Gas Fireplace Ideas With TV Above

Mix Medium Tone Wood and White Walls to Enhance Your Linear Fireplace with TV Above in a Comfy Suburban Home

Look at the living room decor in the first image of this cozy suburban home. As you can see, the linear fireplace takes on a central role because of how the fire contrasts with the white surround. A basic, black-mounted TV is mounted above it.

The vent for the heat is located above the TV and is part of the fireplace itself. It is therefore permissible to employ a wood surround that complements the room’s design as a whole.

Use Sherwin Williams Worldly Grey for the remaining walls in this area. It is dark enough to create a wonderful, comfortable mood while yet seeming rather light to give the room a spacious, open impression.

The coffee table from Noir Furniture has elaborate legs. This can be adorned with books, an indoor plant, and any other things you may have.

Place a sizable rug in the room as a final touch to compliment the medium-tone wood flooring and add extra coziness.

An Arrangement In The Shape Of A L

If your living room is larger than average and you have plenty of wall space, think about setting up your furniture in a L shape similar to this.

For this to work, the television must be placed precisely across from the sofa, and the fireplace must be placed against a wall that is parallel to it.

The other sofa can then be positioned across from the fireplace to create two seating areas, one facing the TV and the other the fireplace.

Put an eye-catching piece of wall art or a large mirror immediately above your fireplace if you still wish it to be the focal point of the room. Your fireplace could stand out even with simple lighting or a unique wall sculpture.

Ribbon Fireplace

This roomy illustration stacks appliances in a contemporary manner. The long ribbon fireplace gives the design a touch of grandeur.

When watching from a couch that is lower than the TV, tilting the TV will also assist minimize neck strain. Personally, I prefer this tufted sectional’s roomy, all-encompassing design.

Try a Stone Wall to Hold Linear Fireplace with TV Above in a Charming Semi-Outdoor Patio

This is an illustration of a semi-outdoor patio where you may open the area to the outside world without giving up modern conveniences.

As we previously stated, a linear fireplace has applications both indoors and outside, and you can see one of those applications right here. The stone fireplace, which is truly available from Montigo, is up to 14 feet high and 6 feet broad. Lueders rough back stone is the material utilized.

Not to mention the TV that is positioned beside the fireplace. When you add a ceiling fan, this area can rapidly develop into a gathering place for friends and family.

The space’s furniture, which includes sleek coffee tables and beautiful couches, is from Henry Hall Designs. You may easily design a place that feels both contemporary and traditional when it is set upon a Lueders Limestone floor.

The fence that surrounds the house from the outside may be visible. Global Fence carried out this work using the superior and hardy Douglas Fir.

Layouts for Narrow Living Rooms

Place the television and fireplace on the exact same wall to maximize a tiny living space. No matter how many couches you stuff into your small living room, the fireplace will always be the primary attraction.

As long as the furniture is facing the television, the layout will create a friendly environment, especially if you can fit two footstools in front of the fireplace.

The earthy color scheme of the little living area has created a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

Center Split

With this layout, there are two distinct meeting areas—one with a television and one without. With the fireplace enticing guests to unwind on all sides, either room layout is practical for a variety of entertainment needs. A TV room is ideal for dinner parties with both adults and kids.

Symmetrical Wall with Linear Fireplace and TV Can Create a Warm and Calming Living Room

A symmetrical wall can be a terrific way to improve a space’s aesthetic appeal, as in this living room.

You can see how the fireplace and mounted TV are calmed by the built-in shelving on either side of them. These bookcases’ organic textures also provide a great contrast and warmth to the gray walls.

You can put some of your individual styles on display here by using the shelves. For instance, flowers, modern furnishings, wall art, and even wine bottles. You are welcome to decorate the area and present yourself.

The linear fireplace itself has a straightforward, contemporary design that blends well with its surroundings. The brown floorboards, meanwhile, likewise neatly enclose space. A matching sofa, an armchair, and an exquisite coffee table can all be placed next to the window.

Make Adjustments To The Viewing Angle

Even if the television will be installed far above the fireplace, it is important to consider the viewing height. Televisions need to be positioned at eye level, but if your fireplace is a benchmark, this won’t be possible.

If you’re worried about neck strain, think considering purchasing a mounting system that allows you to adjust the elevation for a more pleasant viewing experience.

Contemporary Chic

The contemporary furniture is complemented by the floating mantel and bookcases without taking over the room. I particularly appreciate the fireplace’s usage of neutral stone. Any seat can enjoy the TV’s optimal viewing angle.

Small but Charming: A Cozy Basement Room with Linear Fireplace, TV Above, and Built-in Shelves

Nobody claims that a tiny living room cannot be beautiful and charming. In fact, with the correct décor, you can give it a much bigger, more homey feeling.

This basement room serves as an illustration of how the proper selection of colors, furniture, and design can entirely change a space into something else. Of course, that also applies to the TV and linear fireplace above!

