Living Room Ideas With Light Wood Floors

Blonde Wood Floors

You will notice a significant return in light wood floor hues as more people appreciate the light, airy ambiance in their homes. Particularly blonde wood can make you feel airy while still feeling ageless.

You have countless design options when using blonde wood. Without changing your floors, you can go for a stylish, modern look or a rustic, cozy ambiance. Lighter wood hues typically lean toward cooler tones, making them ideal for decorating with blues and grays.

Additionally, especially if you use large planks, blonde wood gives any space a feeling of space and openness.

You’ll notice bamboo, maple, white oak, and ash for a blonde wood appearance. While you can use a stain to achieve darker hues, it is preferable to buy wood flooring that is already blonde when choosing a light tint.

Whitewash Oak Engineered Hardwood

The classic wood look of oak flooring complements a variety of styles, furnishings, and décor, making it the perfect choice for your family room. Whitewash Oak Engineered Hardwood can be utilized in your living room or basement because it is made to be installed on any grade. In addition to getting a robust, long-lasting floor, you also receive hardwood’s timeless beauty.

Choose Practical Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a popular option for living room flooring because it combines the beauty of solid wood with the practical benefits of being easy to lay and placed over underfloor heating. It is also available in a large variety of woods, treatments, and formations.

An engineered board can have up to 11 layers of hardwood backing, each of which is attached to the one next to it at a 90-degree angle. According to Peter Keane, director of The Natural Wood Floor Company, “the thicker surface layer of a valuable hardwood is then cemented on top, resulting in a considerably more sturdy floor with a robust construction that is highly hardwearing” (opens in new tab).

Try this Oak Parquet in Silver White if you want to brighten up a tiny living space. It would be a fantastic choice for Scandinavian living rooms as well, which frequently include light wood finishes.

Whitewashed Wood Floors

More of a west coast style, the whitewashed appearance is beginning to catch on across the nation. The bleached wood floor hue is at the top of the list as the laid-back California atmosphere spreads, as are the flooring that go along with it.

Whitewashed flooring are perfect for the current trend in farmhouse-style homes, particularly in kitchens, in addition to the California-style, carefree appearance. Depending on the rest of your design, it can also impart a “beachy” or an expensive contemporary feeling.

Now, by “whitewashed,” I don’t mean a piece of white wood that has been finished and is slick. Wood that has been whitewashed frequently displays wear, with the darker wood underlying showing through.

Because lighter wood colors are going toward cooler tones, whitewashing your home will make it appear lighter, bigger, and more comfortable.

High-Quality Wood-Look Vinyl

For the sake of your budget, you don’t have to forgo elegance or quality. The development of high-quality, wood-look vinyl is made feasible by advancements in flooring technology. All of those and more may be found in Arbol at Vesdura’s Elevation Collection. This luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof and comes with realistic wood graining and surface texture. If you are concerned about spills, scratches, and stains, install this wood-look flooring in the room where your family enjoys quality time together. It is simple to install thanks to its click-lock system.

Try Light, Wide Planks For A Clean Look

It’s vital to consider the width of the planks and the wood’s grain when picking wood floor ideas for a living room because both of these elements can affect the appearance and ambiance of the area.

According to Richard Aylen, Technical Manager at Junckers, wide board plank flooring will have a more consistent appearance, especially if you select our Classic grade with minimal color and grain pattern differences (opens in new tab). The deepest portion of the tree, where there is less variance in pattern and color, is used to produce the Classic grade.

He continues, “Open plan areas benefit greatly from the long lines of the plank flooring, which can offer an architectural impression.

These broad, solid wood planks with a light, warm grain are ideal for giving this plain living room a simple, organic feel.

Honey/Copper-Colored Wood Floors

Warm, rich honey wood, which is only a shade darker than the vogue blonde wood, will be huge in 2022.

Honey wood floors, also referred to as copper-colored wood, are still light enough to provide you with many of the advantages of blonde wood, making your room appear bigger and more open. However, a slightly darker tone also gives off a lovely, pleasant warmth.

You know, medium wood frequently has softer, more natural tones, providing the ideal balance between lighter and darker wood. Because of this, more and more individuals are pinning swatches of honey wood to their Pinterest boards.

Honey wood floors are also available in several popular wood species. Since honey is a natural tone, finding it will be simple, and it will seem more authentic.

In 2022, both cool and warm tones will be popular in the wood flooring industry. If you want a warm tone, I suggest honey wood or a wood look. Honey wood is a timeless color, not just a fad.

Modern Living Room With Light Wood Flooring

This is a modern living room with an uncomplicated yet soothing decor. It contains a light cream-colored armchair and sofa that are matched, as well as two contemporary accent side chairs. Pickled oak wood flooring provide a livelier flash of color in this contemporary area and go perfectly with the off-white walls.

Try A Wood-Effect Vinyl Floor

Luxury vinyl floor tiles provide a more economical approach to appreciate the natural characteristics of wood and are available in a large variety of colors, textures, and sizes.

The living room is a perfect place for wood-effect flooring, according to Harvey Maria’s creative director Lucy Tunstall (opens in new tab). Luxury vinyl flooring designs “look and feel like real wood, but are highly practical, durable, easy to clean, and appropriate for underfloor heating.”

Luxury vinyl is a more affordable option that is particularly helpful if you want to cover a large open-plan living room with wood flooring.

