Large Succulent Planter Ideas

Lovely Log Planter

The bright succulents that are growing out of the log in this picture in an almost natural way immediately attract your attention. The top of the log is where the plants emerge, leaving the sides of the log with a natural appearance that will make your garden look fantastic.

Desert Ice Wonderland

This succulent arrangement, which is ideal for an outdoor space in any season of the year, is centered on a charming flower presentation that emphasizes on different colors of blue to assist accent a fresh, motivational arrangement. When growing plants in a succulent garden setting, this enticing display, which is primarily made up of blue-tinted Echeveria peacockii plants, can be best realized when it is arranged in an upward spiraling two-tier fountain dish structure.

These colorful succulent plants provide as the ideal backdrop for the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and species of plants that may be found nearby. Furthermore, a focal point can be exactly what your garden setting needs to create an engaging yet powerful center.

Succulent Log Planter

Make your living room’s most interesting feature a log filled with succulents. It is totally free and makes a great organic decoration for your house.

Basket Planter

There are many components to this idea that will result in an amazing-looking house for your succulents. In a basket, plant some larger succulents that differ in size or color. Then, surround the basket with a number of smaller clay pots to provide accents to the plants’ main point of interest. The edge of a deck will look fantastic with this planter.

Highway To Heaven

If you have a tree trunk in your yard, it would be in your best interest to use it as a display for a succulent plant of any variety and color. Although you are of course free to use any succulent species and size you like, keeping them tiny could be the best course of action. In fact, using different color schemes will create the impression that the wooden ladder is constantly ascending to heaven.

If there isn’t a tree nearby, you can just as easily get the desired tranquility by leaning a single piece of tree trunk or bark against a sturdy wall.

DIY Succulent Table

You’ll need pallets to make this table for planting succulents. Other plants can possibly potentially be grown there.

Wagon Wheel of Wonders

This innovative concept works well for a sizable garden. In either case, the planter can be a way to seamlessly include your succulent plants into the design of your backyard. The planter can be set directly on the ground or it can be raised. Make this planter a unique addition that will impress your friends by using a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Cinder Block Garden

If you’re like most homeowners, your backyard probably contains some used concrete cinder blocks. They could look bad if they are neglected. However, if you use a little creativity in your succulent gardening activities, you’ll definitely produce something that makes your female friends the talk of the town. Place the blocks several tiers deep, fill the holes with soil, and then plant one cactus or succulent per hole. For a greater visual effect, surround the blocks with small growing aloes. Don’t forget to also acquire some plants that will hang down. Before assembling your preferred succulent garden design, try spray-painting the blocks with glitter for even greater results.

Succulents in a DIY Hanging Pot

With a tray or shallow pot, succulents, threads, and candles, you can make this simple hanging succulent planter. Simply place the succulents in a tray with openings on the sides so that it can be hung to create it (or drill a few holes). Utilizing threads, hang the tray. To provide a stunning effect, you may also place some candles and burn them at night. Make sure not to hang this in a windy location.

Rock Planter

For a few little succulents, a hollow rock is the ideal spot. This picture depicts a rock that is covered in several kinds of succulents, which can be eye-catching when placed next to a garden path or close to the edge of a small pond.

By The Old Water Trough

Consider utilizing wood if you want a rustic, natural setting. You’ll especially like their low-maintenance qualities when combined with your choice of succulent flowers and plants of practically any type and color. They are inexpensive, aesthetically beautiful, and excellent for outdoor projects. A long, healthy life for your numerous plants is also ensured by employing an old tree trunk or wooden board with cacti plants implanted in the soil inside.

Succulent Green Wall with an Old Frame

Your plants can be raised off the ground and grown vertically using living frames. They enable you to display your plants as a dynamic work of art, similar to how you could hang a framed artwork in your home.

Wooden Planter

The corner of your deck banister would look great with this chimney-shaped planter. Although the wood is painted, it looks ancient and worn, giving it a rustic appearance to match your style. Particularly where they hang out over the edge, the succulents in this planter look stunning.

My Hanging Garden

In walled areas, balcony areas, and pretty much everywhere else there is a wall to hang this design, vertical gardens are now in their prime and their adaptability is greatly appreciated. You’ll be the talk of your neighborhood as others adopt this cutting-edge idea in both cactus gardens and vertical gardens when you’re suspended from a painted wall backdrop and planted with contrasting colored cacti plants.

In other words, you’ve produced a pallet frame, which is now a developing trend in functional interior designs. Stock up on succulent plants that will fit nicely inside the frame of the vertical garden and utilize different types of hanging plants to give the frame a lovely cascading look.

Metal Cart Succulent Garden

A rusty metal cart is loaded to the brim with bristly and sculptural plants, including ghost plant, prickly pear, agave, and golden barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii) (Graptopetalum paraguayense). Old carts and wheelbarrows can be creatively repurposed as outdoor succulent planters to add interest to your yard.

Star-Shaped Planters

Anyone who enjoys making their own planters will love these star-shaped pots. The wood has been expertly sanded, and if you’d like, you can paint it to match the existing garden accents. You can make different shapes that would look beautiful in your landscape, such as the heart-shaped planters that are seen below.

Stand And Deliver!

Let’s stick with the current trend of vertical gardens and consider the different uses for succulent planting that are prevalent in contemporary interior design ideas. When you utilize vertical planters against a wall to conserve space, it is much simpler to employ a variety of cactus-like plants. You can make or purchase a single, double, or horizontal frame because vertical garden frames exist in a variety of sizes and textures. Similar to how you may give any wooden frame a rustic appearance, you can stain it in natural or dark wood tones. Now, with your choice of succulent flowers, let your creativity soar.

Metal Desk Caddy Planter

Succulents are kept in the nooks and drawers of ancient metal filing boxes instead of business items. This recycled planter’s Zen-inspired layout is given texture by moss and wood.

Surfer’s Delight

It’s easy to include surfboards into your garden’s decor. The middle of this green surfboard has been carved out, allowing room for the plants to establish a residence there. This planter can be leaned against something or hung on the wall for a more eye-catching appearance.

Framed Heirlooms

We have the ideal decor for showcasing your flat-surfaced vertical area if you have a blank wall or wood fence. You might find numerous good vintage picture frames that you can utilize in this design by making a fast trip to a yard sale or junk dealer. The frames should be cleaned, painted over, and lined with peat moss. Simply use your hobby glue gun to stick in your succulent cuttings or seedlings, and you’re ready to go! Your design will appear more smarter if you paint the frames in a clever, contrasting hue from the color or texture of the wall or wood fence!