Hallway Laundry Room Door Ideas

Sliding Door for Laundry Closet in a Narrow Place

It is not possible to use a door with a conventional opening if the only area you have to install the laundry closet is in a very small space, like the corridor. This will merely consume an excessive amount of space.

The greatest option in this case is a sliding door, which you should think about. It makes it possible to cram a laundry closet into a tight space, like the hallway.

You can even design a sizable laundry room with it, saving you from having to stack the washer and dryer. The availability of free wall space for the door opening is the most crucial factor to consider when selecting this door type.

This image provides a wonderful starting point for your creative process. A laundry closet is concealed by a white farmhouse sliding door in the image.

The door is big enough to conceal both the washer and the side-by-side dryer. As you can see, the laundry closet is even roomy enough to incorporate a wall-mounted folding drying rack and a bespoke shelf that will be useful for a variety of purposes, including storing the basket you typically use when putting out the fresh laundry.

Conceal a Laundry Closet with Frosted Glass Door

Frosted glass is a sophisticated fix. The doors in this free-standing closet reach the ceiling.

The sides of the room should be painted a bright blue-green to maintain the space feeling airy and light.

Dutch Door

You probably picture the same conventional, white, slatted door that is always found in new construction or rental properties when you think of a laundry room or closet door. It does the job and has good ventilation, but it lacks individuality and style. For some design ideas, we’ve gathered our favorite laundry room doors, and we’re starting with this old Dutch door. When you need a little or a lot of airflow, it works perfectly.

Special Sliding Door for a Low Laundry Closet

We still want to discuss the sliding door here. The design is distinct from the one we discussed earlier, though.

It is nothing more than a sliding door created to hide a little laundry closet that was erected in a tight space. The image above is an exact representation of the sight. Just so you know, there is only one sliding door on the wall.

I assume the design is original. It is a good option if you don’t want the laundry closet to visibly occupy much room in a small space, like the hallway.

When you already have different cabinets for various supplies and even clothing storage, that may be another factor in your decision. In other words, all you really need is a place to put the washer and dryer.

Custom Door for Laundry Closet Under The Stair

This is a fantastic way to utilize the area under the stairs. Doors are concealed by decorative molding.

The owners have a little workspace for detergent and baskets thanks to shelving that is put above the appliances.

Well-Vented Doors

Are the appliances visible? You may not have a door at all if your laundry hookup is in your kitchen. Appliances for laundry that are located in a shared space with another room can be well-hidden by a cabinet. These cabinet doors are composed of a metal mesh that complements the existing design of the kitchen while also allowing hot air to circulate.

Spacious Visual Effect with Mirrored Sliding Doors

Doors for laundry closets can serve more purposes than merely providing protection for your washing machines and other essentials. They can, for instance, offer the appearance of space in your home.

Here, the subject is none other than mirrored sliding doors. This kind of thing is ideal for a tiny space. You can utilize it in a rather different way, though.

As an illustration, consider the image above. In this modern home, the laundry closet also serves as a wall to conceal the view of the adjacent room, making it easier to complete all washing tasks.

The mirrored sliding doors have advantages despite appearing to reduce the available area near the bathroom entry. To improve comfort, they continue to enlarge the space visually. Additionally, the mirror can be a tool for assessing looks.

Minimalist Double Barn Door for a Farmhouse Laundry Closet

Barn doors are really hot right now and go perfectly with this farmhouse. They are practical, conserve space, and are simple do-it-yourself projects.

Utilizing white doors that complement the walls has become popular. This wood-stained door is evidence that you can think creatively with the concept.

More room is created via a high closet rod and floating shelf. On top of the machines, a countertop that resembled one in a kitchen was stretched.

Bright Yellow

Choose a door for your laundry room that is distinctive, eye-catching, and magnificent. This laundry and mudroom are separated by a bright yellow Dutch door, adding color to this otherwise beige house.

Stylish Pocket Glass Doors for Laundry Closet

This is how the doors appear. This kind of image is just appropriate for any contemporary interior. While still displaying a soft silhouette of everything you put within the closet, it gives you the coverage you need for the interior of the laundry closet.

As we previously mentioned, when the pocket doors are opened, you have complete access to the laundry closet. This is how it seems. You will find doing laundry much more convenient because to this design’s careful consideration.

Hall Closet Washer and Dryer with Folding Doors

One excellent technique to reduce clutter is to incorporate a laundry space into a hall closet. The rod in the closet is positioned higher than usual to hang wet clothing.

Adding doors that fold out of the way will allow you complete access to the space.

Pocket Door

A pocket door can conserve even more room than a sliding door. The laundry room in the 2020 HGTV Urban Oasis had a bespoke sliding door that enables homeowners to block off the clutter when necessary.

Folded Louvered Doors for a Laundry Closet at the End of a Hallway

This time, we’ll still demonstrate a laundry closet door style with a folded door. The distinction is that in this case, we want to emphasize more its stunning appearance. Folded louvered doors are the specific type we are discussing here.

Louvered doors have a lovely appearance that can increase the interior’s aesthetic value. The aesthetic result will be the same regardless of whether you select ones that are partially or fully illuminated.

Another quality to consider is the fact that they have a folded design. As we have already mentioned, something like this is ideal for a small interior space.

Even the preceding image demonstrates how accurate the space-saving value is. The ability to construct a laundry closet at the end of the corridor, where a conventional or sliding entry is not even a possibility, is made possible by this door type.

Single Pocket Door for a Compact Laundry Closet

This entrance is both too big and too narrow to accommodate two doors.

This necessitates a unique door. Including a single-pocket door is an inexpensive method to accomplish this.

Upcycled Doors

Who would have thought a laundry room door could be so elegant and lovely? The polished brass hardware on these recycled, swinging butler doors adds glamour, but their hands-free operation also makes them useful. And when you have a bunch of newly folded towels in your hands, that can come in handy.

Pocket Door: Excellent Alternative to Sliding Door

Many people appreciate how sliding doors make it easy to build a laundry closet anywhere, especially in a small or narrow space. Some of them also desire something that can hide the doors while they are opened, though.

If you share the same opinion, pocket doors would seem to be a better option. As previously said, opening them gives you complete access to the interior of the laundry closet. You’ll also notice how the doors are nicely hidden inside a unique wall pocket. Such a layout gives you a cleaner appearance.

In the image above, you can see a straightforward yet beautiful example that we found. When closed, this pocket door will blend in with the rest of the hallway’s white walls because it is painted the same color as the wall.

Along with the door style, the placement of the two-seater sofa in front of the laundry closet is something we really like. With this type of furniture, you may unwind, read, or even take a sleep while you wait for the washing machine to finish.

The pattern on Laundry Door to Create Distinct Texture

An otherwise simple wall is given texture by the use of ornamental wood. Similar vertical panels are used on the bi-fold door as they are on the prep sink.

The same wood component and a natural stain are used on the lower cabinet doors.

The prep area’s open backsplash is made of marble. The machines are hidden and only come to light when necessary.

Glass Door

The laundry room in the 2017 HGTV Urban Oasis has a glass door that lets in lots of natural light to help illuminate the area. If your laundry room is windowless, think about installing a glass door to let light from other rooms of your house stream in.

Bookshelf Door with Hidden Laundry Closet behind It

You can also use creativity while creating the doors for the laundry closet. You must look at the superb sample we discovered.

View this image, if you would. When you see it, you might assume that it depicts a typical bookshelf with a large number of book collections housed inside.

Stacked Washers and Dryers with Metal Grate Doors

These grated doors would complement an industrial style.

Additionally useful, it permits air even when the doors are shut.