Inexpensive Cheap Patio Cover Ideas

Sail Shade Fabric Patio Cover

A particularly inventive approach to cover your patio is using sun sail blinds because they offer countless design options. You can move each sail shade at any time, depending on how you build them. To make sure you have the most original and distinctive patio cover on the block, you can even experiment with various fabrics, colors, and configurations. Are you sure Dana and Steve from House Tweaking did this backyard setup themselves?

Shade Cloth Patio Covers

Corrugated steel was used to cover a house by the husband and wife architectural partnership known as Phoenix’s The Ranch Mine, and Cohills Enviro Stain was used to stain the concrete floors. To support the shade sails, shade-sail anchors were fastened to the roof trusses beneath the eaves. When compared to brick, mortar, and other built-ins, shade sails are frequently less expensive, which eliminates the need for an architect and construction team.

Keep it Natural with Reed Grass

Find some natural material drapes and hang them from your reed grass-covered frame for the ideal, organic way to keep your patio covered. Simply construct a frame from of beams, branches, or bundles of reeds.

Wherever you are, cover the frame with the delicate reeds for a light, airy atmosphere that is ideal for the summer, spring, or autumn. A bench made of natural wood with comfortable, all-natural cushions would be the ideal accent.

Bamboo Reed Patio Cover

Have a pergola already, just need a patio cover. Use bamboo reed garden fencing as an example of innovative design from Sophie Carpenter. It is not only inexpensive (around $28 at The Home Depot), but it is also a quick and simple method to transform your backyard patio into a boho-chic space. Additionally, you can certainly complete this task on your own.

Thatched Shade for Casa Arcadia

This shade structure with a metal framework and a thatch-style roof was created by Higgins Architects of Scottsdale, Arizona, for a residence in the Camelback neighborhood.

Or Go for A Soft, Seasonal Canopy

This supple, fabric canopy is another option for a patio cover. This is an excellent option if you live somewhere where there is a lot of wind blowing during particular seasons or where it is really chilly in the winter.

You may enjoy the great outdoors by choosing simple, neutral hues for the materials and furniture, adding some strategically placed lighting, and relaxing furnishings.

Corrugated Aluminum Patio Cover

Dabito of the site Old Brand New decided to renovate his patio himself, saving money by utilizing a corrugated metal cover. He painted the neighboring building a stylish matte black to dress up the metal roofing, and added a bohemian touch to tie everything together. The outdoor living area is now prepared for relaxing.

Solar Fabric Shade in Austin

In order to protect this Austin patio from the sun’s rays, Paula Ables Interiors installed an exterior-grade open-weave solar fabric cover. A removable rod is used to move the cloth, which is fastened to a track on both sides.

Hang a Fabric Cover for an Affordable Option

Not every patio cover design needs a lot of preparation and money. Some, like this fabric cover, are more simpler yet nevertheless attractive and functional. Just some water-resistant cloth and a basic wooden frame are required.

To hold the shade in place and stop the drapes from fluttering about too much, use sturdy, neutral fabrics. Find a helpful guide to building your own outdoor covering so you can take advantage of the many DIY solutions available for similar designs.

Awning Patio Cover

The awning that extends from the exterior of your home is one of the most common (and possibly most appealing) patio covers. This option, which is reminiscent of charming sidewalk cafes, gives homeowners the chance to add a touch of color, pattern, or both depending on the material they pick. For this outdoor dining area, Breeze Giannasio picked a black and white striped pattern, which we adore.

Palo Alto Fabric and Steel Pergola

This Palo Alto patio cover was specially created and built by Jenna Bayer Garden Design. It is constructed of a steel-engineered structure and a shade fabric with a 70% filtration rate.

Install a Multi-Layered Cover for Texture and Color

This option for unique patio cover designs is a fun, colorful way to add some texture and distinctive touches to make your patio your own. It offers a distinctive spin on wooden patio coverings.

The colourful cloth squares offer a dash of elegance while the wooden beams at the bottom give off a timeless, rustic vibe. You can create a three-layered atmosphere in your yard by hanging lights from the various beams.

Umbrella Patio Cover

Lacking the space in your yard or the funds to create a real structure to shade your patio, what are your other options? Not to worry. Instead, choose a large umbrella as this poolside hideaway by Brooke Wagner did. We refer to a win-win as being both affordable and fashionable.

Corrugated Steel Roof in Aspen Creek

There are no obvious symptoms of significant corrosion several years after this corrugated cold-rolled steel roof was installed on a residence in Utah. Even after 50 years, basic, cold-rolled mild steel does not appreciably rust, claim the architects Carney Logan Burke.

Hang a Light Cover

This cheap patio cover is a terrific option that just about everyone can do: a light cover. It’s an affordable, simple patio roof design. To save money and increase efficiency, gather several strands of outdoor lighting, and arrange them in rows across the patio. For your corners, use straightforward posts, shepherd’s hooks, or trees.

Depending on how many lights you want to use, you can use this straightforward design with straight across lines or vary it up with some swoops, crosses, or even a weaving pattern.

Patio Cover With Outdoor Curtains

You’re in fortunate if your pergola already exists. A fabric patio cover that is already produced is easily accessible. You can choose outside drapes as well for a more dramatic appearance and to increase seclusion; Rachel of Shades of Blue Interiors did this for her patio makeover.

Set Up an Awning

By using fabric to shade your patio, you may add drama, pattern, and texture. Here, Mark Sikes chose a colorful cabana with white and blue stripes.

Invest in a Giant Patio Umbrella

Look for a large patio umbrella like this one if you’d prefer a less permanent patio cover alternative. It’s large enough to accommodate a dinner table or even all the seating. This is the ideal solution for anyone looking for versatility because the majority of huge umbrellas can also be adjusted for angle or height.

If you need to cover a larger area, you can also add a few extras. When not in use, just fold and store away, and use your patio come rain or shine. For anyone seeking a patio cover with a ton of versatility, it truly is the finest option.

DIY Pergola Shade Patio Cover

Want to add some individuality to your pergola? Then don your handyman cap and construct your own patio cover. This Studio DIY tutorial will walk you through each step needed to get the look.

Add a Straw Roof

Like this one, an outdoor clubhouse with a straw roof over the patio will transform your backyard into an opulent resort in a far-off tropical locale. Consider the climate in your area to determine which materials will endure the longest.