Front Deck Ideas For Small Houses

A house’s front porch doesn’t have to be unattractive just because it is little. In fact, a smaller house’s front porch may be simpler to freshen up. Smaller homes have more charming and inviting porches, and it’s simpler to achieve a feeling of aesthetic harmony.

Garden Hedge

The doorway of your tiny house has shape and structure thanks to a modest garden hedge.

Frame Windows and Screens with Paint

Bella Mancini used Benjamin Moore’s Santa Clara to give this screen door and its wooden frame some life. The color has a distinct element of cheerfulness but feels right at home with cedar shake and hydrangeas.

Embrace Symmetry

A simple, balanced layout can make a modest front porch seem bigger. Place a simple chair and a similar pillow on either side of the door to complete the setup. Use matching potted plants to create a border around the front steps to create a balanced, attention-grabbing appearance.

Porch Bench

What better way to take in your front porch than to relax on a seat with cushions? For a fresh look, occasionally switch out the pillows.

Create Cover With a Small Awning

Tiles that may be mixed and matched aren’t just for your interiors; they also instantly spice up a front porch. Here, Sharon Lee added an unexpected touch of personality by switching up the patterns on the step risers. A bespoke awning made of Sunbrella material offers a small amount of shade.

Use Every Inch of Your Small Porch

You shouldn’t let a small amount of space stop you from designing a comfortable front porch seating area. You probably have enough space for a comfortable conversation nook even if you only have a few extra feet adjacent to the door. Make advantage of furniture with several uses, such as stools that may serve as additional sitting and side tables, and go for lightweight, low-profile items that are simple to move as needed.

Furniture Set

A collection of outdoor furniture creates the ideal setting for gatherings and outdoor leisure.

Make It Cheerful

The stone facade of Shazalynn Winfrey’s home blends well with the pleasant atmosphere created by potted sunflowers and plaid throw pillows on the garden seat.

Add a Few Key Outdoor Accessories

A few simple pieces can help a porch look finished but uncluttered. Simple furnishings like the cushioned wicker chair and the small side table made from a wooden crate can be used in a number of settings, as shown on this tiny porch. The area feels cozier with the addition of a small area rug underfoot.

Foliage Arch

Use bright plants to create an arch above your doorway. You can train the plant to grow in whatever direction you like or to form the ideal arch.

Lay Graphic Floor Tiles

Your front porch will be sufficiently personalized with a graphic floor tile. Take inspiration from this Arent & Pyke design, where an outdoor chair adds a splash of color and a planter introduces greenery. Clear, uncomplicated, and vintage

Include Pillows in Small Porch Decor

Another way to bring color and personality to a porch without making it look crowded is with pillows. Here, the pillow fabrics maintain the traditional blue-and-white color scheme while repeating the floor’s horizontal lines. As a simple update, perch them on a porch swing or other type of seating.


A property can benefit much from color alone. This porch has been decorated in serene, calming colors of smooth grey. It softens the room and makes accent colors stand out more.

Consider Scale

The size of your porch is not necessary to make it distinctive. A modest eating nook might benefit from a round outside rug as a grounding element and a small round bistro table with rustic stools. Consider a built-in bench for additional seating. Like at this porch at the San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos, Greece, white paint will let it blend in with the floors and provide the impression of more space.

Match Plants to Small Front Porches

A modest front porch might get too overgrown due to overgrown trees, shrubs, and other plants. Choose dwarf or midsize selections while reading plant labels at the nursery or home improvement store. Those miniature plants provide a small front porch restrained structure and elegance.

Covered Porch

A covered porch extends the roof of your house, giving the appearance of a larger house.

Slide Up a Bench

This cheerful, lively, circus-striped awning was created by tropical décor guru Amanda Lindroth and offers shade for the adorable seating area. To make it a little cozier and more comfy, add throw pillows.

Use Color to Trick the Eye

Your color combinations can give the appearance of visual space on a small porch, hiding the area’s constrained size. For a feeling of openness and lightness, pastel colors are a perfect fit. Another way to achieve comfort without feeling claustrophobic is to use a balance of light and dark colors, such as white siding with black trim and accessories.

Wooden Planked Porch

This front porch’s wooden planks give the area a lovely appeal.

Don’t Let Size Stop You

It doesn’t matter how small your porch is—you can still enjoy it. It only requires a little bench, a throw cushion, and a blanket, as seen in this nook by Regan Baker. Pick a welcome mat that highlights the design or color of your accent pillow.