Master Bathtub Decorating Ideas

Ensure Both Form and Function

Nothing steals a bathroom’s show quite like a copper tub, and this one is no exception. However, it must also be useful, so if it’s too deep for you to step into, just add a marble ledge to make it shallower without sacrificing the room’s aesthetic appeal. As shown in this bathroom designed by Daryl Carter, the more opulent marble step and bright white paint contrast with the aged aspect of the tub and exposed timbers.

Marble Master Bathroom

Beautiful and distinctive, marble is a natural stone. Your master bathroom can be improved with the addition of a marble floor and even a bathtub with a marble surround. Make sure the marble is properly sealed and maintained to preserve its look and prevent rusting or discoloration.

History Preserved

Designer Philip Gorrivan, who has experience with historic renovations, kept and repurposed the original components of this 270-year-old Connecticut house to honor its revolutionary roots. The main bath’s bay window from the 1920s was kept in place to let light into the room. Wallpaper by Josef Frank from Svenskt Tenn is used on the upper walls and ceiling.

Balance Between Grand and Grounded

This opulent bathroom has a pleasant, cottage vibe thanks to the use of various white and gray tones, a wooden chair, and a storage cabinet that appears to be an old-fashioned piece of furniture. The icing on the cake are large windows and lofty ceilings.

Dark and Dramatic

If you want something regal and dramatic rather than light and airy, you might like this master bathroom design. The gold vessel sinks, white tub and toilet, and carefully positioned recessed lighting, like this top-rated choice available at Amazon—a favorite in our research guide to the finest recessed lighting for the home—off-set the dark tiles, countertops, and framed mirrors.

Handsome Bath

Designer Summer Thornton set out to create the ideal fusion of the pair’s interests in this Florida retreat for a couple with contrasting tastes. The main bathroom successfully integrates the wife’s preference for airiness with the “swamp toile” draperies with the husband’s preference for weight with the attractive stone floors from Paris Ceramics (Raoul Textiles). The tub is by Waterworks and is nickel-plated.

Float the Tub

If there aren’t any huge windows to stare out of, place your tub in the middle of the room and face a lovely piece of artwork. With an abstract painting that has as much life as a window with a view, Nicole Hollis brought vivid hues.

Soaker Tub

The best bathrooms go beyond mere utility. After a hard day, they help you to unwind and rest. This requirement is met by soaker tubs, which are a wonderful way to improve your area. In this master bathroom, a sizable soaker tub is situated next to windows that let in calming natural light.

Coming Up Roses

Richard Smith, the mind behind the Madeaux textile company, isn’t hesitant to try out colorful patterns, especially at his own English manor house. The bathroom, which has a view of the English Channel and the grounds below, has defiantly clinging roses.

Frame the Tub

Robin Henry uses symmetrical details to draw all eyes to the lovely bathtub. The area rug, wallpaper, lamp, and windows all perfectly frame the room.

Classic Cabinetry

When considering master bathroom renovation ideas, keep in mind that the cabinets you select could act as one of the main focal points of the space or even function to tie the overall design scheme together. Vanities with traditional cabinets and inset panels, like this choice from Amazon, which was a top pick in our research for the finest bathroom vanities, can add style and refinement to any room. Choose warm hues that go well with your flooring and countertops to make the space feel more luxurious.

Sensible and Stylish

The Cotswolds were to be considered in the design of this century-old Atlanta property, according to designer Amy Morris. Morris skillfully incorporates rural beauty into the wealthy neighborhood of the owners. The tub, brass tub filler, and tiles in the husband’s bathroom are all Waterworks products.

Set a Mood

Take note of this space by AP Design House if you want a bathroom that seems like it belongs in an art gallery. The matte all-white paint color and finishes, together with the group of slender cylinder spotlights, create the ideal setting for architectural and sculptural statements.

Minimalist Master Bath

Consider this master bathroom concept if your tastes tend toward a more minimalist style. Begin with a vanity for the bathroom that has round vessel sinks, white surfaces, and simple lines. Add a standalone tub after that, along with contemporary bathroom fittings and neutral accents.

Modern Classic

This 18th-century apartment on one of Paris’s most popular avenues was converted by French designer Jean-Louis Deniot into a timeless residence for the ages. Every room pays homage to the house’s early days while emphasizing a contemporary, streamlined design. Gold fittings and exquisite molding serve as a reflection of the past that permeates this apartment, while Deniot skillfully arranged Tarquin and Carrara marble to give the flooring a three-dimensional appearance.

Make Sure It’ll Hold Up

The beauty of the surrounding Malibu environment is reflected in this light-filled bathroom by Romanek Design Studio. This room perfectly replicates the Southern California shore, even down to the mural made of green zellige tiles on the sloped wood panel ceiling. In addition, the room’s extensive use of green tile on the walls, floors, and ceiling ensures that virtually nothing will be damaged by moisture.


By including a personal sauna in your master bathroom, you can turn your house into the ultimate spa. Consider a glass-enclosed type next to a glass-walled shower for a contemporary appearance. Consider for a moment how peaceful this area might be with the addition of a sizable whirlpool tub and some plants or flowers.

Room with a View

In this New York City apartment, the silvered tub occupies the focal point next to the glass-walled shower, which offers breathtaking vistas and natural light. The tub and fixtures are from Waterworks, and the bathroom was designed by CetraRuddy architects.

Install a Fireplace

If you’re starting from scratch, think about including an additional benefit for more coziness. a gas fireplace next to the bathtub, in other words. The bathroom and bedroom in this Peti Lau-designed home are connected by a shared wall, so the fireplace insert serves as a source of warmth, style, and romance on both sides.


Are you planning a major bathroom renovation? A skylight might be a good addition to your master bathroom. The amount of natural light in the space will increase dramatically with a skylight. The additional light source and sky view might give the room a cheerier, lighter appearance. When putting on cosmetics or getting ready, natural light is also helpful.