French Door Covering Ideas

A French door is a door with glass panes that run the majority of its length. They often come in pairs. You must take some action to treat these glass panes as they occasionally prohibit us from acquiring the seclusion we require. Today, I’d want to offer a few tips on how to accomplish that in style.

Actually, French door window treatments are very similar to those for regular windows and include both curtains and blinds. Consider each of them separately.

Add a French Door to a Bathroom

We adore the layout of this bathroom, which has an unexpected French door leading outside. But if you install French doors in your bathroom, you must undoubtedly take privacy into account. These light-weight drapes provide sufficient seclusion while still feeling light enough for a bathroom.

Blackout Curtains

For rooms facing the west or the afternoon sun, blackout curtain fabrics work best. It prevents the interiors from reaching uncomfortable temperatures. Blackout French door curtains are ideal for bedrooms, theater rooms, study dens, or closets since they completely block out light from entering the interiors.

Bright Colors

Instead of blending into the background, these curtains stand out. Instead, these curtains make the space more cheery and go well with the red accents on the pillows. The designer has inserted panels between each set of doors and these drapes are also hung to the ceiling. Instead of being pulled all the way to either side of the room, this highlights the curtain more.

Consider Shades

If you don’t have much space for curtains and you have French doors, think about using timeless window treatments like Roman shades. Even if your room is too small for curtains or drapes, this is a fantastic method to maintain your home elegant.

French Door Curtains

You can employ a flamboyant color option for your French door curtain if you notice that your home is uninteresting. To avoid mismatch and ugliness, take note not to use a very bold or completely opposite color. The ideal curtain colors are white, neutral, pastel, and earthy tones.

Shutters & Sheer Curtains

This room has a contemporary flair thanks to the combination of shutters and french door curtains, and the light sheer curtains create a free and casual feel. With the double window treatment option, the room’s light allowance and level of seclusion are both more flexible.

Go for Linen

For an unobtrusive and peaceful atmosphere in your home, choose linen curtains. Keep them extra long and allow them touch the floor to give the effect of being light and airy.

Add Accessories

Tassels, laces, and other drapery are constantly fashionable for opulent curtain ensembles. Add a border or header in gold or a metallic color to the curtains to make them appear more expensive and magnificent. Accessories placed by the curtain tabs and borders will give your French door a Rococo or neoclassical touch, adding traditional and timeless elegance. You may change your curtain designs and yet have everything seem coordinated because the French door is a versatile architectural component. French door curtains present a problem in that it must blend and match the decor of the adjacent space or room.

Breezy Bliss

This Californian home’s cool aesthetic is enhanced with breezy white drapes. I usually recommend consulting with a drapery specialist when making french door curtains, says designer Sarah Stacey. The curtains or blinds can then be made for you using the measurements they collect. You could choose semi-custom if that is outside of your budget.

Consider the Curtain Rod

Consider choosing a curtain rod finish that complements the other elements of your decor when hanging one. Here, a black curtain rod goes perfectly with the black door finish to create a continuous look across the space.

The Finishing Touch Your Space Is Missing

Make sure the curtain’s pattern complements the prevailing pattern in your room or space by taking note of it. For a timeless, fashionable, yet traditional curtain design, you can use fabrics with metallic designs.

Long and Luxe

Additionally, curtains can be made to accommodate extremely tall windows! These provide complete privacy when requested by covering the french doors and the large window above them. According to Alton Tucker of Stoneside Blinds and Shades, “the finest window treatments for French doors should have a slender construction.” “Be aware that when you open and close the door, a big valance, headrail, or fascia at the top is likely to strike the wall.”

Stay Sheer

If you want to maximize the amount of natural light that French doors will provide, keep the curtains sheer. Without reducing the quantity of filtered natural light, this is a fantastic method to provide a little bit of privacy.

Framing With Florals

This curtain concept from Atlanta Homes Magazine is fantastic. These designers choose a floral fabric that is a light neutral with delicate highlights and hang the curtains high over the door to attract the eye upward and generate intrigue. Without overpowering the room with color, the curtain pattern adds some texture. The contrast in the space is created by the dark wood and black accessories thanks to the neutral flowery cloth.

Pop of Cheer

In a game area, patterned curtains like these add added sweetness and maintain the room’s playful atmosphere.

Go for a Bold Color

If you want a French door curtain to be the center of attention in the space, choose a striking color like mustard yellow. As the remainder of the space is kept simple, the silky fabric also makes a statement in terms of style.

Natural Textured Shades And Curtains

If you’re having trouble choosing, you can combine different solutions to produce an attractive aesthetic and useful design. This designer combined curtain panels with natural grass hues. The shade is the ideal solution to quickly add privacy while yet allowing light to enter. The curtains have a solid fabric backing, so when they are drawn, they completely block out the light.

Crisp White

Unsure about the best curtain color to choose? Always keep an eye on your walls. The calming color tone of this bedroom is enhanced by these white Everhem drapes.

Add a Few Inches

If you select curtains that barely touch the floor, your French doors will feel even more upscale. No matter how far away from France you live, an extra inch or two will give your place the feel of a Parisian flat.

Roman Shades

These linen Roman blinds that are affixed to the tops of the doors look gorgeous, in our opinion. The shades have a casual yet sophisticated appearance thanks to the linen material. Even when closed, these Roman shades allow some sunlight to enter the room, keeping it well-lit. Compared to curtains, roman blinds appear less formal.