Non Tile Backsplash Ideas

Everyone is aware with the typical tile backsplash, which has spread over the world, but if you’re open to new ideas, there are other options available. We searched the internet for you and discovered the most original and lovely backsplash ideas.


If you have it, show it off. If you happen to have brick hiding behind your kitchen walls, exposing it is a simple method to make the room feel comfortable and contemporary. Brick gives warmth and richness to any room. It’s very simple to clean the masonry beneath your stove and sink if you’re worried about it. Even if your property doesn’t have exposed brick, you may still create this effect with wallpaper or imitation brick panels.

Wallpaper Kitchen Backsplash

Without the effort of installing tile, add design to your backsplash with wallpaper. This wallpaper with a terrazzo theme imitates the texture of the expensive material for a much lower price. To prevent spills, look for wallpaper that is waterproof.


Homes designed in a conventional or farmhouse style look good with wainscoting or beadboard. Although they are typically painted white, other colors are also an option. There are also lots of pale yellows, greens, and blues. Wainscoting gives your kitchen a traditional style, is simple to install, and is reasonably priced. To complement your wood backsplash, view “13 Cozy Country Kitchen Ideas” by clicking here.


Despite being on the smaller side, the pastel kitchen in this striking Washington, D.C., home by J+G Design feels much larger because to a mirrored backsplash that scatters light around the room.

DIY Sticker Tiles

The nic studio’s cheerful Spanish-style sticker tiles are an easy way to quickly change a kitchen in one afternoon. These removable adhesive tiles come in a range of colors and patterns, making them ideal for a rental or just a low-cost “renovation.” You can get them at most large box retailers. Are you in the mood for anything hot? This is a brave way to impromptu add a splash of color to your room.

Budget Shiplap Backsplash

In a vibrant kitchen, horizontal boards with a white-washed finish provide a neutral backdrop. Just enough visual interest is provided by the boards to prevent the wall from feeling monotonous. Spend less on this backsplash concept by buying sheets of plywood, cutting, painting, and adhering the boards yourself.


When choosing your new backsplash, additional unusual yet lovely possibilities include cork, bamboo, and butcher block or planks. These complement other organic features of a kitchen well, such as glass, stone, and plants. You can either choose a brighter wood backsplash and a darker floor to complement your wood flooring.


Imagine a frigid, unwelcoming kitchen. Think again. Martin Group’s stainless-steel backsplash manages to be both straightforward and completely glitzy.

Chalk It Up

Chalkboard paint is another another incredibly simple but totally chic backsplash option. This straightforward makeover by Country Mouse Tales is stylish and practical (because who doesn’t need a few more reminders?). When you extend the chalkboard paint to an empty kitchen wall, you’ll have built-in entertainment the next time you make supper. It’s a backsplash even your kids will adore. Any type of cabinetry can achieve this effect; just remember to take out any outdated backsplash or tiles before painting.

Beaded-Board Backsplash

A traditional backsplash option for a kitchen in the cottage design is beaded board. By painting the backsplash the same shade as the cabinetry, you may have it blend into the background or make it stand out by painting the beaded board a different color. You may easily install this inexpensive backsplash concept yourself.


Kitchens with lighter color schemes frequently include marble countertops. Despite being quite expensive, this stone can be bought and put in large slabs for a continuous appearance. Marble has a sleek, contemporary, and opulent appearance. It looks good with stainless steel appliances and white cabinets.

Mix and Match

The nice thing about tiled backsplashes is that you only need a few tiles to make a statement in your kitchen. In this gorgeous kitchen, the stark white cinderblock serves as the ideal backdrop for a vibrant green hexagonal tile. Since the space behind your stove tends to get the most soiled, it’s ideal to cover it with a lovely (and readily cleanable) tile. Additionally, tiling merely a piece of the backsplash in your kitchen can save costs without detracting from the aesthetic.

Cheap Wood Panel Backsplash

Wood paneling that isn’t painted adds a cozy, organic feel to a kitchen. The inexpensive backsplash concept stands out as an organic accent when used with white cabinets. If purchasing from a hardware shop, think about having the boards cut there; it saves on the expense of a table saw and eliminates the need for one.


Another popular stone for backsplashes is slate. When used for this function, this stone is virtually black in color and is often smoother than Travertine and Sandstone. Slate gives any kitchen a more contemporary appearance and is often a very dark gray or black stone with a matte surface.

Magnificent Monochrome

The strongest impact is frequently produced by sticking to a single color scheme. From the cabinets to the built-in storage, this kitchen features a monochromatic design throughout. The designer chose to emphasize the melancholy grey aesthetic to the fullest. We adore how it provides the ideal bare canvas for quirky ceramic or copper cooking utensils.

Cheap Backsplash Paneling

Using tongue-and-groove paneling as a backsplash can also be inexpensive. The paneling provides the entire kitchen a modest dose of individuality and has a subdued country feel. This cottage-style room is made elegant by a little marble overlay in a unique shape.

Stainless Steel

Another fantastic metal backsplash that can give your home’s kitchen a more industrial appearance is stainless steel. This is available in large sheets and smaller tiles, many of which are also magnetic and make excellent surfaces for posting family photos and recipes. Stainless still complements more contemporary appliances and gives off a tidy, slick appearance.

White Panels

You can still choose a neutral, white kitchen even if you want to try something novel and unconventional. The ideal way to add a touch of country elegance to a contemporary kitchen is with this whitewashed wood paneling. Using beadboard or white tongue-and-groove board, you may simply copy this design.

Cheap DIY Backsplash

Use duct tape or washi tape in brilliant colors and various widths to simulate the appearance of encaustic tile for less than $10. The pattern should be repeated numerous times after using a piece of cardboard as a template. It’s important to just use this inexpensive backsplash concept in a location without a lot of heat or dampness.


Colombe Design created a unique backsplash in a Warsaw kitchen that is also simple to clean by fastening shards of glass on top of Pierre Frey wallpaper.