Ideas For Stairs Instead Of Carpet

Match Your Stair Paint Color To Living Room Furniture

Doesn’t this amazing sunken sofa and central staircase indicate that a grey and white lounge can be a trendy and contemporary core of the home?

In this open-plan living room layout, choose a color for your staircase that is close to the color of your furnishings to give the room a cohesive appearance. It will greatly aid in establishing a sense of coherence and flow throughout the various areas.

Back in Black

Has there ever been a more alluring staircase? It’s NSFW how sexy a black staircase with reclaimed wood steps is.

Get Colour Drenching

The hallway is one area where color soaking, a popular decorating technique right now, works very effectively. There are a ton of options available to you after you understand how to paint a staircase.

To make a serious statement, paint the floor, stairs, radiator, walls, and even the radiator and/or walls in the same color. Choose tonal colors for impact without concentrating solely on one hue to slightly modify the trend.

Install A Glass Banister

Reflective glass stair railings can help your hallway appear larger, just like mirrors can. Try a glass banister with oak on top if you still prefer the traditional wood style, or use chrome fittings for a modern hallway.

Keep a keen eye out for these home purchases at your DIY or department store because they all contribute to the perception of a larger room, including light walls, pale wooden flooring, and thoughtful furniture.

Mix Tape

Fans of whimsy, take note: This staircase features a fantastic, waterfall-like design made with multicolored sticky tape.

Be Inspired By Pretty Patchworks

A patchwork quilt could be an unexpected source of inspiration, whether you prefer the chintzier things in life or just live in a country-style home. Your staircase design ideas’ risers should be covered in wallpaper in various, unrelated prints and patterns.

Keep everything manageable by sticking to a single theme or color scheme. As an illustration, all floral patterns, polka dots, abstract patterns…

Optimize Dead Space With Shelving

The area on the opposite side of stair balustrades is frequently left empty. You might be tempted to install some stairway lights or build a tiny gallery wall, but have you ever thought about building a shelfie on your steps?

Vases, photographs, and books can be displayed beautifully using this lovely wooden fixture. Highlight your favorite pieces to make it stand out even more with some small spotlight downlighting or LED strip lighting.

Never Met A Stripe We Didn’t Like

Classic stripes are always a good choice for a crisp, clean appearance. Without going crazy, the blue and white pattern adds lots of nautical flair.

Co-Ordinate With Paint And Wallpaper

Painting your woodwork black or a really dark charcoal grey can genuinely upgrade a room and make it look more upscale. For a clean, contemporary style, contrast with white walls. For even more drama, accent with a seductive navy blue or emerald green. The double-height ceiling is highlighted by the delicate pendant lighting, which also lends a vivid splash of color to the stair runner.

Contrast A Dark Hallway With Lighter Stairs

We adore the way this dramatic hallway with its dark hues and strong take on traditional Victorian design has been enlivened by painting the stairs and top walls a dazzling white.

The space is then warmed with the addition of gold accents and the pinkish tones in the entryway mat.

Blue Crush

Paint your steps blue whether you truly reside near the ocean or just wish you did. I could live by the coast.

Boost Light Levels

The amount of light a staircase can block is one item that isn’t taken into account as often as it should be. With a few easy tips, keep everything bright and light. Maintaining the treads in a light-colored wood or paint will encourage the available light to bounce about. A glass bannister will enable sunshine to penetrate through.

Built-in footlights will also be helpful at night and on gloomier days.

Be Brave With A Bold Staircase Idea

We love the colorful staircase concepts that are popular right now in contemporary halls.

Stairs are the ideal little spot to add a burst of color and can function almost like feature walls. We respect your daring and appreciate your sense of style, whether you choose a soft pastel pink, a subdued sage green-grey, or a sunny yellow like in this really amazing renovated schoolhouse.

Compare & Contrast

Thanks to the patterned tiles, the staircase in a Californian home has graphic goals. A shared color scheme makes the contrasting combination work.

Tile Stair Risers

The owners of this monochromatic residence had thought about installing a stair runner, but they had to stick to a budget. In addition to saving them money, tiling the risers with a tasteful mosaic increased the impact and complemented the decor elsewhere.

Create A Home Library Next To Your Staircase

The never-ending stack of shoes, bags, and mail in our houses is enough to make Marie Kondo cry. Hallways are a difficult space to store items in.

Therefore, we adore this staircase idea for a home library filled with books, magazines, comics, novels, and more.

It’s definitely a little inspiration to go to bed a few hours sooner and put down our typical blue light-emitting equipment.

Go All Out

Totally fixated on a single color? Then go ahead and paint your entire stairs in that shade, top to bottom.

Make It Personal With Curated Photos

Your hallway can serve as more than just a welcome to your house; it can also convey a sense of your individuality. The bright, playful side of this homeowner is conveyed through the choice of paint colors and artwork. Here, conversation starters like a framed lunar calendar and a graphic skull print are plenty.

Use Stair Stickers

Updating risers with stair stickers is a terrific alternative if you’re on a tight budget, want a weekend project, or are renting yet want to upgrade your decor.

Numerous designs are available online (try Amazon or Etsy they have some lovely affordable design). Even a DIY novice could use them because they are simple to use, come with instructions, and essentially only need that you cut them to size and glue them down.

Fabric FTW!

With just paint and cloth, you can give a staircase a light, vibrant appearance. Apply the fabric with ModPodge, a crafting essential.