Ideas For Space Above Refrigerator

IKEA Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

The kitchen’s integrated cabinet gives you more room to store your belongings. It makes it much simpler for you to find what you need.

The natural tone of the cabinet’s wood, which complements the natural color of the concrete tiles flooring, is the finest choice when trying to create a historic ambience.

Carrier Pieces

Most likely, you have a covered casserole carry bag or an insulated cake taker. These items are indispensable when you need to bring a meal to a potluck for a family gathering, but they can be an inconvenience when it comes to storage.

You won’t have to worry about them until you need them if you store them above the refrigerator.

Cookbook Storage

If you use cookbooks frequently, stacking them in a cabinet or putting them on top of your refrigerator, as seen in the photo, is a terrific way to make use of the space above your refrigerator while maintaining quick access to your cookbooks.

If you opt to leave them out in the open, keep the display looking tidy by stacking them and placing something decorative on top to give it a bookshelf aspect, or sit them straight up like in this photo.

Rustic Above The Fridge Cabinet

Installing the rustic cabinet as a part of your kitchen’s design will enhance its aesthetic appeal and improve its functionality. Install a cupboard, for instance, above the refrigerator to hide its odd appearance.

Functionality-wise, it makes it possible for you to regularly keep your room cleaner and more organized. Additionally, it makes finding what you’re looking for lot simpler.

Why Are There Cabinets Over The Refrigerator?

If there is a void, the wall space above the refrigerator may be awkward. The answer is to install a set of cabinets that visually anchors the space, blends in with the other kitchen cabinets, and gives the room the appearance of having extra storage space.

People don’t like to store things in the extra storage area since it is difficult to access, which is an issue.

Pull Out Cabinet

This refrigerator cabinet design seems the most logical to me out of all those mentioned above. Because I’m short, I must always use a chair to try to reach anything in the cupboards above my refrigerator, and even then, I sometimes can’t.

With this tiny thing, you can just swing out the contents and readily access them. Installing one of these can help turn the cupboard space above the refrigerator into a useful area.

Classic Above The Fridge Cabinet

One of the greatest methods to give your kitchen a traditional feel is to let the wood’s original color and texture visible. Wood is a timeless material that mixes well with marble counters and brown floors.

Bring the dividers with you to correctly organize the products so you can find them quickly when you need them.

Can You Remove The Cabinets Over A Fridge?

There could be a few reasons to think about eliminating the cabinets above the refrigerator.

First, the cabinets may hang too low, preventing your new refrigerator from fitting in the space. If you live in an older home, installing a new refrigerator could be difficult because newer refrigerators are taller than older models.

While you can simply cut the bottom of the cabinet to create room for the new fridge, you also have the option of taking the cabinet out. This alternative will require more work, though. You will need to somehow redesign the empty area on the wall left by taking off the cabinet.

Second, you would like an unconventional approach or an open concept. You get to decide because it’s your space.

Fruit Bowl

Have a fruit bowl that needs a home? Place it above the refrigerator!

If you have a smaller refrigerator, like the one in this image, this is a particularly wonderful idea because it will be even simpler to access. This is a fantastic use of space that won’t detract from your aesthetic even if your fridge is normal size.

Paint Blue The Cabinet

An easy approach to improve the appearance of the entire kitchen is to paint the cabinetry this shade of blue. It enables the blue above-fridge cabinet to charmingly integrate with the cabinetry, which makes it useful for storing wine collections.

It would be simpler to get the bottle with the divider installed, and the flavor and scent would remain in good condition.

Over-the-Fridge Shelving

With stylish and practical open shelving, you can fill the uncomfortable space between your refrigerator and ceiling. Put your cherished cake mixer to good use by storing it there, or, like designer Jessica McClendon suggests, display your vibrant cookbook collection and healthy houseplant above.

Use Functional Items

The copper containers above the refrigerator are so effective at dressing up “that space” because they serve a purpose. A kitchen’s useful storage is a fantastic advantage. What if it appears to be attractive? Then, everyone benefits. Additionally, we adhered to the law of odd numbers by using only one color—”copper”—and three “useful” containers.

In addition, you can use cake stands, Ironstone, baskets, ancient pudding molds, etc. A collection of your favorite cookware looks fantastic there. I advise merging a few of your collections together if you have a lot of space that you need to fill.

Sophisticated Above the Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Utilizing the option of the feature in the kitchen makes it simple to keep your kitchen looking modern and up to date. To keep this look, place the plasma over the refrigerator.

If you have white appliances and a mix of black and white accessories, it supports the classy touch to the kitchen without requiring too many tasks to be completed.

Fill In The Corner Functionally

A fridge positioned in a kitchen corner is a clever technique to make the most of the space while also maximizing it. It can be complemented by adding a cabinet above the refrigerator to make the best use of the space that is available.

To create a stunning contrast with the light-toned flooring and the white wall paint behind, pick the medium tone rather than the light tone.

Decorate the Space Above “the Space” Above the Fridge

Sometimes the area that needs assistance is not the one directly above your refrigerator, but the area above that area. The opening over the refrigerator used to appear misplaced, uninteresting, and out of place. Other kitchen cabinets had windows above them. The area above the refrigerator, however, contained two nooks that appeared to have been windows or other objects rather than bare space (see “before” photo). We chose a contemporary interpretation of wood paneling and installed horizontal planks, keeping in mind the clients’ passion of mid-century modern architecture. WOW, the room now appears finished!

Doorless Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

If you want the cupboard above the refrigerator to operate properly, it shouldn’t be closed. It might be a great idea to use it as a location to showcase your favorite decorative items while keeping them nicely organized.

If there is no door on the cabinet, make sure that the refrigerator won’t shake a lot when you open and close it so that the items within the cabinet are safe.

Simple Above The Fridge Cabinet

The small quantity of space in the kitchen should be taken into account; therefore, a straightforward installation will be a wise decision. In addition to being straightforward to install, the installation keeps the items ordered while also preventing the kitchen from seeming cramped.

Choose a white cabinet with a gold door handle for a touch that will go in well with the kitchen’s design.

Do the Opposite and Open Up Space Above the Fridge

You did it right! The homeowner wanted a brand-new look for this project without tearing everything down and starting from scratch. She needed practical rooms where she could see everything and quickly get what she needed. She was already storing things in front of the locked cabinets, on top of the refrigerator. So why not design an accessible, open area? As a result, the space above the refrigerator might be filled with a deeper open shelf, giving the refrigerator a “built-in” appearance.

By embracing the functional potential of this area and stocking it with cookbooks and covered casserole pans, we were able to create a position above the refrigerator that is genuinely practical to grab and use.

Jar Storage Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Some individuals might find it odd that there is an empty space above the refrigerator. It must be filled in in order to increase the space’s use. Your jar collections should be placed in the cupboard above the refrigerator after you bring them there.

The fridge must be opened and shut extremely carefully, just like the other doorless cabinetry. To stop the jars from tipping over, make sure it doesn’t cause any shaking.

White Minimalist Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

White paint should be your first choice if you want to showcase the minimalist design in your kitchen, especially if it isn’t very big.

By making use of the empty space above the fridge, the kitchen can be made much more practical and look lot cleaner.

Its white background perfectly complements the other white elements in the kitchen, bringing out the minimalist design to its utmost.