Narrow Hallway Lighting Ideas

To make this room feel exactly right, you must combine different ideas for hallway lighting. Let’s be honest: when it comes to creating and decorating the space, hallways are sometimes disregarded. You want to create the ideal entry to your home.

We aim to change that so you can see how beautiful and useful hallway lighting is and how it can brighten up what can be the smallest room in your house.

We therefore have you covered with our suggestions for small hallway lighting, whether you have a dark foyer that needs a creative lighting solution or you’re looking for a more fashionable statement light fixture to be the centerpiece of your room.

Hang a Simple Pendant

The industrial design of the hallway is matched by this pendant light—hello, exposed brick! The black metal chain that hangs from the chandelier adds mystery without going overboard.

Curate A Gallery Feel

Use accent down lighting to spotlight a feature wall in this contemporary hallway. Overlooking the artwork that covers the walls of this chic hallway are sleek matte black wall lights. This accent lighting creates a soft glow along the wall that helps illuminate the area while also emphasizing the artwork to make it more of a décor focus.

A sphere globe pendant light that hangs from the stairwell above joins the library-style wall lights to offer another decorative touch to the hallway design.

Use Wall Lighting To Illuminate Specific Zones

For those lucky enough to have a larger hallway, this is one of the best lighting ideas! Wall lighting is an excellent choice if you need to illuminate a particular area, such as a coat storage unit or console table, in addition to adding a sense of refinement. In addition to being useful, they’re a wonderful substitute if you want to make a statement but don’t have a room with a high enough ceiling for a chandelier or pendant lighting.

For a quick exit, place yourself next to a coat rack or shoe storage solution.

Think Petite

Of course, a big chandelier isn’t the ideal choice for a narrow hallway; instead, a cute but compact pendant light is introduced. Although pendant lights aren’t as overt as chandeliers, they can still be full of personality because they come in a variety of forms and finishes.

Set The Tone With Cohesive Colour

Use smart lighting in the foyer of your home to choose the color scheme of the hallway and the colors used in adjacent rooms. A cheerful pop of color is added by a bold yellow pendant light in this bright white hallway, which is echoed by the stunning Orla Keily wallpaper in the adjacent living room. A positive decorating theme will be set off by the cohesive use of color and pattern, which will create an inviting sense of movement.

Get An Industrial Look With Shade-Free Lighting

Cage pendant lights, such as these John Lewis lights, are an excellent option if you want to add a bit of the industrial style to your hallway.

And if you want to take the industrial theme even further, pair them with an exposed brick wall.

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are among the greatest ways to update your hallway if you’re searching for a simple, low-cost solution. Simply cut the strips to the appropriate size, peel the backing to reveal the adhesive side, and press along the borders to install them.

Balance Lighting To Change The Atmosphere

By combining various light sources, you may achieve balance. Choose a strip of spotlights to create a channel of light that only serves as a practical lighting source as you move from one room to another. When the mood strikes, add table lamps to the room to make it cozier and more intimate.

When you’re moving from one room to another while still awake, having all of the ceiling lights on is helpful. The softer light may be more appropriate for the atmosphere once you’ve settled in for a box set and aren’t really using the corridor as much.

Add Art-Deco Vibes To Your Hallway With Smoked Glass

This stylish ceiling light will add some old-school glitz to your house by fusing brushed brass with a pentagon-shaped smoked glass dome embellished with a lovely diamond pattern

The cut design gives the glass more sparkle and creates a special lighting effect in the space, giving it a chic Art-Deco appearance. It is fantastic in both new-build and period-style homes.

Depending on the ambiance you wish to create, you can create a brilliant or faint glow with its dimmer design.

Once you’ve picked your fixtures, make sure all of your lights are controlled independently so you can change the level of illumination throughout the day,’ says Charlie Bowles, director of Davey Lighting. Make sure switches are placed near doorways and at each stairwell level to prevent having to travel through the dark, which is especially important in family houses.

To create a stylish speakeasy atmosphere, add palm plants, chrome accents, and a mirror. Personally, we would substitute a beveled rectangular, fan, or scalloped mirror design for this spherical fixture.

Semi-Flush Mount Drum Lights

Semi-flush mounted alternatives are ideal for simple but elegant lighting along the ceiling. The usual ceiling fixture looks a little more traditional than these drum-shaped shades, which still illuminate your room. They have the same impact as pendants that hang from a chain, but without getting close to your head. Plus, they make a magnificent display if you line your hallway with them.

Make A Statement With Black

Use color as an accent on all of the woodwork in the entranceway in a more understated yet stylish way. To establish a center point of interest, pick up the color with a central pendant light. The contrast of the monochrome color scheme, where black is the dominating color for highlighting decorative features, in this historic building brilliantly highlights the ceiling rose.

In this chic, grey hallway, a single, understated black metal light with a bronze coating is more than adequate to hold court. To achieve a unified appearance, the metal finish mimics the satin woodwork’s soft shimmer.

Use Sleek Wall Lighting To Create A Minimalist Look

Sleek wall lights are a terrific way to illuminate a corridor and look excellent in a home with a minimalist design. They can also be utilized as spotlights to call attention to ornaments or hanging art that are on show.

We adore these Christopher Wray Camillo Lights, but Wayfair has comparable, less expensive wall lights.


Looking for a hallway that evokes a night out in Paris more than your office’s entrance? A call is answered by lanterns. Frequently, hanging pendants with lantern-inspired components encasing the proper bulb are used as hallway lanterns. You may interpret this literally as well: With a lantern that has an LED candle that produces a soft glow in your hallways, you may explore your artistic side.

Light Up A Narrow Space

Using small wall lights or a single pendant works great in hallways that aren’t very wide. However, keep in mind that wall lights with an excessively wide projection can make the room appear smaller. Ensure that wall lights are positioned high enough to avoid running into them as you pass by.

Choose A Steel Finish For Vintage Hallway Lighting

If your taste is more old, use lighting for hallways with a straightforward silhouette. If you’re searching for a statement item that complements a tougher style, caged-effect steel finishes are a fantastic choice.

Create the Effect of Daylight in Windowless Hallways

Try a smart design like this one from Detail Lighting to add a sense of brightness to your room as corridors are frequently light-starved and have little to no natural light.

The two aspects of this design are crucial. Use recessed or hidden lights first, making sure you can’t see the source from your hallway. This dropped ceiling panel is the ideal solution for doing this since it creates the illusion that natural light may be seeping in through some high-level windows.

The warmth of the light is another factor. In the cold light vs. warm light discussion, we frequently choose the latter for the architecture of our homes, but in this instance, employing a much cooler color of light produces the daylight effect.

Mix And Match Your Light Fixtures

A fantastic technique to give a space character and appeal is to combine various light sources. A chandelier will provide functional, focused lighting, whilst lamps placed on a small table or console will cast soothing pools of light, adding a cozy, welcoming atmosphere to entrance halls. Wall lights are an option if the ceiling is low and they are also great for illuminating stairwells and landings.

Don’t Forget To Light Up A Hallway Alcove

Placement is crucial, and conventional norms are no longer required. Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design, explains that statement lighting can be placed in alcoves and off-set for greater visual intrigue.