Landscape Around Decks

Although it takes a lot of labor to achieve, having a lovely landscape around your deck can be attractive. You must take into account limitations such available space, price, and upkeep. Even if every backyard is unique, having some ideas always helps to see what is possible and what can fit with your own backyard. See our gallery of pictures and suggestions below for some ideas for your deck landscaping project.

Big, Empty Deck

You don’t need to bother about attempting to make it look bigger because your yard and deck are both large. The issue is that you must make your deck appear less empty!

Place a few enormous rosebushes at the deck’s corners. You desire the larger plants for landscaping (the flashier and bushier they are, the better). Add a few potted petunias and some hostas, and you’re done! It’s time to invite the neighbors around!

Install a Hedge of Hydrangeas

Install a long hydrangea hedgerow to give your patio landscaping a splash of lush greenery and vibrant blossoms. Once established, these attractive perennials provide a variety of stunning blooms and continue to be attractive long after most perennials and shrubs with flowers have reached their prime. Hydrangeas are easy-going plants that don’t mind being planted anywhere as long as the soil is well-drained and there is some shade. See below for our detailed cheat sheet for raising and caring for the best hydrangeas.

Outdoor Open Air “Room”

The willow framework that supports the roof allows light to enter while also providing a ton of shade over this outdoor patio space. In essence, this is a deck covered by a pavilion with a permeable roof that casts a dramatic play of light and shadow and offers a comfortable lounging place in warm weather. In case some rain gets through, using waterproof furniture and cushions offers protection.

Grow Your Even Smaller Deck With Landscaping

You may be concerned about overwhelming the area if your deck is merely a runway. After all, too much activity near the edge can make it appear even smaller.

Using stone filler close to the edge is a simple method to give the impression that the deck is larger. It reduces maintenance costs while simultaneously maximizing empty space.

Fill Vertical Space With Vines

The vertical space provided by the beams of this patio for climbing plants is one of its benefits. The lovely wisteria that encircles the columns adds lovely greenery and acts as a natural insulator. Beautiful climbing plants like roses, clematis, passionflower, and jasmine may all be cultivated in sizable containers. Try training new shoots to spiral up the column rather than climbing straight up if, as the plants develop, the base of the column becomes bare.

Make It Comfy

Outdoor furniture should be cozy to the touch. Here, the attractive wicker furniture is covered in a neutral waterproof fabric that blends in with the outside and lets the accent pillows stand out.

Impressive Deck, Even Smaller Garden

This is the ideal time to adopt the aesthetic of wide-open areas. Grass that is intended for lawns can be used in landscaping if the proper backdrop is used.

When there is a lot of deck merchandise there, the simplicity of grass is wonderful. It provides a distraction from the noise made by the outdoor furniture, fire pit, hot tub, and other items on your deck.

Diversify Your Arrangements

On this welcoming porch, built-in redwood beds steal the show. The functional garden, which is filled with herbs, vegetables, and perennials, creates a striking visual effect by combining various plant heights. The arrangement feels lively thanks to the interaction of color and texture.

Step It Up

From the yard, three large steps lead to a large deck with a seating area and a dining area. Observe how the deck’s accessories bring the house color there.

Quiet Your Mind Deck

Around your deck, nothing grows. Since you don’t have the time to care for a garden anyway, the soil is too poor. The only thing you really want is to be able to relax outside after work.

Well, there are many plants that are resistant to even your carelessness and poor soil! Try some drought-resistant plants like liriope or fescue grass. You’re ready to go if you just add a few stones and a koi pond!

Straight Out of a Storybook

This wooden deck and pool are transformed into a scene from a novel by magical pink and purple blossoms and silvery fir trees. No plot feels bare or exposed since every manicured space is covered in lush, varied flora. This landscape, with its exquisitely selected amount of vegetation, belonged in The Secret Garden.

Lattice Up

On give the appearance of a wall, add a wooden square lattice wall to one side of your deck. Clematis and climbing roses are examples of plants that can climb a lattice and, after a few years, build a fragrant wall of blossoms.

Small And Charming

What kind of plants should you cultivate in your garden beds if you have a modest, elegant deck that looks like a balcony in a palace? Select basic and dignified flora if your deck has a more regal and straightforward design.

Consider placing tiny cedars at the corners of your deck and next to the steps. To give the impression of a railing, cover the rest of the bed with short, subdued flowers. Hostas are usually a good option and require minimal care.

Add Planters and Flower Beds Around Your Patio or Deck

A raised deck can benefit greatly from the addition of plants, and building your own planter box is simple. To complement your deck, utilize sizable planters made of the same kind of wood or composite materials. Use these planters to decorate your deck with greenery and vibrant blooms. With little upkeep, a pergola and lovely growing ivy may add interest.

Use Space Under Decks

Utilizing the space underneath a deck doubles your available space for relaxing.

Tropical Oasis

For a tropical feel, surround your deck with pampas, European beachgrass, or fescue. Your deck will look breezy and windswept thanks to these delicate plants. It will be simple for you to picture yourself at the beach while you relax in your chaise with a fruity drink in hand!

A wonderful ground cover that complements the seaside landscape is red verbena. Your tableau will be complete after you add some succulents, such agave.

Use Natural Stones Create Your Own Backyard Pond

No natural spring in the backyard? No issue! You can create a border around a man-made pond by strategically placing rocks. A gorgeous area can be created around your patio by adding mulch and shrubs.

Connect Walkways

Large, flat decks are not appropriate for all yards. Consider a wooden walkway connecting a number of smaller decks if your yard slopes.

Midwestern Peace

You have an in-ground pool, and all your deck is is a runway that around the edge of it. You adore how uncomplicated it is and how you can see the full yard from the pool even while you’re in it.

Keep your landscape as brief and sparse as you can, is my recommendation. Just a few dwarf ornamental grass species will do.

Install a tiny pond just off the edge of your deck if you’re feeling creative. It is repetitive, but that is part of what makes it so fascinating. The pool appears to be overflowing!

No-Fuss Planters

Sometimes, a backyard landscape’s simplicity can be one of its most stunning features. A well-kept lawn (either grass or artificial turf!) can balance out a patio. You may easily surround your patio with large pottery and plants of various shapes, sizes, and textures to make it feel warm and inviting.