Living Room Carpet Color Ideas

Given the variety of carpet fibers, patterns, and colors available, carpeting is one of the most difficult aspects of interior decoration.

Choosing the ideal carpet color can be challenging. Carpeted floors are the next-largest part of a room after the walls. It is also considerably more difficult to replace than furniture or wall decor.

As a result, even tiny and large rooms might benefit significantly and permanently from a particular color choice.

It is advisable to educate yourself on some fundamental rules before you visit the store if you are choosing a carpet color. You can become more knowledgeable in your search for the ideal carpet color in this way.

Repeat Carpet Colors

Choose a carpet that is lively and full of color for your living room, and then use those colors again elsewhere in the room, such as in accessories, throw cushions, or furniture.

Keep It Minimal With A Sisal Carpet

Everyone like their jute and sisal area rugs, so why not go one step further and replace them with a wall-to-wall fitted carpet. Although you still get that great texture, the smoother fibers offer a cleaner look than, say, wool, which is ideal for more simple, modern interiors.

Interiors are all about evoking the senses, explains Camilla Clarke, Creative Director of Albion Nord(opens in new tab). “Texture is a fundamental part to any design to get our sight and touch senses flowing.” Try combining various textures, such as sturdy leather with thick wools or natural linens with soft velvets.

Sisal is my favorite material. It is a natural substance that is long-lasting and suitable for both modern and traditional dwellings. It adds texture and warmth to any area because it is a natural substance.

Introduce Texture To Your Flooring

Nowhere is texture more important in interior design than on the carpet in the living room. Textured carpets at the top of the market are neat and crisp without busy patterns. But now, adds Michael Turner, General Manager of Crucial Trading, “we are seeing this smooth surface being broken up by ribbed, herringbone, or checkered motifs” (opens in new tab).

Flooring with a long, deep pile has a cozy atmosphere, whereas opulent flooring can combine high and low pile heights. According to David Cormack, Marketing Director at Cormar, “This gives you a carpet that feels wonderful at a reasonable price” (opens in new tab). Solid-colored nubbly boucle is also popular.

Bring in Other Rooms

You can achieve a coherent effect by imitating the carpet’s appearance in other areas as well, such as the kitchen cabinets, just as you can do with comparable colors in the carpet and the furniture and accessories that surround it. This works nicely in rooms with an open layout.

Brave The Bold And Turn A Carpet Into Artwork

If being safe just isn’t your thing, treat your floor like an accent wall by choosing a striking pattern and color scheme. As this living room demonstrates, it can be done and it doesn’t look too overwhelming. Just keep the color scheme straightforward and incorporate the carpet’s hues into the rest of the room. Although this room has a striking color scheme, it also has a mature, coherent sense, and the blush pink walls soften the strong hues of the carpet.

Play With Pattern

The most recent living room trends imply that pattern is making a strong comeback. Stripes are popular right now and come in a variety of daring colours, making them ideal for stairways and compact living spaces. Roger Oates, a master of stripes, promotes stripes’ adaptability. You can use bold widths and colors to add drama, or you can use delicate lines for a more traditional or understated aesthetic, the author advises.

Floral patterns are also becoming more popular. According to Kelly Butler, Design Manager at Brintons, “there is a trend for patterns that are inspired by the floral and fauna found in nature” (opens in new tab).

Don’t Forget the Classic Black And White

Combining your light-colored carpet with off-white walls and black accents will give your living area a classic look. The space’s white tones serve to emphasize the eye-catching black, demonstrating why contrast can be your home decor’s best friend.

Factor In The Wall Color

The debate over whether a room should have light walls and dark floors has been going on for ages. Personally, we believe there is no hard and fast rule and that both can be successful. However, if you are inclined to paint your entire room a striking color, we suggest brightening those gloomy tones with a lighter carpet. We adore how the soft pastel-toned patterned carpet in this dim living room contrasts with the charcoal black walls and ceilings.

Choose Plant-Fibre Floorings For A Natural Look

Plant-fiber based natural flooring is a flexible alternative now that it goes beyond just rustic styles to include sleek metropolis appearances. It can be installed similarly to carpet and used as a room square, rug, or runner with a bound, ornamental edging made of cloth or leather.

Plant-fiber flooring is not the best option for a kitchen or bathroom because it struggles with moisture and excessive humidity. Request that flooring be given a stain inhibitor pre-treatment. Natural flooring should be glued down because it is not as dimensionally stable as carpet (sisal may shrink, while coir can swell and shrink).

According to Crucial Trading’s Michael Turner, a firm underlay is typically utilized for comfort and durability, and the flooring is adhered to that.

