Kayak Storage Ideas Outside


If you’re fortunate enough to reside close to the ocean, you can store your kayak there instead of having to deal with transportation issues. This is a standard practice when using hard shell kayaks. It is best to use a freestanding rack because it raises the kayak off the ground.

When putting them on the rack, be sure to always turn them upside down. It ought to have an overhead cover as well. The kayaks will be shielded from the sun’s damaging UV rays by doing this. The molded plastic shouldn’t get brittle and split from exposure.

An Easy PVC Kayak Rack

One of the most economical materials for a DIY kayak rack is PVC, and this design is really straightforward. It may be constructed using 1.5-inch PVC tubing, T-connectors, PVC end caps, and VC adhesive for a little over $120 in supplies and is intended to fit kayaks that are 33 inches wide.

Folding Floor Stands

By lifting the kayak off the hard garage floor and setting it on a sturdy steel rack with soft rubber padding, these kayak stands protect your investment. The pair requires no assembly and can support up to 100 pounds when used together. The stands are not only excellent for storing things, but they are also the perfect height for cleaning and maintaining things.


You don’t have to use one of the upscale kayak storage racks and kits that are available. As an alternative, you can quickly design a DIY kayak rack. Plan the size and shape of your rack using a tape measure. then construct the rack using wood.

Make sure to strengthen it with a lot of assistance. Once the weight of the kayak is on the rack, you also want to make sure that it remains stable. Add foam padding to the support rails to protect your kayak.

DIY Two-Kayak Yard Rack

The type of T-posts utilized for this inventive DIY kayak rack are typically used to extend longer lengths of fencing material. You may make a straightforward rack for storing up to two kayaks by hammering the T-posts firmly into the circle and attaching cross braces using two-by-fours.

Freestanding Rack

This two-kayak option is perfect for keeping your kayaks off the ground and out of the way and can securely carry up to 175 pounds. It is available with wheels so you can move it around the garage as needed and has stabilizing feet that you can securely anchor to the ground for added security. The soft foam helps prevent damage, and the adjustable arms fit the majority of boat types.


The best storage solution for people who live near water is a dock. Your storage spot will now be directly on the water. Then, anytime you need them, you may easily access your leisure kayaks. Even your inflatable kayak or canoe might be positioned on the dock. Invest in a floating dock even if they can be more expensive. They float on the water right at the edge and are composed of sturdy PVC material.

It slopes down in the direction of the water on the water side. In this manner, you may easily paddle up on the kayak or slide it off into the sea.

Freestanding Six-Kayak DIY Rack

You may store up to six kayaks on this rack, which has an upside-down T-shaped main structure and angled supports. The base of the construction is made of 4″ x 6″ posts, while the remaining lumber is 2″ x 4″ in size.

Also made to be simpler to drag without catching on the round are the bottom runners. Because of this, if you need to be able to move the rack around quickly for outdoor kayak storage, this is a fantastic option.

Wall Hooks

Take back a ton of needed floor space by storing your kayaks on the walls of the garage, either inside or outside, depending on the material. Six of these 15-inch racks are included in the set, allowing you to store three kayaks. Each set of hangers is made to be damage-free and can support up to 50 pounds. The racks can hold boats that are no wider than 13 inches.


A freestanding storage rack is the simplest option for storing kayaks. You purchase it, erect it, and then set your kayak on it. Simple two-stand setups are available that you can fold up and store out of the way when not in use if you only have one kayak. Or you can reposition them as necessary.

An even simpler option is to set up two sawhorses if you cannot afford to purchase the specialized kayak stand. When setting the kayak on the supports, just make sure to flip it over.

DIY Metal Kayak Rack For Truck Bed

Using metal rather of PVC, this design might help you make the most of the kayak storage space in your truck bed. The detailed cutting and assembly instructions, as well as a complete design plan and materials list, can be found in the link below.

Rack With Wheels

With the help of this rack’s six lockable wheels, you can easily move your kayaks about the garage as needed. The structure won’t move while the wheels are secured, making for a safe storage space. The compact stand can sustain a combined weight of 175 pounds and can hold two kayaks stacked one on top of the other. It has padded arms to prevent nicks and an adjustable width to fit bigger vessels.


Kayaks can be fairly large, making storage in your garage difficult. An outside kayak storage solution is what you require. It might be a kayak trailer on wheels, a free-standing rack, or even a wall-mounted option.

Your choice of outdoor storage will be influenced by your financial situation, the amount of space you have, and the quantity of kayaks you need to store. While inexpensive, simple wall-mounted hooks have a limit on the number of boats you can hang. Although more expensive, a large freestanding facility is the best option for storing numerous kayaks.

Outdoor Covered DIY Canoe and Kayak Rack

This outdoor rack has a roof to protect your kayaks from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and rain, making it suitable for use all year round. Although it is a bit more difficult to construct, it will provide you enough room to keep four canoes and two kayaks or up to six kayaks.


While not exactly perfect, this is still preferable to the current situation. With this, a tarp or storage bag would likely be useful. Additionally, if your kayak is particularly long (like ours), it might not fit in your garage or basement, leaving you with little alternative but to use a storage stand with some sort of cover.


It makes sense to bring your kayak indoors for garage storage if you have a sizable garage. A kayak storage rack inside will keep your kayak in top condition for a longer period of time. Your kayak is shielded from the weather, including UV radiation and changing temperatures, when it is kept within.

If your garage has a high ceiling, you can prop them up vertically by tying a rope to the wall. It may make more sense to suspend them from the ceiling in compact areas.

DIY Exterior Covered Kayak Storage Shed

This unique outdoor storage building can house up to two kayaks and is made to fit underneath the eaves of your house. You can apply some of their ideas to replicate what they did on your property. The father-son team who created this video modified their storage shed to fit the precise spot on the side of their home that they had in mind.

Outdoor Kayak Storage Shed

Here is an illustration of a shed for kayak storage. Although you probably don’t need to store that many, it provides you an idea of the type of structure you might construct.


Building a wood rack is the perfect solution if you require storage space for many kayaks. Using readily accessible kits, it’s simple to construct a freestanding rack. Three to six kayaks can typically fit in a kit. Two arms will be present for each kayak. The kayak will be inserted from the side so that it sits on the two supports.

The ease with which the kayaks can be put on and taken off makes this technique the most user-friendly. The kayaks could also be positioned on the stand from the end as an alternative. When there isn’t enough space to load them from the side, such as when the rack is on a dock, this type of rack works well.

Lightweight DIY PVC Three-Kayak Rack

Another homemade kayak rack made of PVC, but this one has a special design that allows it to fit three smaller kayaks in a very tiny space. For smaller paddlers or for storing some of the finest kayaks for kids, the rack also keeps your kayaks closer to the ground for simpler loading and unloading.