Front Yard Planter Box Ideas

Look no further if you’re looking for chic planter box ideas to spruce up your yard. Your outdoor area can be completely transformed by selecting chic containers, combining plants and pots wisely, and placing them where they will have the biggest impact.

There are numerous materials, shapes, and sizes available when selecting the ideal planter to carry out your container gardening ideas. And courageous and audacious planting decisions will catch the eye and leave an impression right away.

Your decision will greatly enhance the charm of your house, whether you go for a window box full with seasonal flowers or a grand large-scale container with a little tree.

Let Flowers Creep Up Your Walls

One of the loveliest sites in the area is a wall covered with vines. And walls covered in flowery vines? They’re actually even prettier. Fill your beds with climbing plants and let them climb your walls to imitate the look. By shaping and pruning the vines, windows and doorways can be made more accessible.

DIY Rusty Metal Garden Planters

Some people believe that gardens in the United States should reflect our cultural past, therefore rather than copies of Greek and Roman statues, they tuck cast iron manual pumps and hand plows into garden nooks. This theme is reflected in the rusted planters. The planters are manufactured from recycled corten steel, which can be bought in rolls and cut and welded into any size and shape you need by you or a metalworker. These planters last a long time since the interior is weather-protected and only becomes rusty on the exterior after three to six months.

Introduce Rhythm And Interest With Planter Boxes

Line them up along a terrace or by the pool, and scatter topiary among them, if you want your planter box ideas to make a real display. They become a focal point when combined with dark-leaved evergreens and a stunning shape and color.

According to Sarah Casey from Authentic Provence, wooden planter boxes provide a formal touch and have a deep history. The handcrafted “Authentic Provence Versailles garden planter” is a replica in every detail of the French planter boxes from the 17th century that can be found all throughout the grounds at the Château de Versailles. These containers are commonly used to plant citrus trees. To remove the citrus tree or take care of its roots, our Versailles planters include detachable wood panels.

Add Potted Flowers to Your Patio

You’re not out of luck if your front yard is bare of grass. You may make a flower bed that resembles more formal gardens by snatching a sizable planter and filling it with flowering plants.

Tiered Concrete Built-In Deck Planters

These tiered concrete planters can be your solution if your house is on a steep slope, hillside, or mountainside and you enjoy a modern style. They can serve as a retaining wall and take the place of mowing a challenging and perhaps hazardous area.

Style Up A Corner With Planters

Want to give a barren area of your yard some leafy interest? The solution is planter box ideas in that case. In addition to grouping and positioning them to maximize your available area, you can modify the planting to match your preferences and the aspect of your yard. Why not choose a trio to make a classy and unified display at a few different levels because many designs available in a variety of sizes and heights?

Mix in a few containers of different shapes or sizes to add some diversity, but keep the finish or material consistent for a stylish, coordinated display.

Consider how daring and colorful you want the outcome to be while choosing plants. Although tropical garden ideas using cannas, fatsia, and palms would suit warmer climes, try sculptural drought-loving plants such as agaves, manzanita, cactus, and lantana. A combination of clipped evergreens and slender deciduous trees, such as these white stemmed birch trees, create a timeless feel that also reflects the change in seasons.

Make a Statement With Unusually Shaped Beds

The majority of flower beds are either naturally curved or sleekly rectangular. But this standard does not apply to your flower gardens. You can create an unexpected focal point in your front yard by creating flower beds that resemble parallelograms, trapezoids, or even circles.

DIY Stacked Stone Plant Beds

Any shape you want can be easily made into stacked stone planters. Choose a site for the planter, then arrange a garden hose or a section of clothesline rope there in the desired shape. Spray the area surrounding your shape with paint. Next, a foot-wide area directly inside the outline needs to be cleared. To provide a stable foundation for your wall, compact the earth inside the area you have cleaned. Tier two or more planters should be used if the location you chose for your planter slopes. Build the lowest tier first, then connect the levels by placing the capstone of lower layers beneath the base of the following higher tier.

Make A Statement With A Potted Tree

According to the staff at planter experts IOTA Garden, “On a large terrace or patio, sometimes one or two large planted pots that are appropriate for the scale can have far more impact than several smaller ones, which may look inconsequential or a touch fussy.”

If you want to grow a tree or a large shrub in a container, make sure to choose one that will be big enough to hold it as it grows so you won’t have to repot it in a few years. If there is enough room around the trunk, consider underplanting with low-growing grasses or adding some seasonal color to create interest.

DIY Lattice Planter Box

Your garden or yard will look fantastic with this lattice planter box. You can put your plant pot inside easily and it is intended to be beautiful. Alternately, you can directly plant after attaching landscaping cloth to the interior!

Concrete Block Planter and Decoration

Concrete blocks and half blocks can be used to create this striking statement planter. The blocks should be painted black or any striking, dramatic color that complements your decor. Some of the full blocks should be placed so that they reach out from the front of the planter. Stack the blocks with the holes facing up in an attractive pattern. Some of the blocks should have vacant gaps between them. Put potted plants in the obvious holes after you’ve arranged the blocks in a unique shape.

Terra Cotta

This clay planter is so full of geraniums that it gives off an Old World European vibe. Install it on a window sill or a fence.

Easy Rustic Planter Koozies

These fantastically simple planter ideas provide the ideal rustic appeal!

Tiered Wooden Crate Built-In Planter Boxes

It’s simple to make these planters that resemble crates. You can arrange them symmetrically or asymmetrically, mixing shallow ones with deeper ones. They can be attached to fence posts to soften or cover up a fence, or to patio or deck posts to create a railing.

Wrought Iron

You’ll have the impression that you’re wandering through the French Quarter if you see a wrought iron planter box with scrolls and decorations.

DIY Wood Planter Box

With this simple DIY wood planter box, you can provide some much-needed warmth to your front porch. Just place your plants in the pine-board-made container, then top with a plastic pot!

Deck with Built-In Planter Boxes

Place tall box planters along the deck’s perimeter to simulate a woods boardwalk. The planters ought to be just a hair higher than the deck’s edge. Add blooming plants, ground cover, and tiny or ornamental trees to the planters. Native plants from woodland areas might work well for this aesthetic.


In this inventive water garden design, an ancient boat has been transformed into a planter box with a pond liner and water lilies.

Vertical Planter Box with Watering System

With its many levels and built-in watering system, this cedar vertical planter box eliminates the need for you to water your plants.

DIY Metal Tub Planter Boxes

Raised-bed planters are a perfect fit for metal tubs. If you have old tubs, use them as long as you’re certain no harmful chemicals were ever present in them. If you don’t have any of the old ones, you can buy new ones in a variety of shapes. Plant veggies, herbs, or flowers with them. People with mobility limitations will find raised beds to be very useful because they can more easily tend to the plants, gather flowers for vases, and harvest veggies and herbs.