Modern Pergola on Deck

Outdoor living areas have grown in popularity and demand over the past year among homeowners. This has caused a huge increase in patios, decks, and roof coverings like pergolas. More homeowners are paying attention to their outdoor living spaces than ever before, and these places are receiving attention and emphasis that have never been seen before.

Decks and other structures can be significantly improved in terms of usability and pleasure by adding shade covers like pergolas. Whether it’s a platform deck or a raised deck, including a pergola can improve the design in a number of ways.

Check out these designs if you need some ideas or inspiration to help you choose the best pergola and deck combination.

Modern Pergola On an Open Deck

A platform deck is a suitable patio substitute for one-story homes. It is just elevated enough to be defined, but it doesn’t need the same kind of rails as taller decks. This contemporary freestanding pergola is a perfect match because of this. It is entirely open on all four sides, and the deck’s color matches the siding of the house, visually tying the two buildings together.

Additionally, the pergola’s crisp lines match those of the deck. The entire area has an open, airy, and harmonious design. The use of a free-standing pergola, as opposed to one that is attached to the house, also provides some places for shade and some areas for sunlight. This increases the deck’s usability throughout the year and at all hours of the day.

Pergola Ideas for Decks

A simple wooden deck can be transformed into a gorgeous outdoor area by adding a pergola. Climbing vines can be used to cover the supports and slats of the building to provide more shade and incorporate a natural feature. To make alfresco meals even more delightful, hang outdoor string lights from the pergola.

Pergola With Curtains

This pergola-covered deck is given drama and privacy by sheet-based curtains.

Attached Pergola Tied Into the Railing

Instead of using a balustrade, you might tie the pergola directly onto the deck’s railing. On one side, this pergola is attached to the house, and the two supporting legs at the front are integrated into the deck railing. The pergola’s color, material, and design elegantly transition into the railing’s color, material, and design. Instead of being an addition to the deck, the pergola becomes a part of it.

The traditional design of the connecting pergola harmonizes with the classic design of the deck’s raw wood. It has a serene, tranquil atmosphere that is ideal for lazy Sundays.

Pergola Decorating Ideas

Make your pergola more welcoming by adding extras. Containers filled with vibrant flowers line the edge of the pergola. Pick flowering vines like morning glory that will climb up and around the pergola for added interest. For use after dark, dangle a pendant light from the ceiling above your dining or seating area.

DIY Gazebo-Pergola Hybrid

It took a lot of time to build, but the hybrid gazebo-pergola now perfectly complements this blogger’s stunning property.

Shaped Pergola and Deck

Decks don’t always have precise squares and lines. They occasionally come in different arrangements with shortcuts, like this deck. The connecting pergola can conform to the curve of the deck as a whole. Additionally, it is integrated into the railing, making it a part of the deck rather than an addition.

As a result, there is a unified appearance and warm enclosure-like effect. The pergola covers the whole deck, providing uniform shading throughout.

Trellis and Pergola Plans

For a private sanctuary on your deck, combine a pergola with trellis screens. A trellis can block neighboring sights and sounds, whilst a pergola can give overhead shade to make seating spaces more comfortable. To further add privacy and shade, choose trellis and pergola designs with small spaces that vines can be trained through.

Slat Wood Pergola

The supports of this white slat wood pergola are covered in strips that are set two inches apart, and it couldn’t be more fashionable or current.

Wide Open Views

The location of this platform deck allows you the greatest views available. The pergola helps finish the area by defining it and giving shade, while the absence of railing on one side helps guarantee that the view is not obstructed. Modern freestanding architecture makes it possible to add shade without obstructing the view.

The platform deck’s overall design is enhanced by the pergola’s simple lines. The pergola completes the look while providing much-needed shade without competing with the deck or the vista.

Decorative Pergola Designs

Some pergola designs serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. This beachfront residence, which blends Shaker and Cape Cod design elements, provides a lovely example of how to use a pergola to highlight a house. The pergola’s design incorporates outside textures in a similar way, and it provides a warm, pleasant transition between the house and the deck.

Contemporary Pergola

This blogger constructed a wood plank and polygal pergola for her renovated covered patio.

Double Decker Pergolas

The deck and yard area at this house are distinctive. Although the deck itself is on a higher story, there is more useable area below. Two linked pergolas—one on the deck and one on the lower level—help define the spaces and provide a great deal of shade.

The two rooms feel both bigger and more contained thanks to these pergolas. Instead of just a deck and yard, it provides customers the impression of a living place with both inside and outdoor areas. This enhances the overall aesthetic of the yard. Users can organize a lawn game or sit on the deck beneath each pergola, and the two together give the house a highly finished and cohesive appearance.

Create Zones with a Deck Pergola

A pergola can be used alone or in conjunction with a patio or deck or other outside building. Its location can aid in defining different zones, like a seating area. This pergola design features an integrated bench that is shaded by climbing vines above and helps to differentiate a leisure area.

Purple Leaf Metal Pergola With Canopy

Two different colors are available for the Purple Leaf pergola. A shade package and canopy are provided by the pergola. You can choose to fold or unfold the retractable canopy top to change the shaded area. The canopy is comprised of a strong, UV, weather, and fade-resistant cloth.

Pergola Ideas for Privacy

The addition of privacy screens can provide seclusion on one or more sides, even though many pergolas have four open sides. This pergola has three trellises lining one side to create a cozier atmosphere. The screens’ open detailing upholds the pergola’s connection and openness to the surroundings.

Madison Solid Wood Pergola

A canopy is included with this pergola in case you want some shade, and it is made of sturdy wood. A mounting kit and an anchor are also included, and the pergola is very strong, resilient, and long-lasting. It is simple to put together and looks fantastic with bar stools. You can also add some flowers to the pergola if you’d want to give it a more decorative touch. Under the pergola, there is enough room for a six-foot table with eight seats arranged around it.

Build a Pergola Accent

The types of pergola designs you can use in an outdoor area may be limited by space considerations. However, a smaller pergola design can still offer a lovely accent to a deck or patio and add interest to an otherwise uninteresting outside facade. A trellis provides a charming and private backdrop for the seating area here.

Aluminum Bon Pergola

This pergola has a distinctive style from the others because to its industrial appearance. You may be sure that it will last for many years to come because of its robust design. Additionally, a bracket and anchor/mounting kit are included with your order. You can rotate the louver whenever you want to block sunshine and rain. The frame has drainage as well as being rust- and weather-resistant.

Add a Pergola with a Roof

Pergolas can be incorporated into a home’s roof structure, however they are typically made to be at least somewhat open to the sky. Here, the pergola’s top is covered with shingles, providing total shade for the long porch. The supports of the pergola are painted in colors that echo the window details on the house.