be hampered by a lack of room. There are advantages to a slimline design, including more room for movement and amenities with quick access, like wine racks.

This particular design from The Cotswold Company features shallow drawers you won’t need to dig into, plenty of shelving space, and a calm and collected exterior while being filled with storage architecture within.

Hodedah Long Standing Kitchen Cabinet

Out of the freestanding cabinets we’ve described so far, this one has the most straightforward but distinctive design. On the top of the cabinet, there are two glass doors with room for a microwave or toaster oven in between. The drawer and the shelves with doors that come with this pantry cabinet might be put to a lot of use.

When you have this beautiful tiny pantry cabinet in your kitchen, it will create a special and uplifting atmosphere. Your kitchen won’t be cluttered anymore, and your important appliances will have a designated spot. What else could a good freestanding cabinet possibly need?

All-Purpose Pantry

These vertical cabinets, which are tucked into an arched niche, offer plenty of cupboard space while also supporting tasks like menu planning and shopping lists. By keeping staples in transparent, labeled boxes that can be stacked and placed for easy grab-and-go access, this homeowner was able to maximize shelf space.

Conceal Appliances

Consider adding a wider area flush with the worktop that can be utilized to store gadgets like toasters, blenders, and mixers if you are planning to have a custom larder unit with an over country storage cabinet.

According to Tom Howley, owner of Tom Howley bespoke kitchens, pantries can also be used to hide appliances (opens in new tab). The pantry is a wonderful place to hide equipment as there is a larger movement toward keeping work surfaces clean of clutter to create a more minimalist vibe and allow for extra prep space.

Ameriwood Home Single Door Pantry

Sometimes all you require is a little pantry cupboard where you can keep all of your excess cookware. This is one of the freestanding pantry cabinet designs that are currently a popular choice in most kitchens. It makes sense given that it is constructed of high-quality engineered wood and will last a long time.

It seamlessly fits into any home style, making it adaptable and multifunctional. Additionally, because of its size, it takes up less room. Simply tuck it away in a little space, and it will remain there trouble-free and discreetly serving you.

Service Station

A flea market cabinet is transformed into a striking entertainment center with a coat of paint and several partitions. Catchalls for beverages, candles, and napkins are made by the insets below. The upper reaches of the cabinet are used for storing bar supplies and how-to manuals as well as serving areas for canapés and cocktails. Like the concept? Place a cabinet that is similarly furnished next to the area where your guests will congregate.

Hodedah 4-Door Kitchen Pantry

Hodedah is a typical pantry choice in comparison to the other portable pantry choices on our list. It offers considerable storage space and is tall enough to fit in any room of your house.

The pantry is where this four-door kitchen cabinet excels, though. It features five compartments and three movable shelves, which its customers can customize to become their personal organization refuge.

These features could come off as cluttered in writing, but the Hodedah is a wise choice for people who always keep a variety of foods on hand. It was designed with simplicity and use in mind.

Sometimes it is unnecessary to worry about the aesthetics of portable pantry models. With its ample storage space, stylish wood, and standalone access, the Hodedah has you covered.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets with Doors and Shelves

If you need more kitchen storage for tiny items, a pantry cabinet of this type is a wise choice. These cabinets often contain doors and shelves, allowing you to conceal kitchen supplies with ease.

Farmhouse Style Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

A freestanding pantry cabinet with a distressed white painted finish might help you completed the farmhouse look if you prefer kitchens in the farmhouse style. Your pantry cabinet will appear ancient and like it has been passed down through the years thanks to the distressed finish. There are numerous shelves where you may keep dishes, glassware, food products, and other stuff, and drawers are the ideal place to keep utensils and cutlery.

Homcom Accent Floor Storage Cabinet Kitchen Pantry

Homcom, which also has a floor kitchen pantry with four doors, completes our list of portable pantry choices.

This portable pantry has a modern design and is available in white with black knobs and hinges. With this design, it becomes a pliable item that can be used in your living room, guest rooms, restrooms, as well as your pantry.

To recap, this pantry has two adjustable shelves as well as doors with separate handles and hinges. Thanks to its anti-tilt devices, it is fashionable yet useful.

This Homcom product, like everything else on this list, can quickly and efficiently tidy congested places (particularly pantries). Its size also gives it the ideal additional storage area.

Corner Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

If you need additional kitchen storage in a vacant corner of the kitchen, a corner pantry cabinet is the best choice. These cabinets often contain doors and shelves, allowing you to conceal kitchen goods with ease.

Lewisburg 68 Kitchen Pantry

With this freestanding kitchen pantry in a rural style, your gorgeous kitchen will gain even more appeal. The built-in microwave shelf provides the ideal location to set your microwave away from the countertop, which eliminates chaos. The top cabinet’s glass doors give the all-wood item a fresh twist and help break up its monotony, enhancing its visual appeal. On the top cabinet, prominently exhibit some decorative elements or a houseplant to arouse curiosity.