Narrow Mudroom Laundry Room Ideas

Storage, Storage, Storage

I’ve been daydreaming about all the “things” I could keep in those cabinets after seeing this laundry room by Lexi Westergard Design. This laundry room hits all the right notes for me with its ample storage and effective layout.

Storage-Packed Laundry Room

Thanks to child-friendly storage, this hybrid laundry room/mudroom maintains its cleanliness. Low bins make it easier for kids to find things, and a lot of hooks and cubbies keep jackets and backpacks off the floor. Additionally, discreet bins on top of the washer keep all the necessary laundry supplies contained.

Mud Room

Built-in cabinetry that reaches the ceiling in this Pasadena, California, laundry room/mudroom combo by interior designer Stefani Stein offers a ton of open and closed storage. A stacked washer and dryer saves room, and copper accents and a backsplash made of tile with different patterns offer style.

Simple And Rustic

Everything you need is included in this small but effective mudroom and dual laundry room. I adore the rustic-yet-sophisticated design that Amy from Design Storms created!

Wallpapered Laundry Room

A quirky wallpaper design might truly enlarge a small area. Consider a stacking washer and dryer to make the most of the space in a room that serves as both a laundry room and a mudroom. This will free up additional space for seating and storage. Use wallpaper to add a pop of color or pattern to an accent wall.

Mudroom Combo

The cabinets in this Whittney Parkinson Design combination mudroom/laundry room are painted pink, the floor is black-and-white checkered tile, and there is a wooden drying rack suspended from the ceiling.

Vintage Charm

The laundry room of my friend Ingrid at Pancake Hill is decorated in the most adorable vintage way. Her pets are usually nearby to assist with the folding, and the vintage furniture pieces and stacked washer/dryer give such a lovely look!

Laundry Room Mudroom Layout

This area demonstrates that a combined laundry/mudroom can also be a tidy and soothing setting. Glossy wall tiles and clean, white cabinetry are warmed with woven baskets, a copper apron-front sink, and rich wood counters. If built-in cabinets are an available, they add a ton of storage for detergent and cleaning supplies while letting you keep debris out.

A Laundry Mudroom

One of the most functional rooms in your house, a mudroom acts as a landing spot for muddy boots, wet raincoats, and a variety of other items. Why not convert it to a laundry room as well to use it for anything else? Two small units are concealed in a cabinet in this charming room from inthetudorhouse, and the cabinet is simply closed off when not in use.

You can fold and store laundry on the countertop, and the door lets in a little natural light to inspire you to finish the last load.

Save Space By Moving Appliances Off The Floor

It might be challenging to manage the washing routine if you have a big family or one that enjoys playing dirty outdoor sports. Sportswear such as team jerseys, long soccer socks, and studded or artificial turf-specific sneakers can withstand a beating. And before you know it, you’re juggling mountains of laundry. If you have several washers and dryers running simultaneously, your laundry area in the mudroom may appear downright disorganized.

By adding built-in mudroom storage and somewhere for your white goods to plug in, you can keep your appliances, washing loads, and detergents off the ground and out of the way of young children.

Farmhouse Laundry Room

Since there is a lot of foot activity in this farmhouse mudroom laundry room, hooks, cubbies, and open storage help to keep it tidy. Dirt and footprints are less noticeable on dark floors. The DIY built-in bench and butcher block over the washer and dryer provide it the ideal spot to sit while putting on shoes.

Reach for Shiplap

Is shiplap capable of anything? This room from rusticfarmshack is evidence that Joanna Gaines’ preferred material works well for charming laundry rooms as well. This area doesn’t feel crowded or crammed, even with full-sized units. By using an all-white color scheme, the machines create the appearance of more space and nearly disappear into the shiplap wall.

While we might all fantasize about having a lavish, extra-large laundry room, the truth is that many of us are constrained to smaller spaces. You can still designate a room for doing laundry without being confined to a dim basement corner by choosing wise design elements and finding the ideal unit for your space.

Smarten Up Your Space With Navy Surfaces

Although we don’t typically think of mudroom laundry rooms as classy or organized areas, the blue painted cabinetry and intricately tiled floor tiles give this room a modern, stylish feel. Knowing how to choose floor tiles and having an eye for detail give this home laundromat a luxurious appearance.

Even the appliances, which are dark blue to match the rest of her decor, were purchased by the owner. To bring a sense of cohesion between the two distinct rooms, Houston-based interior designer Nicole Domercq Zarr, founder of Nicole Zarr Associates(opens in new tab), went outside the box (or rather, outside this interior scheme). She chose a lovely hallway wallpaper option.

Hidden Washer and Dryer

For a busy household, a washer and dryer are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you want them to be the first thing visitors (or you) see when you open the door to your house. Try this approach to hide the big appliances if your laundry room doubles as an entrance. The washing and dryer are concealed by tension-mounted curtains, and supplies and accents are kept and shown in top cupboards with glass doors and glass panels.

Go Black and White

Why not allow the machines determine the color scheme if your mudroom is dominated by a washing and dryer (or in this example, two of each)? With its patterned wallpaper and complementary Roman shade, this black-and-white laundry/mudroom combo is anything but boring. The ivory cabinetry softens the design so the room doesn’t look cold. With a statement light fixture that draws attention to the high ceilings and instantly adds style, you can make it evident that your mudroom is not an average one.

Cram Storage Opportunities Into A Small Room

Despite being a customary place in bigger, rural properties, mudroom laundry rooms don’t necessarily need to be enormous. This incredible utility style room by @themisfithouse(opens in new tab) strikes the perfect mix between form and function.

Along with a mudroom sink, there are also natural wood shelves, marble floor tiles with a basketweave pattern, and woven baskets for storing clean or soiled clothes that are ready for the washer or the iron. There is even a bench with a vibrant cushion where you can rest and relax while you wait for the timer to go off. Also, notice the wall light over your head, which is ideal for reading magazines or washing things. Anything that hasn’t been thought through yet?

Small Mudroom Laundry Room Ideas

This stunning laundry room/mudroom combination shows that even small rooms can be extremely useful. Even though it is small, the area is well-organized thanks to numerous built-ins, a stack of washers and dryers, and open shelves for detergent and other necessities. The hardworking hub’s dirty floor is concealed by the black tile.

Embrace Fun Color

Would you be brave enough to paint your kitchen cabinets this shade of mint green? Did not believe so. Consider painting the cabinets in your mudroom a color you wouldn’t feel comfortable using elsewhere in your house. The designer used Benjamin Moore’s Spruce Green as the foundation color for this mudroom/laundry area, letting the cheerful shade guide other design decisions like the checkerboard porcelain tile and flowery wallpaper. You could be persuaded to finish that last load of washing if you match the windowframes and trim to the cabinet color.

Freshen Up Floors With Mosaic Tiles

It doesn’t need to be said how bright and tidy this mudroom laundry room by Jenna Sue, proprietor of Jenna Sue Design(opens in new tab), is. She made a complex mosaic pattern for her entryway using tiny tiles from Bedrosians Tile & Stone(opens in new tab).

This feeling of a new forest is further enhanced by the wooden shelving and the sage green ceiling paneling. One advantage of houseplants is that they can oxygenate the area and purify the air, which is crucial if you handle detergents because they can occasionally have a strong, synthetic odor.

Laundry Room Mudroom with Cubbies

This tiny room serves as the mudroom, laundry room, and doorway, so it quickly becomes disorganized. Everything is kept organized with built-in locker storage, which includes a separate cubby for each family member’s outerwear and shoes. To maximize the limited space, a hanging rod is positioned above the washer and dryer to create a separate area for drying laundry.