Hanging Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Many of us concentrate on the high-ticket pieces, such tables and chairs, when we decorate our dining rooms. However, these aren’t the only necessities to take into account. Dining room lighting fixtures are equally important and can significantly alter your decor by creating contrast, cohesiveness, or even a dash of dramatic flair.

Don’t, therefore, limit yourself to the dining room light fixtures you inherited. Instead, take some time to consider the needs of your space, then choose a fixture or a set of fixtures that fulfills those needs. We’ve gathered 20 hanging dining rooms and light fixture ideas from each of them to get you started.

Treat Yourself

You must consider whether textiles and materials will withstand regular wear and tear when creating for your family, especially if you have children and pets. Not so with the lighting in your dining room. You can really invest on a fixture you love because it is well out of the way of spills, sticky hands, and muddy paws.

Play With Scale

The size of the light fixture is always a factor while buying. But keep in mind that there isn’t a precise ratio to aim for. In fact, using scale to your advantage by putting a large light next to a modern dining table may be a fun way to enhance drama in your area.

Retro Hourglass Chandelier

Cathie Hong created this chic dining space with a retro hourglass chandelier that transports you back in time, bold nature artwork framed behind the table, and neutral colors.

Consider All Your Options

When choosing a light fixture for a round table, your options are significantly more limited than they are for long, rectangular tables. Choose between a straight fixture that matches the curvature of the table, a line or cluster of pendant lights, or a pair (or trio) of chandeliers. The metallic chandelier pairing creates a stylish contrast with the eclectically cottage dining area.

Consider Color and Texture

There are other factors to take into account besides the light fixture’s shape. Its texture and color can make a significant difference as well, especially if they go well with other furnishings in your room. Consider selecting a light fixture that echoes the hues and textures you’ve already used in the space. A dining room with off-white throw pillows and a woven rug might look best with an off-white braided chandelier.

Glass Bubble Chandelier

Amazing lighting does not have to be expensive. The Bubble Glass Orb Chandelier by World Market is an exact replica that costs less than $200, yet a light fixture like the one in this stunning dining room by Britt Design Studio can cost thousands of dollars.

Go Big

To make an impression, a light fixture doesn’t necessarily need to be covered in crystals or have a fancy silhouette. Despite having a straightforward structure, this traditional chandelier’s grandeur gives the room a sense of fullness. When it comes to lighting for a dining area, more is usually better.

Add Contrast With a Chandelier

Even though a glamorous chandelier may appear out of place in a rustic dining area, it could be the finishing touch your room needs to seem cohesive. Consider which type of lighting your room requires and choose an option that provides it. Lighting can offer contrast or cohesiveness.

Classic Cage Style Lighting

This stunning cage light pendant, displayed in the dining room designed by Charbonneau Interiors, is best described as understated elegance. The fixture brightens the neutral color scheme of the space.

Mix Up Your Shapes

Size, shape, and color don’t have to be constant for pendant lights. Combine various pendants to make an eye-catching display. Low, streamlined furnishings and a straightforward, neutral color scheme are the very best choices for an open-concept home. Over the table, a trio of textured white pendants hangs without taking attention away from the breathtaking cityscapes beyond.

Match Your Chandelier to Your Chairs

It might seem unusual to choose a chandelier that matches your furniture. But it’s one of the best ways to coordinate your dining room. After all, the table, the chairs, and the lighting fixture are the three main points of interest in the space. And because they are separated by the greatest distance, the chairs and lighting fixture will provide the greatest sense of coherence if their colors or textures match.

Wicker Lighting

To leave a lasting impression with your lighting, you don’t have to limit yourself to metal or glass. Warmth may be added to a place by including natural materials and earthy textures. A dining area with a Calimia Home design features a braided light fixture that gives the room a natural vibe.

Match the Style

The design of your room should be taken into account when arranging your lighting. The triple shoot of basket-woven pendant lights further accentuates this casual restaurant’s built-in banquette and wooden accent wall. The fact that each pendant is suspended on a heavy rope adds to the look’s airy feel.

Pair Sleek Lights With Rustic Furniture

What do you do now that you have a rustic dining room table? You can combine it with a complementary light fixture if the rest of your space has a rustic aesthetic. But if the space needs a little contrast, focus entirely on modern lighting. The perfect opposition should be provided by a pair of stark white pendant lights, and you can always employ art to unify the area.

Oversized Lantern

This Calimia Home-designed residence features a vibrant dining area that is elevated by a large saucer-shaped lantern. Other items, like the abstract paintings, give off a hint of richness without coming off as stuffy.

Add a Surprising Touch

The formal dining room has a brightly textured wallpaper backdrop and is elegant and unconventional. The modern, branch-like chandelier is a completely novel approach to lighting that is guaranteed to draw a lot of admiring remarks.

Spring for Something Structural

Keep in mind that there are other options besides traditional chandeliers. Bold contemporary fixtures are everywhere, and they can add personality to any room. So, if you fall in love with a sculptural option, snag it. After that, counteract its impression by combining it with accessories that have similar color, shape, and texture.

Sputnik Chandelier

This bright, eclectic space by Britt Design Studio has a futuristic touch thanks to the sputnik chandelier. The unusual spokes, globe bulbs, and antique brass finish of this fixture stand out.

Let There Be Dimmability

A room’s brightness can be greatly improved with recessed lighting. Put everything on a dimmer, and place lights away from the primary fixture over the table so they serve as background glows rather than competing spotlights. It’s crucial to have the flexibility to change your lighting to suit the environment and task of the space.

Keep Your Entire Space in Mind

These days, open-concept rooms are really popular, so if you’re designing one, make sure to zoom out. Don’t only focus on your dining room; take in the area around it as well. You may maintain the cohesion of your home while visually separating the two spaces by selecting a chandelier that resembles the kitchen’s fittings.