Limited Space Small Dining Area Design

Go Bespoke

Bespoke is unbeatable in small spaces. You may create something that maximizes sitting and storage while properly utilizing your available space. If you have a nook or a particularly small area, a built-in banquet is a lovely choice, but if you’re adding a dining table to a small kitchen or an open floor plan, be inspired by this dining room design in a studio apartment.

The ingenious custom dining table divides the living area from the kitchen by acting as a wall as well. It is completely divided by display shelf, which adds additional storage for the kitchen and living room.

Since so many homes have been renovated or expanded in some way, the open concept kitchen and dining area has become much more popular, according to Ben Burbidge of Kitchen Makers (opens in new tab). Dining rooms should be primarily social spaces with a simple, beautiful style that makes them comfortable to spend time in and clutter-free.

Converted Kitchen

The fact is, having a place to eat doesn’t even require a dining area. Unused kitchen counter space can serve as a dining area as well. However, if you enjoy labeling things, you can make a division by dressing up the counter’s base to resemble the base of a dining table. With a peel-and-stick backsplash, even renters can replicate the pink tile appearance.

Squeeze In A Drop-Leaf Table

The only option due to the lack of a separate dining room is TV meals. Check your current layout to determine if any area may be modified to include an eating area. Even the smallest spaces may accommodate seating and eating areas thanks to innovative, space-saving furniture.

Put a drop-leaf table in the corner of a compact kitchen or living space. When not in use, it may be folded down to create a table for two or opened up to accommodate more people.

Build In A Bench

A built-in bench that hugs the wall may save space and instantly turn a small dining area into a snug corner, allowing you to maximize sitting while doing away with typical tables and chairs.

The traditional Charlotte Perriand octagonal “Les Arcs” table may be brought up directly to the specially constructed banquette bench in this little eating area. It turns this charming Parisian flat into a casual and comfortable breakfast nook. In contrast to the plushness of the cushioned bench, a distinctive Philippe Starck antique stool with grey lacquer also makes a fashion statement.

At-Home Cafe

You’ll like the pleasure of sipping your morning coffee while taking in the views if your dining room has a window. The simplest way to save space is to lean your square dining table up against a window or a wall. The greatest part is that you can slide the table out when you’re entertaining guests and back in after they depart.

Find Room For A Dining Table

Even though many of us lack the convenience of a separate dining area, we don’t necessarily have to eat dinner in front of the television. Check your current layout to determine if any area may be modified to include an eating area.

For instance, if your kitchen is small, think about buying a drop-leaf table that can be used as a display table when not in use or will fit neatly into a corner.

Add A Small Dining Space To An Alcove

Do you have a vacant kitchen alcove? Use this little dining room design to create a casual dining area. Even though it is so small, this breakfast nook is incredibly beautiful, including three Lee Broom pendant lights to highlight the height of the ceiling and a couch with a buttoned back that can be raised to expose concealed storage.

Floating Table

Go the additional mile and install a small table into an empty wall if you don’t have a window. It scarcely takes up any space and provides a sweet little breakfast (and lunch, and dinner) nook.

Work Every Inch In Your Dining Room

Don’t let a limited dining area limit your options. With a slender table and wall-hung decor, a small dining area can feel larger.

A compact, circular table might not be an option for you if you have a large family or a steady stream of visitors. Instead, spend your money on a thin table that will fit neatly into a small area; this is a terrific idea for a kitchen-diner or to keep in mind if you have a conservatory.

Wall-hung lighting on pivots can be positioned above your table to give effective task illumination while freeing up floor space. For a soft illumination that’s perfect for romantic dinners, connect it to a dimmer switch.

To add flair and character, punctuate the design with artwork and table accents.

Turn A Window Seat Into A Small Dining Room

By converting that empty space into a tiny dining area, you may elevate a window seat to the next level. In this contemporary kitchen, a wall of windows has been converted into a delightful, bright little dining space that feels independent from the kitchen.

This dining table’s U-shaped banquette seating incorporates practical under-bench storage while maximizing available space. The sculptural bleached wood table and eye-catching wooden chairs in this informal dining area are both made of wood. Deep and roomy built-in banquette seating with plush cushions makes the space feel especially welcoming.

Hang a Spotlight

The establishment of a dining room as its own place can occasionally be the most challenging aspect of designing one with little available space. You can really give your dining table the focus it deserves by hanging a pendant lamp over it. By doing this, it will become its own established location with its own function, so establishing a much-needed distinction from other regions.

Pick A Round Table With Tuck-Under Chairs

By employing a monochromatic color scheme, you may make a tiny dining area appear larger. Keep the floor and walls clear of clutter and minimal, and let the furniture’s creative design convey the owner’s personality. Purchase a round table with tuckable chairs for when it’s not in use.

It can be moved around easily when needed and has no awkward corner legs. Before making a purchase, think about the size of table your room can support, your preferred form (oval or circular), and the material that would work best with your existing design.

Additionally, consider how you’ll use the seating while it’s not in use. Fold-up or stacking chairs are excellent possibilities.

Make A Small Dining Room Extra Intimate

This little portion in this compact Shanghai apartment was divided off by designers at X+Living(opens in new tab) and used as the dining area. The table can be extended to double its length, and the neighboring sofa may be divided into individual seats and dragged up to the table, despite the fact that it may appear more like a breakfast nook. Genius.

Separate Space

Placing your table and chairs on a rug can help create a distinct division between your small dining area and living space. You won’t need much time to be transported to a French café if you hang a picture on the wall and decorate your table with fresh flowers and a candle.

Get a Bench

Unlike chairs, a bench tucks completely out of the way when not in use and can sit more than one person (a few youngsters, if you’re lucky!).

Add Storage Under The Seating

Bench seating not only saves space by frequently embedding storage within the chairs, but it also adds comfort and coziness and helps warm up chilly places. Once more, combine opposing seating on slender seats.

Bistro Vibes

The traditional bistro table is the only smaller table that has a greater impact. The most Instagrammable place in town will be your kitchen thanks to this sleek, simple table with a marble surface.

Create a Booth

Better than one banquet, there are two! This innovative arrangement provides storage under the chairs and accommodates a complete family in a small space.

Anchor A Small Dining Room With A Rug

Use a sizable area rug to anchor the space and separate the eating area from the rest of the room if your kitchen or living room are open concept. If you make sure to buy in a rug that’s big enough for the bulk of your furniture to sit on top of, it can not only offer coziness, pattern, and texture, but it can also make the space feel larger.

Floating Shelf

Whatever the size of your flat, there is always room for a dining area. You can put a shelf that serves as both a dining table and a shelf on an empty wall. You now have a place to eat if you pull up some stools.