Landing Banister Ideas

Be Transparent

Check out what this architect did if you want to see a novel technique to make your banister the focal point of the room. The geometric banister’s “floating” appearance adds a powerfully contemporary accent to otherwise plain space. This is an excellent alternative for ultra-modern homes as well as residences with an office design aesthetic.

Swap Your Wood Spindles for Iron Ones

Iron spindles (also known as balusters) are a fantastic way to upgrade your otherwise plain staircase. There are numerous available styles. You can find many possibilities by conducting a simple search for “metal stair spindles” on

Keep It Sleek And Simple With Steel Spindles

One of the most common and useful materials for stair railings is steel, and you can find styles to match any aesthetic, whether historic or contemporary. If you want a sleek, modern style, take a cue from this staircase railing idea and keep it straightforward with strong, clear lines. By increasing the space between each railing, you can reduce visual clutter while allowing light to readily pass through the area.

Vintage Modern

Make the wooden banister stand out more if your steps are metal and you have the good fortune to have them. In order to make the oak wood on the banister stand out even more, designers were able to achieve it with this staircase by painting the stairs and their supports a slate blue. This gives a vintage look a contemporary touch.

Keep it Simple

In your redesign of the staircase, you could want to live by the proverb “less is more.” Choose plain railings and balusters rather than repainting or rebuilding custom ones. Wide boards or metal pipe used to install posts horizontally provide character while preserving a tidy, traditional appearance. This method of updating banisters is a terrific way to modernize your property or add some contemporary simplicity to a century-old building.

Choose A Contemporary Curved Design

And not all stair railings involve spindles, as this lovely modern design illustrates. Consider going with something more sculptural if you are working with an architect or designer to create your staircase. This staircase was created by the architectural firm De Rosee Sa(opens in new tab) and has a very natural appearance. Although it is simple and the gloss white complements the ash-colored treads’ cool tones well, the sweeping shapes that turn down each level are really striking.

Italian Charm

Here, wrought iron is combined with a top banister that has a striking wood stain. That is not a big concern in and of itself. The bottom stair support has been painted to look like a marble column, which is what distinguishes this staircase as being so distinctly Italian. The stairs’ realistic appearance is enhanced by the marbleized appearance, which helps them blend in with the rest of the room.

Get Colorful

Your banister will be more vibrant with a wide assortment of spindles. You may easily alter the project’s color scheme because it’s so straightforward.

Give The Traditional A Twist With Plywood

Wood doesn’t have to be conventional all the time. Birchply is used in this modern staircase design by David Money Architects(opens in new tab), giving it a sleek, contemporary appearance while also adding a touch of natural texture to the otherwise very minimalist industrial living area.

Additionally, see how two steps are left without railings at the foot of the staircase. This adds to the continuous flow and keeps the room from feeling cramped if you are constructing a staircase for a narrow hallway or if it is in an open-plan area.

Light It Up

Can’t quite get over the fact that your stairs are made of wood? It’s absolutely OK. As this designer demonstrated, adding some LED underlights to the bottom of the rails will give wooden stairs a stunning appearance. It not only illuminates your stairs for better nighttime mobility but also transforms them into a stunning focus point.

Add Depth and Luxury with Two Tones

A staircase with two colors really jumps. The handrail, floors, and honey oak throughout were all refurbished by the homeowners, who also painted the spindles and risers a bright white color. It’s likely that this style will continue to be popular for a while.

Mix And Match Materials

The seamless curved wood banister and straightforward powder-coated steel spindles in this timeless hallway design strike the perfect balance between old and new. Although the straight, slender rails are much less ornate than what would have originally been installed here, they don’t look out of place or unduly contemporary for the room. The aesthetic is refined, understated, and ideal for a traditional home that has undergone a modern remodel.

Orange You Glad?

Isn’t it wonderful what a little paint can do to a flight of stairs? By all means, paint your staircase a different color if you so like. The railing supports were painted a bright orange color by the homeowner, giving the steps a fresh, contemporary look. This is the tactful approach to make your stairs the center of attention.

Go Horizontal

Despite the fact that this may be what you’re used to seeing, balusters don’t necessarily have to be vertical. With a more contemporary appearance, swapping out your vertical spindles for something horizontal is fantastic. However, if you have climbing kids, you might want to preserve your vertical spindles because the alternative might be too simple to climb.

Switch Railings For Glass Panels

Another wonderful concept if your home’s stairway runs down the middle or if it is in a smaller area. By using glass panels instead spindles, you may get a cleaner, more seamless appearance with less visual clutter, which lets light into the room without interruption. Although you can choose designs with wooden railings that can fit in more classic rooms, it’s a subtle style that works best in more modern homes.

A New Match

It’s common knowledge that people will paint their walls the same color as their furniture or use a grey couch to highlight a grey wall. Here, that idea is given an even more extreme twist by having the staircase painted entirely red. Naturally, the red staircase is intended to complement the red and white table below.

Modern Bannister Ideas

Although this intricate design appears pricey, it need not be. The spiral adds interest to the steps and bannister and makes them stand out with a contemporary design appropriate for any home wishing to add a bit of whimsy. Fortunately, spiral staircase kits are frequently less expensive and simpler to install, so the choice of design is now entirely up to you. All you have to do is choose a spiral staircase with essential components that go with the look you want. For instance, do you like wooden steps, an all-metal construction, or a minimalist and space-efficient “floating” design?

Contrast Staircase Railings With Treads


Simple black iron rails maintain the open impression of the space in this bright and breezy entryway designed by Archos studio(opens in new tab) and contrast with the light-colored concrete stairs. Horizontal balusters are more effective as a guard rail on this mezzanine landing from a safety standpoint and contrast the long vertical lines produced by the low-hanging pendants.

Banister Paint

Want to quickly update the appearance of a plain staircase? Just like these people, paint the banister. They gave their design a unifying aspect by matching the banister to the steps. Despite the boldness of the brilliant yellow, the colors that surround it are able to provide a lovely sense of balance. Who doesn’t enjoy yellow, after all?

Oak Bannister Ideas

Why not upcycle your existing design if you want to enhance your banister but don’t have the money for a full retrofit? Sometimes a little TLC goes a long way for homes with traditional bannister designs, like this oak example. Sure, some of those traditional elements could feel a little antiquated now and then, so why not sand them down and paint the entire staircase? Instead, why not polish them up and bring back their previous splendor to make the most of those lovely whorls and delicate carvings? To fix the railings, remove the previous gloss or paint, and prepare the wood for your preferred stain or preservative, all you need is some wood glue, paint stripper, and a hand sander. This straightforward restoration will therefore freshen the wood and maintain its good looks for years to come.