Kitchen Bump Out Ideas

Create A Wall Of Windows

A wall of windows from the kitchen might extend into your backyard. Consult your contractor regarding the sort of windows to be installed. In order to let light into your kitchen without overheating it, they should ideally be insulated with a low-E coating. Your kitchen’s wall of windows can change it from a dark room to one that is well-lit.

Extend Your Kitchen with a Bay Window

Have you ever considered installing a banquette in your kitchen? Bay windows can take the place of current windows. Install the bay style and enlarge the area. This bump-out will require cantilevering. It’s likely that this extension will cover more ground than the current opening.

The bay is the ideal location for a banquette installation. You can set a table and chairs in front of your window once it is finished being constructed. More people can sit at banquette tables, which have grown to be fairly popular. Pillows and a beautiful cushion can dress up the bench.

The view will be wonderful, and this addition will be appreciated.

Customized Kitchen Storage

Two of the upper cabinets were made into open shelving with plate racks for organizing dishes after the doors were removed from them. On one end of the expanded island, open shelves are now present, storing and displaying serving utensils. The room is made more contemporary with new appliances, a specially made range hood, and a clean white and gray color scheme.

Have A Pantry

A bump out is the greatest option if you don’t have a pantry. Make sure your kitchen has adequate room to keep dishes, canned items, and dry products. Make sure to shelf your pantry to make space for your things to be stored.

Get a Dream Kitchen Addition

The kitchen is still a key selling element in the housing market and frequently determines whether a house sells or not. A walk-in pantry or even an island for food preparation and dining can be accommodated by an expansion. If you need a little extra space for extra appliances or storage, kitchen extensions are fantastic.

Some homeowners choose to construct a brand-new kitchen from scratch while remodeling their old one into a mudroom or incorporating it into an open floor layout. An experienced builder can provide you advice on the most affordable, long-lasting, and effective method to make the most of your new design. Plumbing, new appliances, and countertops could make this more expensive than a straightforward addition.

Modern Kitchen Makeover

The new wood cabinets, which have white upper units that extend to the ceiling to visibly enlarge the ceiling height, are given a two-tone paint job to offer a contemporary contrast. One block of cabinets was replaced with open shelves to further the airy appearance. Along with newer appliances and butcher-block counters, graphic porcelain floor tiles give the kitchen a striking pattern punch.

Add A Breakfast Nook

Have you given the idea of a breakfast nook in your kitchen any thought? The children are waiting for you while you are making breakfast. Additionally, you can have breakfast together while joking about. Bump it out if your kitchen isn’t big enough for that. Making a bar for the kitchen’s pass-through window would also be fantastic!

Kitchen Bump-Out

A micro-addition, also known as a bump-out, which typically adds 100 square feet, is a minor improvement that can significantly reduce the footprint of a house. Bluestem Construction added a small 12-foot-wide by 3-foot-deep bump-out to the kitchen to make room for an eat-in counter. The clever refurbishment also made it possible to install a larger U-shaped cabinets layout.

High-Style Kitchen

The original cabinetry were painted a dazzling white and a light blue-gray to brighten the kitchen. The dark granite counters were replaced with veined white quartzite. Shiny brass elements are introduced above the island by new hardware and glass pendants. The outdated wallpaper was taken down to make room for a modern subway tile backsplash.

Build Dining Area

The kitchen should be moved out so that the dining room is adjacent to the kitchen. A large dining space will be created as a result. The meals are made, and family members set the table. Additionally, you may install a glass door so that when you’re eating, you can take in the view from outside.

Kitchen Bump Out In Green Oaks

This kitchen addition has a lot of natural light and a connection to the outdoor living area thanks to a wall of windows and patio doors. This seamless addition increased the kitchen’s square footage, creating a seating and eating area ideal for entertaining and family get-togethers.

Open and Airy

The sink and faucet were moved from the peninsula to the outside wall beneath a new, smaller window to improve the flow of the space. The island also took the place of the peninsula. To make morning routines simpler, the refrigerator is now situated close to a breakfast station that is closer to the dining room. The backsplash is made of porcelain tiles that cover the entire wall and imitate Carrara marble to save money without compromising design.

Add A Functional Kitchen Island

If your kitchen currently lacks an island, pushing out the space will help you create one. A kitchen serves to maximize your kitchen layout and store extra cooking appliances. The addition of additional seating next to the kitchen island will enable the family to cook with joy.

Would You Like to Add a Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen?

What better place to spend time with your family than the breakfast nook, which is often referred to as the “heart of the home”? Since most kitchens are on the ground floor, there is no need for a cantilever. You can build a foundation to support the bump-out.

You could install windows all around your coffee nook so you can enjoy the morning sun. The area could also be used by your kids to create crafts or do their homework. The 8 foot by 8 foot bump-out would be comfortable and have more than enough space for several benches and a great table.

Family-Friendly Kitchen

A kitchen with hardly there gray cabinets has a stylish, neutral look. The color scheme is well complemented by the gray subway tile backsplash and granite countertops, creating a tranquil and classic atmosphere. While the sturdy granite counters and hardwood floors are ideal for this busy family’s everyday use, kitchen renovation ideas like twisted legs on the island and a custom vent hood give the room a high-end and custom air.

Get A Fireplace

Nothing looks better in a kitchen than a fireplace. It can be a gathering spot for family and friends, act as the kitchen’s center point, and enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal. Renovate a kitchen and give your builder the go-ahead to install a pleasant gas fireplace.

Add More Kitchen Space

Nothing like a small kitchen to make food preparation feel like there are too many cooks in the house. There should be more room for dicing, slicing, baking, and sautéing so people don’t step on one other’s toes. We may work with you to create a layout that makes the most of your available space or expand it with kitchen extensions and bump-outs.

During your makeover, we can also add a new room, a kitchen, or a complete other space.

Reworked Cottage Kitchen

Better kitchen arrangement options became available by moving the sink location to the underused bay window (background of the before picture). A narrow but appropriately sized island took the place of a traffic-clogging peninsula. Lightweight materials and colors soften the overall appearance. Classic selections that can withstand daily usage and the test of time include white cabinets, Crema Marfil perimeter countertops, maple on the island, white subway tiles, and stainless steel.

Extend Your Kitchen

A large kitchen is always beneficial to have. For some more room and to raise the value of the home, you can include kitchen remodeling in your home improvement or remodeling projects. You can expand the kitchen by building a bump-out addition. The price for only this should range from $6000 to $26000.

Kitchen Expansion With The Bump Out

The bump out is a practical kitchen expansion choice. This required moving a wall outside by 24 inches. This is the most that a wall can be jolted without a foundation being laid. Although it might not seem like much, a small kitchen can benefit much from it.

The floor joists must run in the right direction for this option to be viable in every home. In this case, the roof is supported by removing a portion of the outside wall and replacing it with a laminated header. The new level is surrounded by new outer walls, which are cantilevered outward from the old floor. Without having to pay for a foundation, you gain space thanks to the modest roof that covers the entire expansion. With an additional two feet of space in front of cabinets and appliances, a 24-inch bump out provides plenty of room.