The style seen here is from Spark Fireplace, and the stone used is ledge stone, which is widely available from any specialty stone supplier. The flanking cabinets’ tops are made of walnut and are painted by Plain and Fancy.

One method is to use a seamless element all over the space. For instance, the branch side tables farther away in the room are an extension of the wood cabinet top. These lovely tables are from Madegoods and have Cool Grey Shagreen paint on them.

Make the space your own by including personal touches like wall art, books, cushions or throw blankets, and table decor.

Practical Power Sources Are Key

If your fireplace produces a lot of heat, you should make sure you have a power source that will accommodate where you want to put your TV. If you’re concerned that your electrical lines will get in the way of heat sources or open flames, you might want to think about consulting an electrician for advice.

Off-Center Modern

I adore the offset geometric style of this TV, mantel, and fireplace. This design has the benefit of making the space pop without deviating from the neutral color scheme. Modernizing your living space is a simple process!

Build a Modern and Luxury Nest Featuring Lagos Blue Stone in the Linear Fireplace and Ebony Veneer for the TV Surround

The sloped ceiling in this living room might catch someone’s eye right away because it quickly creates the idea of more room, openness, and height.

The big TV is set into the panel and has ebony veneer stone all around it. This enables the integration of a contemporary electronic with the stone wall’s more conventional appearance. Lagos blue stone is used for the linear fireplace itself.

On the left side of this chamber, you can even make out a small bar and a wine-tasting section. This might be the ideal addition for when you want to have company over, complete with beige bar stools, a glass table, and a temperature-controlled wine rack.

You can relax on the comfortable sofa after enjoying some handcrafted drinks or vintage wine, turn on some tranquil music, and look out the floor to ceiling glass walls at the peaceful surroundings.

Install a Lower Mantel

According to KD Reid of KD Reid Interiors, “Some customers are hesitant about installing a TV above a fireplace since they would have to crane their necks to look up at it not quite at eye level.” “This is an exception, and is found in new built homes where they include it into the design plan, if you have a contemporary fireplace or a low mantel.”

Inset Appliances

Add a mounted TV and inset fireplace to your modern design to elevate it. This keeps your minimalist aesthetic while letting details like the industrial hanging lamps shine.

For a family who likes to spend time together but may not always be engaged in the same activity, this living room layout works beautifully.

Try a Two-Sided Linear Fireplace and Mounted TV on Stone Accent Wall for a Small yet Cozy Contemporary Master Bedroom

Here is another gorgeous bedroom design idea that features a TV above a linear fireplace. Anyone sleeping here will be able to unwind thanks to the stone accent wall that makes this compact master bedroom feel homey.

The design of the linear fireplace fully incorporates its indoor and outdoor elements. The two-sided fireplace transforms into an intriguing room highlight when combined with the gorgeous stone. Additionally, it unifies the interior with the view outside the window’s surrounding landscape.

Soft white bedsheets, pillows with grey accents, and a pale grey blanket cover the bed itself. The beige walls and light-colored wood windowsills in the bedroom blend nicely with this gentle, warm tone to create a light, airy atmosphere. They also serve to counterbalance the stone wall’s heavier components.

You can hang a painting, a work of art, or a photo on the wall as a finishing touch or to add a personal touch. You are welcome to have anything you wish, however the designer here chose an abstract artwork with a serene color scheme to match with the rest of the area.

Adjust the Viewing Angle

Even though it is high over the fireplace, it is crucial to take the viewing height into account when installing a television. Televisions should be positioned at eye level, but if you have a standard-sized fireplace, that won’t be possible. Consider purchasing a mounting solution that allows you to alter the angle for a more ergonomic viewing experience if you’re concerned about neck strain.

Contemporary Cool

In this design, the stone wall shelves and fireplace produce a stunning layered look. The variegated stones give the TV wall an even more geometric aspect.

The fireplace’s smooth black stone makes a focal point that won’t be disturbing when the TV is on, which I appreciate.

Mix Contemporary Design and Artistic Touch for a Rich Seaside Living Room with Linear Fireplace and TV Mount

Motivated by coastal living? We enjoy this spacious living room that opens to a partially outdoor space.

This open area has an eating area, a BBQ grill, some outdoor chairs, and lots of outside lighting, to name a few things. A house party in the early summer would be ideal here. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to combine indoor and outdoor areas.

The living room itself has a large TV mounted over a linear fireplace on a black stone wall panel. As you can see from the numerous works of art dotted around the space, it truly is a fusion of current styling with artistic tendencies.

Starting with the two abstract paintings on the walls, we move on to a floor installation on the left, some glass sculpture on the table, and a grand piano with a seat made of glass on the right. Don’t forget to add a soft beige rug to create a feeling of luxury!

Make an Accent Wall

To really make the fireplace the focal point, Kazimierski advises painting the wall behind the TV and the area around the fireplace a neutral, bright color that complements the undertones or secondary colors of the fireplace. Generally speaking, white, light beige, or light gray are good choices.