High Ceiling Fireplace Ideas

Your indoor living space can benefit greatly from having high ceilings. If you have windows, they can let in light and give the impression that the space is spacious. You can use tall plants and elaborate lighting fixtures when the ceilings are high. Maintaining the appearance of your interior furniture in a huge area with high ceilings can be difficult. It’s critical to choose decor that enhances rather than detracts from the added height.

Twenty gorgeous designs are available for fireplaces with high ceilings. Enjoy the inspiration, please.

Whitewashed Stone Fireplace in Living Room

A whitewashed stone fireplace with a flat-screen TV is flanked by black-framed circle mirrors. A two-story living room is visible via a beige egg chair facing the fireplace.

A Massive Mirror Above The Fireplace And A Grand Piano

There is a huge vaulted ceiling in this house. The amount of natural light that enters the space through the large, arched windows in the upper clerestory is astounding. Despite the room’s vastness, the massive furniture items don’t appear out of proportion since they are the right size for the space. Over the fireplace, a very large mirror has been placed to prevent the room from appearing too small. The scale is appropriate for the space. The space is also big enough to fit a lovely grand piano.

Screen Porch Fireplace

This screened-in porch is cozy throughout the year thanks to the fireplace. The fireplace’s cultured stone veneer is a lightweight substitute that gives all the aesthetic benefits of real stone. Variegated hues and textures complement the space’s basic color scheme while also giving it depth. The fireplace, which rises to the ceiling, draws attention to the room’s height.

White Painted Brick Floor to Ceiling Fireplace

Between an open concept living room and kitchen is a white painted brick floor to ceiling fireplace with a brick hearth. Under the sloping white shiplap ceiling, a white slipcovered couch and a blond wood coffee table are placed on a jute rug.

Choose Larger Furniture Pieces And Tall Accessories

One benefit of having a high ceiling is that you can size up your furnishings. Naturally, you don’t want things to be so crowded that you can’t move around them, but some bulk won’t look out of place. Here, a huge square coffee table is tucked next to some overstuffed couches. The tall plant on the coffee table and the tall greenery above the mantel should be noted. The room’s height permits such height in your accessories.

Large Fireplace Design

This fireplace, which extends from the lofted ceiling to the floor, has stunning brickwork and a remarkably straightforward wood mantle. The massive, imposing look of the fireplace is enhanced by a tall metal door that is displayed as art on the oak mantel. The firebox is discretely defined by an iron frame and a strong band of stone.

2 Story Stone and White Shiplap Fireplace

White shiplap siding and dry-stacked stone A gray stone hearth and stained wood mantel complete the two-story fireplace. In this gray living room, a white ceiling fan is installed above mauve suede couches, in front of the fireplace.

Inspire Conversation

In this Aamir Khandwala-designed living room, a sizable semicircle sofa is a terrific way to make sure that no one fights over a lovely view of the fireplace and the trees. Additionally, it makes for engaging dialogue and intriguing visuals.

The Stone Terrace Fireplace

A pair of Vladimir Kagan swivel chairs make for comfortable hearthside seating on the patio of this Cliff Fong-designed home in Lake Toxaway. cloth for furniture, Pierre Frey. Nobuo Sekine’s mantelpiece art.

Two Story Living Room with White Shiplap Fireplace

In this two storey living area, a gray fireplace with a stained wood mantle is built into a white shiplap wall. In front of the fireplace is a round wicker coffee table and a light blue Chesterfield sofa.

Continuous and Classic Dramatic Tall White Fireplace

Enjoy the continuous all-white color scheme and the ceiling’s vast size in this great space. This traditional white fireplace appears clean and attractive with no effort because it is covered in white shiplap to maintain the flow. You may turn it into the family’s favorite hangout by connecting your TV to it!

The Room-Divider Fireplace

Together with architects Al and Parker Platt, designer Cliff Fong produced an open living/dining space divided by a central fireplace and encircled by a substantial stone chimney. Within an hour’s drive of the house, a variety of materials were acquired, including salvaged brushed-hemlock ceiling cladding, white oak millwork, and granite.

Two Story Family Room with Uneven Stone Fireplace

A gray mantel is installed over an unlevel stone fireplace in a two-story family room. White windows with white shutters and brown and white striped drapes border the fireplace on either side.

Warm Up High Ceilings

has a hefty ceiling? A fireplace is an excellent way to add warmth and make a big, open room feel cozier and more welcoming.

The Stone Fireplace

At this Vermont party barn created by architect Gil Schafer, Adirondack granite encircles the large fireplace, providing a cold counterpoint to the warm wood paneling.

Gray Stone Two Story Fireplace with TV

Above a stained wood mantel, a flat-screen TV is fixed to a two-story fireplace made of gray stone. A black wagon wheel chandelier illuminates a wood coffee table and light gray Chesterfield sofa in front of the TV.

On-Trend Tile

Today’s tile style possibilities are incredibly stylish. Modern designs with subdued color schemes provide a dynamic texture and a splash of personality.

The Black and White Fireplace

The Ann Holden-designed home in Santa Barbara includes console trimmed in Fortuny fabric and sofas in Richard Shapiro’s Ardecora fabric. Italian-made, faded black-and-white fireplace with 19th-century tapestry accent.

Black Living Room Wall with White Stone 2 Story Fireplace

A black living room wall with a white sloped ceiling and a two-story white stone fireplace. Above the gray mantle and hearth of the fireplace, a flat-screen TV has been installed.

Stone Stunner

Beautiful stone is still one of the most popular materials for fireplaces because it is cozy and inviting. We adore the way the hygge-inspired bedroom’s warm dcor is complemented by this stunning display of piled stone.