Modern Hangout Room Ideas

Converted Garage Teen Den

You won’t ever need more motivation to turn your untidy garage into a modern lounge for your teen than this Brian Patrick Flynn design. Flynn covers the walls in graphic art that stretches from floor to ceiling and tucks a midcentury console against the back wall for stylish storage. The artwork is complemented with a cobalt sofa and red-striped throw pillows, which together provide a relaxing atmosphere for hanging out and playing games with friends.

Go All Out with a Game Room Theme

Use the theme of the game you’re extremely enthusiastic about to decorate your entire home! You may decorate your game room with your favorite video game characters and their worlds, whether it’s PacMan, Pikachu, or Princess Peach. Want to change up the theme of your game room? Combine and contrast for a fun variety!

Hang Fun Wall Art

The neon wall art in this gaming room by Jenn Feldman Designs animates the entire room while the ping-pong balls are neatly stowed and elegantly displayed in a vase on the mantel.

Next-Level Arcade Room

This modern game room has every amenity a teenager could want and all the style you would expect in a luxurious family home. The wall behind the attractive sitting area in the middle of the room is lined with arcade games and a built-in storage bench. Around an acrylic waterfall table, there is plenty of space for gamers, including two slipper-style beanbags, a heather gray sofa, and two orange poufs.

Set Up a Pool Table Room

Do you prefer to play pool? Create the ideal hangout space in your spare room for social or competitive pool games. Design the gaming room around the pool table’s aesthetic, whether you have a rustic or sports theme in mind.

Transform an Attic

The ideal location for a home game room is the attic. This one, created by Robson Rak, has a spot where people may congregate and engage in physical activity as well as a chamber off to the side for band rehearsal.

Fun By Design

In this modern home, the large bonus room is effectively utilized as a teen hangout and lounge area. Gymnastic mats certainly don’t hurt, however. Checkered flooring, funky upholstery, and odd alcove decor set the mood for enjoyment.

Embrace Natural Light

Looking for ideas for a small game room? Any size rec room may be made more open by using natural light. It will be significantly simpler to set up your ideal shot if you take over the garage or remodel an area with lots of windows.

Use Every Nook and Cranny

Every small nook and corner in this entertaining area has been carefully considered during design by Emily Henderson. The area under the steps and the tiny built-in hangout in the stairwell are transformed into comfortable, practical, and fashionable areas. The climbing wall comes next. The floor cushions are arranged thoughtfully to add lightness, and the neutral colors guarantee a more fashionable appearance.

Colorful Catchall Design

In this vibrant adolescent lounge, designer Mary Anne Smiley created a one-stop location for movie nights, video game competitions, and content creation. The centerpiece of the design is a unique coffee table covered in graffiti that rests next to a soft charcoal sofa. Accent cushions in shades of ruby, cerulean, and marigold offer velvety back support and go well with the lacquered game desk against the other wall.

Use Game Equipment as Decor

When you hang your game supplies on the wall, you won’t need to add more storage space to your game room. Board games and pool cues are both suitable wall decorations for game rooms.

Sofa by Day, Bed by Night

With its stunning vaulted ceilings and ombre teal walls, this quirky adolescent bedroom is stunning. A large daybed serves as a sofa with lots of pillows for simple (and cozy) entertaining during the day. A contemporary desk next to the daybed provides a stress-free area for writing essays, playing video games, or finishing up Sunday night math homework.

Have Fun with Color

Don’t go monochrome, especially if you’re constructing a game area for children or the entire family. To give the space some life, choose a vibrant color scheme or eye-catching accent hues like red, green, black, or purple. Or draw a scene from one of your favorite video games, such as your favorite Rocket League arena or Mario’s world with its iconic green pipes, bright blue skies, and fluffy clouds.

Superior Sleepover Space

For whoever gets to lay their head in this enchanting young environment, all subsequent sleepovers are deliberately destroyed. The stunning lounge contains four bunks, a sleek sofa, and a sizable metal-top table for crafts, munching, and socializing until sunrise. A French blue area rug provides a splash of color beneathfoot and softly anchors the chilly vaulted ceiling.

Unexpected Art

The walls of this teen lounge by Chango & Co. feature an unusual, eye-catching collection of music covers as art. The colorful, carefully chosen album covers add color to the plain white walls and go well with the charcoal futon’s emerald accent cushions.

Set Up a Space for Tabletop Games

Plan to include space for board games in your entertainment room layout. Even if playing video games is your thing, you may set aside space for tabletop games like chess and checkers.

Install An Indoor Swing

If there isn’t enough space to construct a slide, choose an indoor swing instead. The playroom will feel more distinctive and individualized as a result. In addition, we always start with the swing set when we visit a park. This Studio DB fuzzy one makes it more comfy. You won’t need to push your children around the playground if they have a swing to practice pumping their legs.

Design a Refueling Station

Don’t forget to include a bar in your gaming area so that drinks and food are always nearby. A wet bar with high-top stools adds life to your party area and creates additional seating for visitors or spectators. Simply add a little fridge to chill your drinks if you don’t have enough room for a complete bar.

Add Skylights

With the addition of aluminum and sheepskin stools, Brigette Romanek of Romanek Design Studio enhanced this game room in an area with an open layout (great for spectators, too). The room is bathed in the recognizable Malibu light thanks to the steel and glass doors, floor to ceiling windows, and two skylights.