Wide Plank Wood Floors

For the foreseeable future, you can anticipate seeing this pattern every year in every style. Longer, broader planks give your area a bigger, more open, unified, and less cluttered appearance.

Shorter, thinner boards have a more classic hardwood appearance, but they will also begin to seem antiquated for the same reason.

I suggest adopting the giant and extra-large plank trend in 2022!

High Ceiling Living Room With Large Windows And Wood Flooring

This amazing room with Asian contemporary design inspiration is the ideal tranquil retreat from the hectic metropolis. This room will always make you feel like you’re on vacation because of the huge glass windows that open to a pleasant outdoor view and even the interior trees. It also provides you with a light environment and clean, fresh air. Solid colonial maple wood floors contrast with the space’s plain white walls and ceiling, which serve as a backdrop for the many prints and patterns that are used.

They combined several styles and finishes for the furniture pieces, going a touch eclectic and out there. There are braided rattan armchairs and ottomans serving as accent tables, bent rattan armchairs for the dining area, a solid teak storage cabinet near the corridor, and a traditional sofa with off-white fabric upholstery. Throw pillows with batik influences, a vibrant area rug with Native American influences, and even Thai embroidered pillows are among them. Despite the variety, the outcome is pretty amazing since it makes use of simple, light hues that allow the range of designs to blend in with the rest of the interiors.

Reflect Light With A White Wood Floor

A simple technique to instantly brighten a tiny living room and reflect light back into it is to paint the wood floor white. A seaside living room benefits greatly from having white wood floors since they make the space feel airy and light.

When painting a wood floor, Ruth Mottershead of Little Greene advises using “specially designed floor paint that will be robust and hardwearing” (opens in new tab). To avoid discoloration, knots in soft woods should be coated with a wood primer.

Add Elegance with Reclaimed Antique Elm

Most homeowners looking for the ideal hardwood may not immediately think of the sturdy antique elm. It is such an unusual decision because of that. This light wood has a distinguishable tone and a long, straight grain that give it a unique appearance. Elm is a classic hardwood that works well with the traditional style. The light wood floors maintain a premium high end appearance while showcasing tiny traces of its reclaimed past.

Traditional Living Room With Hickory Wood Floors

This living area offers a contemporary spin to a traditional Mediterranean-inspired environment by employing softer finishes and materials as well as more straightforward designs. The interiors have a light background due to the soft brown paint on the walls and white moldings and pickled wood flooring that have been meticulously polished. The mezzanine floor gives this living room an extremely high ceiling, which has been fastened with a very large ceiling fan—a more contemporary and useful choice. A single huge sofa, a loveseat, a coffee table with storage, and a side table are the only pieces of furniture present.

Rely on Wood Texture for Added Visual Depth

A living room floor can be given a completely new depth with the addition of highly textured oak and ash that have been wirebrushed to emphasize the grain even more. This type of wood is ideal for indoor spaces where every square inch tells a tale.

Wide Plank Heart Pine Brings Rustic Perfection

One of our most popular flooring options, rustic heart pine is a perfect option for a stunning wide plank wood floor. A heavy or light rustic surface can be achieved by retaining the original circle sawn grain of the joists, which are typically long, straight, and flat. This floor is distinctive and will enliven any room thanks to its golden orange color tones.

The appearance of your floor will be directly influenced by the breadth of the planks you use. The floor looks busier and more crowded as the planks get narrower, while it appears quieter and wider. With a wide plank floor that allows the room’s natural grain and patina to show through, this space exudes relaxation and warmth.

Bright Living Room With Water Views And Wood Flooring

This room seems light and welcoming thanks to the large windows. The rooms have a light and airy backdrop thanks to the beech wood floors and light cream walls. Modern white leather-upholstered sofas and armchairs, a light oak classic solid wood coffee table with a light beige high pile area rug underneath, and classic tufted back dining chairs in brown velvet fabric are just a few examples of the furniture items in this room.

Take A Look At Vinyl

Utilizing vinyl is one of the living room flooring ideas you may not have thought of up until now. But since it’s a less expensive way to replicate the appearance of more expensive wood, parquet, or stone, we believe you should.

If you have young children, vinyl flooring is excellent since it is more supple and warm underfoot than some other materials. Other factors that can make it your top choice for living room flooring? You may save time by cleaning it easily.

According to Andrew Ervin, CEO of Maxsin Investment Group, “Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a modern miracle with many alternatives and typically extremely inexpensive installation fees” (opens in new tab). You can do it yourself if you’re handy. The finest qualities of LVP flooring are its outstanding aesthetics and resistance to water and scratches. Additionally, it requires almost no upkeep and is safe for kids and pets.

Create a Long, Light Corridor

The visitor must be drawn to the end of the hall by this glass-walled passageway. What better way to accomplish that than by using a wood floor, whose planks serve to lengthen and direct the path. Through the glass, the bright hue is clearly visible and wonderfully complements the wood and colors utilized outside of the corridor.

Contemporary Living Room With White Oak Plank Wood Floors

A really tidy and light-looking modern contemporary living environment. Wide plank pale white oak flooring and light gray walls were combined, and the upholstery on the furniture uses the same material for a more united appearance. Two sofas, two armchairs with wood armrests, an upholstered bench, a sizable wood stump coffee table with a glass top, and other furnishings were present. All upholstered furniture was covered in the same off-white, giving the living room a very unified appearance.