Hidden Toy Storage Ideas

Keeping organized can be a little more challenging when you have kids, but it’s not impossible. In fact, with a little forward preparation, you can speed up cleanup and even enlist your child’s help. The next time you enter the playroom, you may simply avoid tripping over those awful Legos by using a few clever and well-thought-out storage solutions.

The best approach to remain on top of the organizing game is to be proactive, therefore it’s important to make sure you and your family tidy up after every game. But you can make it simpler by installing functional hidden toy storage.

Consider Exposed and Hidden Storage

You will undoubtedly want a location where you can throw items away where no one can see them when thinking about where to store your child’s toys. Think about a unit with cubbies for easy access to the books and toys your child uses every day as well as a few drawers to quickly conceal messes.

Ottoman Turned Toy Box

It has turned out to be a terrific acquisition for us, as Melissa Boyer explains about her adorable storage ottoman find below. My kids can easily put and remove toys from it. If additional seating is ever required, it may be moved easily to the main sitting area.

Coffee Table With Hidden Toy Storage

You may make the most of the space in the living room, arrange toys, and keep them out of sight when fun is ended by bringing in a coffee table with concealed storage.

Repurpose Existing Furniture

To keep your child’s room tidy, you don’t need to go out and buy brand-new furniture or storage options. Use an old wardrobe as storage by adding baskets to keep everything concealed.

Hide Toys Away In A Cabinet

Toy storage in the living room works best with closed storage alternatives like built-in cabinets, a free-standing buffet, or a dresser.

To contain smaller, similar items in the area, think about utilizing baskets or boxes. You could even assign separate groupings of toys to different drawers.

Sofa With Storage

A mound of toys by the door is not what your children’s toys deserve! Consider purchasing a sofa with storage, even if your living space is modest. There are storage sofas available in every size, price range, and design.

Consider Furniture With Storage

Think of furnishings that works overtime if you’re looking for toy storage in your child’s room. Use every square inch of a limited area by employing a day bed with under-bed storage.

Toy Storage Underneath Coffee Table

The coffee table can be a great place to store games or toys while still maintaining the aesthetic of the space.

A shelf underneath or numerous drawers are the best possibilities. Even a chest with an open top might be perfect for covert storage if you have items that aren’t used frequently.

Go for Built-Ins

In addition to being quite fashionable, a built-in unit is a fantastic option for tiny areas. Spend a little more money and choose handcrafted cabinets with doors to conceal any clutter.

Behind The Sofa Toy Storage

Building built-in drawers like this behind the lounge suite would be a more involved project. How clever to conceal toys in the living area!

Storage In Alcoves

Even if you have a tiny living room alcove, find a way to make use of the area so that you can install toy storage solutions and keep all of the toys in one location.


To create a statement and keep toys out of sight after playtime, place an armoire in the living room.

Use Baskets and Cubbies

Wicker basket cubbies are ideal for storing toys out of sight and maintaining a clean, modern look, whether your toy storage is outside in a common place or you simply want to upgrade the look in your child’s room.

Jumbo Wooden Blocks

These giant versions of the beloved children’s toy open to reveal hidden storage, and they would look charming in a nursery or playroom. You may paint over the letters and use the blocks as nightstands or footstools when your youngster is ready for decor that is more appropriate for adults.

Toy Storage Built Into A Window Seat

If a living room contains a bay window, a built-in window seat or bench might be a truly helpful addition. It can feature plenty of space to keep toys in the living area in addition to a quiet reading nook.

I adore this living room’s example of a small bench with storage. both useful and attractive!

Use Lockers

We adore the whimsical feel that any playroom gets from this school locker style. Set up lockers in the form of a schoolhouse to store all toys.

Chalkboard Boxes

Boxes are useful for collecting smaller items like blocks and miniatures since they are covered with chalkboard paint for simple labeling. Additionally, arranged on open shelf, the contrasting schoolhouse-inspired style looks adorable.

Toy Storage Underneath The Couch

Unlike the typical “My toys are missing and I suspect they are below the sofa!” tale, this concept makes use of that area specifically for toy organizing.

This armchair has a small ornamental box with wooden puzzles in the space underneath it. Simple to transport and simple to store!

Create a Cubby

This charming little play cubby is not only ideal for encouraging fantasy and daydreaming, but it also doubles as useful storage space when not in use.

A Suitcase With Legs?

“Look! As I am writing this, my 8-year-old son tells his siblings, “Mom is going to put our LEGO in a suitcase!”

I might use the suitcase both as a hidden LEGO storage area and a side table. But even if I don’t, I now know more precisely how I’m going to arrange my children’s games and toys for this living room makeover.