Modern Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Decorating a big wall is one of the largest decorating difficulties out there.

It can be frightening to decorate a room with big, bare walls since you don’t always know where to start.

There are countless questions: Do you select only one sizable piece? a number of smaller ones?

How can I make it appear less crowded? but also refrain from overspending on extravagantly huge works of art? Do I need to use free printables? or another thing?

Therefore, we’re going to take that question today and present a ton of enormous wall design ideas for a living room across all price ranges!

3D Classic Interior Wall With Cornice and Moldings Mural

Take a look at these stunning peel-and-stick wall moldings if you like the style of Parisian apartments (same). Do I sound yell? Possibly.

16″ x 48″ Panels Extra Large Hand Carved Distressed Wood Wall Panels White

An inexpensive method to add texture and interest to a large wall is using carved panels.

These MDF panels have beautiful, baroque hand carvings of flowers and acanthus patterns that appear to be made of wood.

These pieces are ideal for conventional and transitional house designs and are painted in a gentle eggshell tone with a distressed finish.

Big Tapestry

What I love about this big wall decoration idea is that they paired the affordable tapestry with the slats, which is another excellent wall decoration idea. Everything fits together to create the ideal approach to decorate a huge wall in a living area.

Textured Arch Papier-Mache Wall Art

Create a sculpture to transform that wall into its own “moment.” The 3D framework will give your environment some dimension (and maybe make you look like a big-time art collector, IDK).

Using a Large Mirror to Fill a Wall

One of my favorite large wall decor ideas for living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, and more is a large mirror.

This one has a lovely rustic appearance, and I adore how the weathered wood and the darker bar contrast.

Giant Pegboard

Vintage Revivals provides a pretty simple instruction on how to make your own pegboard, which you can use for hanging purses or bags, adding shelving for photos, or even inserting some adorable little imitation plants in there to liven up your room if you’d prefer a more modern or neutral style.

Gold Full Length Mirror

A large mirror in the room will undoubtedly make the area feel larger (especially if it reflects back the view from your window).

Boho Art Set of 9 Prints Mid Century Modern Boho Wall Art Set

Printable wall art is a quick and inexpensive way to spruce up your house.

Additionally, you don’t even need to worry about what hues and patterns work well together with this set. This is available as a set of nine, and it would be a wonderful way to cover a big empty wall.

Console Table and Mirrors

Even if you don’t have a tiny entryway, you could always add a console table and other decor on the top to cover a big empty wall.

This space combines mirrors and picture frames for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

Large Wall Art Macramé Wall Hanging

A piece of macramé art is a wonderful technique to give the space interesting textures.

Large Metal Plant Tiles in Natural Wood Frame Wall Decor

Twelve gray tiles with wood frames and plant pictures make up this substantial metal wall decoration. It goes well with rooms decorated in a rustic, modern, or farmhouse design.

Large Living Room Window Wall Decor Idea

This unique assortment of window frames from My 100 Year Old Home has my heart.

If you want to find out how to hang something similar, go here.

Even though this design was shown in a dining area, I believe this kind of setup would look amazing above a big couch wall.

Hang Floating Shelves

Another easy way for filling empty space is to hang shelves.

You can see what I did with the difficult wall space over my toilet in the picture below.

Living Room Wallpaper

Another fantastic option for big, empty walls is wallpaper!

Large Wall Assorted Decor Collage

I saw a Pinterest post about how to decorate enormous walls, and I knew I had to include it.

Do you enjoy the layout?

If so, let’s dissect it so you can replicate it in your room.

Make A Poster-Size Print Of One Of Your Own Photographs

Do you still have the ideal photo you took on your most recent vacation stored on your phone or memory card? So that you can enjoy it every day, why not print it?

Your home will feel much more personal if you decorate with some of your own large-scale pictures.

Use a Large Split Canvas Picture

Having your favorite family photo printed on numerous canvases is a terrific way to add your unique touch and cover a large area.

The canvases will combine to form one painting (usually three or four). It could be a snapshot of your wedding, a family portrait, a photo of your pets, or a view of your favorite scenery.

Whatever image you choose will be the ideal adornment for your room. Depending on the size you select, it takes up a lot of room and adds a unique touch that you’ll like seeing every day.

The ability to change your mind later is one benefit of selecting this option. There is no long-term commitment, and nothing needs to be renovated if you decide to take a different path.

You may easily remove the enormous canvases and replace them with anything you choose, no obligations, if you wish to utilize the area for something else.

Large Living Room Wall Decor Display

This and other designs with a floating shelf and two vertical anchor pieces are common.
A Triangular Shelf Display.

The shelf has a large anchor piece in the center and shutters and candle fillers that flow downward to form a triangle-shaped design line on the sides.

Create A Wall Of Plants

So perhaps your plant wall doesn’t need to be quite as big as the one seen above. This can absolutely be accomplished with fewer plants and still look fantastic!

Making sure that every pot is uniform in color and size can help you achieve this effect.

Create an Accent Wall With Shiplap

You can still make the area a show-stopper by turning your enormous wall into an accent wall even if you’d like to decorate it with smaller items.

Without seeming like an obtrusive addition, adding texture will give interest and contrast to the area.

By adding horizontal shiplap, you may give your room texture and create clean, horizontal lines that can help the area appear larger.

It works well with farmhouse-style, French-inspired, or even industrial farmhouse-style homes.

Use vertical shiplap to bring contrast to other features in the room and give the illusion that the space is taller. Vertical shiplap is still simple to install and a good option for making an eye-catching accent wall.

The best thing about shiplap is how simple it is to put photographs or hang decorations. You may either leave the wood as is or paint it white to give it a farmhouse-style appearance.

To add depth and give it a contemporary feel, you could even paint it a rich, striking color like a dark blue.

To create a unified motif, you can also strew shiplap around your home, as in the bathroom.