Modern Bathrooms With Shower Curtains

West Elm Donna Wilson Balance Shape Shower Curtain

We believe Donna Wilson’s abstract West Elm design would look great hanging in the MoMA (but would look just as nice in your bathroom).

Hotel Shower Curtain

This elegant shower curtain will give your bathroom decor a straightforward and stylish touch. A colorful bathmat or towels can counteract the monotone appearance of the space.

Introduce A Nautical Element For Monochromatic Scheme

Use a shower curtain to give a bathroom like this one by Maestri Studio(opens in new tab) a subtle softness.

The conventional bathroom’s other features are mostly straight lines, such the hexagonal floor and shower rail, as well as the rectangular basin and square wall tiles. The shower curtain works nicely to lend a nautical touch while creating contrast in a space that is otherwise very structured.

Geometric Watercolor Shower Curtain

The highly Instagrammable polyester shower curtain from Etsy has numerous five-star ratings, and happy customers agree that it’s a handsome option to liven up your bathroom routine. It also dries quickly.

Triangle Shower Curtain

This geometric shower curtain is a very intriguing and trendy option that will liven up a plain space considerably. And the price is reasonable.

Combine Vintage With Contemporary

For a truly varied look, combine modern and old pieces in your wet room. Put aside the yearning for tradition and start developing an aesthetic that suits you. Here, the circular pattern contrasts wonderfully with the room’s straight lines, and the chrome complements the marble bathroom floor tiles beautifully.

Outlines Shower Liner System

Check out Outlines if you want to say goodbye to cheap, foul-smelling PVC plastic shower curtain liners forever. The company’s shower liner system comes with the assurance that you’ll only need to change the portion of the curtain that’s genuinely soiled when necessary and is manufactured from nontoxic PEVA and cotton canvas.

Ombre Black Shower Curtain

Black and white are a fantastic color combination for your modern bathroom if you do not like bright colors. This item is made entirely of cotton and transitions from white to black in an ombre pattern.

Play With Pattern

Natural beauty has long been a prominent interiors style, from wood treatments to tropical designs, but animal prints in particular have gained fresh traction in recent years. Big cats are the most glamorous animals in the animal kingdom since they are fierce and exotic, so it makes sense that we would adopt their spots and stripes this season.

Leaping into home décor, there is a touch of the feline on everything from flooring to furniture, but think about incorporating it into your shower curtain for a style that can be quickly changed to match each trend.

Colorful Cotton Shower Curtain

This natural-cotton shower curtain beautifully balances colorful and neutral colors. It will look lovely next to a shower or around a claw-foot tub. 100% handwoven Ethiopian cotton makes up the fabric.

Arrow Shower Curtain

This 100% softened polyester shower curtain features arrows in black, gold, grey, and white. Your bathroom will instantly have a lovely focus point with this piece.

Make A Statement With A Bold Color Scheme

This striking color is frequently thought of as a risky choice for interiors, but when applied artistically, it can add a welcome jolt of vigor and flamboyance. In this bathroom’s color scheme, a soft aqua background serves as a lovely foil for red and white accents that are given a lively, dramatic feel by stripes on the shower curtain.

Shower Curtain Set

We frequently purchase bedsheets from Brooklinen, and as luck would have it, they also produce beautiful, high-quality shower curtains. This package includes the curtain, of course, as well as a mold- and mildew-resistant waterproof PEVA curtain lining and 12 shower hooks. There are numerous entertaining patterns for the shower curtain (black dash, black window pane, and Oxford stripe are pictured above).

Capri Black Border Shower Curtain

This choice shouts luxury with its 100% cotton material and black sateen trim.

Best Shower Curtain for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms often feel dim and claustrophobic, and a complete fabric wall doesn’t help. So we advise choosing this mesh and waffle weave shower curtain. The cotton accent is available in three sizes, all of which are conveniently smaller than 72×72 inches. It also has a mesh window that lets in plenty of light. Split rings are also included in the shower curtain, allowing you to dispense with the need for hooks and reducing visual clutter.

Water Repellant Spa Waffle Shower Curtain

This water-resistant, richly striped shower curtain from Target is highly recommended if you like a more traditional shower curtain. Shop the gray, blue, and taupe shower curtains (pictured).

Gold Art Deco Shower Curtain

Any bathroom will benefit from the whimsical addition of this star-studded beauty. It looks particularly lovely when combined with gold accessories!

Best Budget Shower Curtain

The AmazerBath plastic shower curtain is a good choice if you’re seeking for a less expensive option. This little one has a built-in vinyl liner and is made of high-quality EVA material. (Along with tiny weighted stones that aid in keeping it in place.) It costs about $18 and comes in 12 sizes and 14 colors.

Hypnotic Shower Curtain

Here is designer Justina Blakeney’s interpretation of the traditional Greek key design. We adore the red, orange, and pink accents that break up the generally muted color scheme.

Prosperity Shower Curtain

Prints need not be frightening. This shower curtain’s polka dots are arranged into tiny diamond-shaped clusters that look great in any bathroom.