Ground Level Decking Ideas

Angled Front Deck

Nobody mandated that a deck be located in the backyard. Proof that putting one on the front of your property improves curb appeal is this angled front deck design. Additionally, it makes a comfortable seating space, ideal for taking in your neighborhood.

This low-level deck, although its modest size, feels expansive due to the slant of the boards. Additionally, the framed design gives off a sophisticated image that complements a conventional façade beautifully.

Wrap Around Ground Level Deck

Take note of how the deck seems to flow outward from the interior. Large floor to ceiling windows maximize views from inside while also providing light for the outside, reducing the need for deck lighting.

Floating Deck With Outdoor Kitchen

Not all outdoor kitchens are made of luxurious stone. Sometimes, the most durable and capable support is only a raised platform, such in the case of this floating deck composed of composite material that mimics wood.

It feels intimate because of the comfortable seating and the small kitchen and cook station.

Contemporary One Level Deck

This one level deck has a modern feel because to the sharply pointed corners and linear board arrangement. Additionally, the built-in benches have wonderfully sleek lines, and the feet add an unusual architectural detail.

The mid-toned boards merge in well with the trunks of the neighboring trees, maintaining the coloring’s emphasis on the natural. However, the stark white of the benches gives off a hint of contemporary Zen, especially when placed in the garden area’s rich vegetation.

Wooden Ground Level Deck

The lighting in this design is really beautifully done, including the lights in the gravel and those hanging from the trees. Additionally, it is a brilliant idea to offer a variety of seating alternatives, making the deck a timeless area with many uses.

Floating Deck With Fire Pit

This one has a stained cedar wood floating deck with a minimum 2-foot height for a more affordable addition to floating decks and firepits.

This brick and concrete fire pit that burns coal and gas would serve as its focal point. It has a very casual, outside feel thanks to the iron chairs surrounding it.

Modern Ground-level Deck

This is one of the few ground-level deck designs on this list that includes an area for a firepit, and it also emphasizes clean lines. The stone firepit may take center stage because it looks to have a curved cutout in the deck. Since the bench is made of the same wood as the deck, it aesthetically blends in while yet providing additional seating.

This deck similarly has a subdued two-toned appearance. A certain level of sophistication is added by the slightly darker boards used to frame the outside.

Simple Ground Level Deck

Splitting levels is a smart concept for tiny decks because it not only gives the appearance of more space but also adds aesthetic intrigue. It’s the little things that matter in a small area, so try to pay close attention to the finishes, like the border edging on this deck, for example. Mediterranean Deck Designs are another option.

Floating Deck Next To House

This living room opens up into a second sitting area for a transitional look.

Even though it is only a small floating deck, the platform’s stained cedar wood and the contrast of the black crushed gravel give it a contemporary, zen appearance that matches the home’s white walls.

Simple Low-Level Deck

This ground-level deck fits in nicely with any style of house thanks to its simple design and warm wood tones. The surface, stairs, and enclosing frame are all made of the same type of wood, giving the finished product a tidy and refined appearance.

Additionally, it lacks aspects that closely resemble a specific design style. Instead, their touches are restricted to the perimeter fence’s top. If you choose that method, you can change the appearance to suit your tastes if you don’t like the Craftsman feel that this edition delivers.

Stand Alone Ground Level Deck

If you have uneven ground, a floating ground level deck is a sustainable alternative. Despite having little ground hindrance, it majestically extends from the grass to provide a serene area with breathtaking vistas.

Floating Deck Over Flat Roof

Urban, high-rise residences like condos and penthouses frequently include floating decks over flat roofs.

This floating deck on the roof combines contemporary sleekness with the natural warmth of wood and a row of concrete slabs.

With this fireplace, the mounted TV, and the comfortable seating, it also highlights a high aesthetic and entertainment value.

One Level Deck with Railing

Even if your deck is entirely at ground level, a railing is still not always a good design decision. The rail offers aesthetic interest in addition to preventing guests from treading on the planting area around the edge of the deck. You may easily change the appearance of this deck by utilizing various railing designs based on the aesthetics of your home or your own preferences.

Additionally, the post caps in this style include lights. This makes for a more adaptable environment that may be used at any time of day or night.

Timber Ground Level Deck

This is an additional suggestion for combining a patio with a deck. Different heights and flooring materials have been employed to distinguish the two areas, with the wood deck gradually giving way to the stone patio.

Floating Deck Over Concrete Patio

You might choose to convert an existing concrete patio into a concrete floating deck if one is already planned.

The grill and outdoor kitchen are already set up on the concrete patio, and there is just seating on the floating deck that resembles an island. a decent use of the available space? Definitely.

Large Versatile Deck

This ground-level deck is difficult to top if you’re seeking for a flexible design. With the exception of a few boards on one edge that are perpendicular to the other boards, the design is highly straight. As a result, the final appearance would complement almost any kind of home, be it conventional, Craftsman, contemporary, or rustic exteriors.

This deck’s surface is similarly huge. This one can be a wonderful option if you require space for tables, seats, and socializing.

Wood Ground Level Deck Railing

This little area has intense visual interest because to the combination of pea granite, concrete stepping stones, ipe decking, and metal railing with an ipe top railing. In addition to being less expensive than fireplaces, fire pits may also be set up wherever as needed because they are movable.

Modern Floating Deck

All of us enjoy the symmetry and simple lines of contemporary floating decks. Building on minimalism, this floating deck design offers a breathtaking perspective when the living room door is opened.

It has a homey opulence because to the consistency of the wood planks used for the fence and the floating deck flooring.

The planters and other concrete and stone accents on one corner blend well with the home’s contemporary exteriors.