Bring In Woody Tones

Earthy and woodsy living room carpet can give your room an antique feel, and it will go great with wooden accessories like cabinetry or ceiling beams.

Create A Cocooning Feel With An All Over Color

One of the coziest rooms in your house is what you want your living room to be. Particularly as we enter the colder months, it ought to feel cozy and enclosing. Of course, carpet will provide that instant comfort, but go a step further by choosing carpet that is the same color as your walls.

This inviting living room design is making a strong argument for griege, a pleasant blend of beige and grey. The natural fiber carpet, velvet couch, and even the discreetly striped wallpaper give it a clean, modern aesthetic while still giving off a cozy vibe. This is especially true when combined with the subtle orange accents.

Lay Down Smart Stripes

Like floorboards, a good stripe, no matter how wide or thin, is a timeless pattern that will visibly lengthen and enlarge a room. When the first collections hit the market roughly ten years ago, striped floor coverings were cautiously introduced into households.

Stripes, which are admired for their ability to resist filth, were first only found in high-traffic locations like stairwells, but their popularity is gradually expanding. Flooring has caught up and now provides a much wider variety of designs than ever before, drawing inspiration from the fabric industry where stripes are ubiquitous.

As soon as you walk into a home, staircase carpet ideas with stripes make a statement in terms of style, but they aren’t just appropriate for this space. More people are developing the courage to experiment with various sizes and breadths across the house, from broad to ticking and pencil stripes.

For living room carpet ideas, wide stripes work well since people are more open to experimenting with scale and breadth. Layering pieces will soften the look while preserving the room’s air of brightness and vibrancy.

Make It Dotted

Use dots in your carpet for a whimsical, practical design. They’ll add some personality to a thing that so many others just pass by.

Create A Luxurious Feel Underfoot With A Wool Carpet

Wool is one of the most opulent materials available. It’s the finest choice if you want that velvety, sink your feet into it feeling. Being durable and simple to maintain makes it a practical choice as well.

A great sustainable option for flooring is wool. Shearing sheep is crucial for the welfare of the animals, plus it insulates your home and is readily recyclable and biodegradable, according to Lisa Conway. Using wool on the floor contributes to cleaner air because of its hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities.

Warm Up With A Pink And Red Color Scheme

Sensual colors, ranging from hot chilli to lush berry tones, will make a striking but lovely statement in your decor. The best spot to introduce a classic pattern is in a high-traffic area like a hallway or living room since it can help to mask the effects of daily wear. Choose living room and entryway furniture with graceful lines, and keep the rest of the design straightforward so the floor has the most impact.

Try Out Beige and Navy

Beige and navy make a stylish color combination as well. Beige carpet is simple to acquire (and reasonably priced!) and goes great with a hint of navy for a subdued nautical theme.

Colorful Carpets For Living Room

Because of how effectively their pattern and color combinations work in a hectic workplace, multicolor carpet trends have become common in corporate offices and hotels. Will this trend work in my living room, too? you might be wondering. Yes, it is the answer.

Colorful carpets can add interest to a room as long as the colors are blended properly. If you’re not yet certain about using multicolored carpets from floor to ceiling, you could try specifying them for the room’s borders or as dividers.

Use A Bold Carpet In Small Rooms

It is not surprising that a plethora of patterns will enter the design realm in 2022, the year of color and creativity, but that does not mean you cannot employ them in tiny dwellings.

For your bedroom carpet ideas, patterned carpets are ideal because they fit well in compact rooms. A patterned rug or carpet on the floor can provide interest without overpowering the room, but a complex design on the wall might be overbearing.

According to interior designer Adam Bray, “we frequently employ vividly patterned or brilliantly colored carpets in small rooms or forgotten back stairs – they liven themselves up when you bring something unexpected and strong.”

Incorporate Subtle Color

Without using a striking pattern or color blocking, you can include more than one color into your carpet. Opt for carpet with colorful tufts instead, which add a subdued splash of color.

Living Room Colors With Brown Carpet

Have you ever heard the advice to “go neutral” when in doubt? Although we’re not sure who came up with the saying, it certainly applies to many designs and decorating tasks.

The most ageless and elegant neutral hue is brown, which is noted for both of these qualities. Brown color schemes draw emphasis to your sofa, coffee table, and other cherished room furnishings.

Brightly colored rugs can be used with these tones to give a space more personality.

A monochromatic environment with a brown carpet looks lovely. Just be sure to use a well-balanced color scheme to prevent it from appearing murky and dark.

It is the ideal time for vibrant decor and accessories in orange, pink, and other “pop” colors because brown carpets go well with lighter-toned furniture and draperies as well.