Modern Grey And Navy Bedroom

There are many methods to pull off the combo and produce elegant, fashionable results if you want to include navy blue and grey bedroom ideas into your area.

Gray and navy are two adaptable colors that may elegantly complement one another, and they are becoming a more common pairing in bedroom color schemes. According to Emily Chance of the painting and decorating company Harris Brushes, “We see navy blue and grey color palettes frequently in our community” (opens in new tab). Both can complement most other colors wonderfully, and together they produce a cozy look with a sophisticated, adult edge that is ideal for the bedroom.

According to Joanna Ross, general manager of design at Sheridan, “navy blue mixes nicely with the more neutral tones of soft greys to bring emotions of peace into the bedroom.”

If you already have gray bedroom ideas that you adore, just add navy blue touches to them to make a room that seems both fresh and comfortable.

Add A Deep Navy Headboard

A luxurious navy headboard placed behind the bed can produce a regal, opulent impression that will draw attention as the room’s focal point.

An eye-catching navy headboard, according to Martin Waller, founder of the upscale furniture company Andrew Martin(opens in new tab), can make up for other décor elements. “When we have a striking navy headboard molded to meticulous perfection or upholstered in a bold-patterned fabric,” he claims, “we no longer require artwork in bedrooms.”

Bring on the Blues

What is the nicest aspect of blue? Despite being a large hue family, blues have never clashed before. To create an unexpectedly lush interpretation of the trend, take a cue from this posh, fashionable getaway and combine navy blues with undertones ranging from green to gray to purple. For good measure, feel free to add a few accents in a brighter shade of blue.

Paintings and Patterned Bedding

A painting on a sandy beach goes extremely well with the navy blue color schemes in the bedrooms. The blue blanket’s fuzzy addition, however, gives the design some substance without detracting from it.

Use patterned pillows and bedding in the corresponding colors to highlight the concept.

Given that the walls are a light grey tone, the bedding is lighter white to provide balance.

Paint A Navy Feature Wall

An eye-catching bedroom with navy walls is ideal for larger master bedroom ideas. According to Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer at Crown Paints, adopting a darker color, like navy, can visually pull walls inside if your bedroom is larger (opens in new tab).

To any grey furniture or decorative items you would wish to hang on them, navy walls provide a stunning contrast. Darker colors, like navy blue, make a much better background for paintings and artwork than white or other neutral tones, claims décor expert Andrew Martin.

Embrace Earthy Tones

In a color scheme inspired by the Earth, navy is a natural fit for those seeking a tranquil getaway.

According to Flanigan, bedrooms are the ideal place to utilize these calming tones as they immediately promote quiet and tranquility. In this rustic bedroom, a delicate gray-tone navy blanket sits comfortably next to forest green pillows, light sky blue bedding, and driftwood brown furniture.

Exposed Wooden Beams

Expose the wooden beams, as seen in this image, to give your grey and blue bedroom a more rustic feel.

Instead of painting the entire room blue, use it as an accent color while keeping the walls white. Throw pillows or blankets can be utilized to introduce the grey in the meantime.

Instead of the usual table lamps, add a pair of golden wall sconces for a unique touch.

A Greige Carpet Will Bring Softness

A plush carpet may add the last touch of coziness to the bedroom, and greige, the trendy beige and grey color combination, would look stunning with a navy and grey color scheme.

Greige is an excellent alternative neutral to white since it is a mellow tone that balances a space and imparts a tranquil and unwinding environment, according to a decorating professional from Neatsmith (opens in new tab). A griege carpet would give a warm, welcome contrast to the room’s darker tones while softening the naval accents.

Shape up With Shiplap

If you live in a house without any architectural detail, it’s actually quite simple to simulate some of it. No matter how you arrange them, simple shiplap planks put horizontally (or vertically if you want to vary things up) look beautiful. In order to add subtlety or more flair, paint them the same color as your walls. We adore how cerulean blue contrasts with the other shades of gray and navy in this room.

Floor-to-Ceiling Curtain

By adding a grey velvet headboard, you may make the navy color scheme in your bedroom appear more opulent and vast. For complements, include some additional accessories in the same hue.

The golden emblem that hangs over the headboard adds an intriguing contrast to the overall design.
Not to mention that the table lamps with flower patterns create a lovely lighting pattern at night. White sheets and pillowcases will balance the color scheme.

Bring In Texture Through Rugs, Cushions And Throws

The key to creating a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom is to add texture through furnishings and decor, especially when using a colder color scheme like grey and blue.

A plush blue rug would provide warmth to the space and go well with the pillows and blankets on the bed. Alternately, utilize these components to introduce a splash of color to complement the blue and grey, like a subdued yellow or natural green. Anything that helps the space feel cozier will be a great success.

Space Travels

Give in to your inner spaceman with a place like this. Navy, gray, and well chosen accent pieces will transport you to outer space on your trips.

World Traveler

A stunning painting of a world map might inspire your dreams. With something like this, make a strong statement.

Complement The Duo With A Third Accent Colour

A grey and navy bedroom is a good place to add a third burst of color to warm up the color scheme and perhaps make the area feel a little more playful.

Pale yellows and a subdued dusky pink would look stunning against navy-colored furniture. According to Emily Chance from Harris Brushes, “Grey’s neutrality means that most mid-range greys will naturally complement a large spectrum of colors.” A third accent color will add hospitable lighter hues if you combine it with a naturally cool color like navy.

Small Space, No Problem

With navy and gray, you can make your place stand out even in a little area. The striking navy headboard creates the appearance of more space.

Throw in the Pillows

Throw pillows with a solid hue and a strong contrasting color will give your space a great hint of depth. Solid pillows are an easy and affordable way to add a little drama to your home and can go with any theme or design. Think of using tones like black, navy blue, deep burgundy, or rich brown.

Watercolor Walls

Your bedroom’s walls might be painted in a watercolor painting style to add fun. It will be a unique wall that will serve as a lasting work of art.

Differing Patterns

Look at how these colors work well together despite having various patterns and fabrics.

Accent Colors

Using gray and blue as accent colors helps make a space stand out. The ideal backdrop are white walls.

Switch it Up

You might believe it’s unusual to paint the walls one color and the door or trim another. Although this was once thought to be outdated, it is now considered a fashion trend. Another tip that will undoubtedly add a dashing aspect to your bedroom is adding an accent door or a set of windows with colored frames. Similar to an accent wall, it gives the area depth and refinement without taking up as much room or time. You can add this striking element to your space in only a little over 30 minutes. For this project, think about using a navy blue or charcoal gray colour.

Lunar Loving

It need not be frigid in space. Create a compelling setting by drawing inspiration from space. The stage is established by the moon wall decoration. Caged pendant lights have an otherworldly or planet-like appearance. The color scheme of gray and navy blue is reminiscent of galaxies.